Topaz Lighting and Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

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Established: 1970
Line of Business: Electric Engineering
Address: 5 Bone Eliezer St., Haifa
Phone: 972-4-8124620
Fax: 972-4-8124625
Email: [email protected]
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  • Mageed  Abu Hatoum, Topaz Lighting and Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

    Eng. Mageed Abu Hatoum

    Chief Executive Officer

    Topaz Lighting and Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

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    Mageed Abu Hatoum
  • Zeev Friedman, Topaz Lighting and Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

    Zeev Friedman


    Topaz Lighting and Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

  • Haim Sonenschein, Topaz Lighting and Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

    The Late Haim Sonenschein


    Topaz Lighting and Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

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About Topaz Lighting and Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

Topaz Group was ranked as one of Israel Top 20 engineering and planning firms and as the second-largest in the field of electrical and lighting engineering in the past three years. The group was founded in the 1970s by Mr. Haim Zonenshayn and Mr. Ze’ev Friedman and nowadays it is headed by its CEO, the senior engineer, Mr. Majid Abu Hatum. Over the years, the company has grown and evolved, and currently it employs more than 65 employees: Engineers, practical engineers, draftspersons, administrative staff and more.

Specialization and Areas of Operations

Topaz Specializes in planning ultra-high, high, low and extra-low power and electric systems, electrification, lighting and architectural lighting, communication, ELV systems, traffic light electronics, RAMS, SCADA, renewable energy, pumping, drilling, wireless telecommunication systems, stray currents, energy efficiency and more. The company provides services for diverse projects in various industries, including: railway tracks and stations, tunneling of roads and railways, transportation and public transport – roads, light rail and metro, neighborhood planning, commerce and industry zones, education facilities, factories, public buildings and offices, tourism and sanitation, high-rise construction, planning of control centers, solar energy, transportation operating centers, rail electrification, charging systems for electric buses and vehicles and designing of wireless communication and defense systems. The company receives a special status and a particularly high quality ranking in all of the public tenders which measure the experience, knowledge and quality of engineering firms.

Diplomas and Certifications

• Topaz is applying a strict quality control system, including compliance with ISO 9001
• The company is an approved planner of the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Economics, Israel Roads Company, Ayalon Highways, Israel Railway, NTA and the Jerusalem Master Plan. It is also registered in most of Israel’s engineering planning databases and meets the highest thresholds in each of the databases.
• Topaz takes care to upgrade the professional level of its team through in-house and external training programs, in Israel and abroad, in order to guarantee that the company meets high standards of planning and customer service.
• The company has professional cooperations and also local representatives of international consultants and planning firms for unique planning missions and mega – projects, including experts from England, Germany and Spain.


• The Akko – Karmiel Tunnel, Gilon Tunnel
• Rd. 431 railway tunnels and control rooms
• Tunnel and stations in the Light Rail Blue Line – Subterranean Segment
• Eastern Railway Track
• Fourth Railway Track
Light Rail
• Tel Aviv – Green Line and Purple Line
• Jerusalem – Green Line and Blue Line - Subterranean Segment
• Nofit
Electric Charging
• Beit Shemesh Jerusalem Parking Garage
• Super-Bus Parking Garage
• Bit Parking Garage

The Company’s Customer Base

Topaz Group has diverse customers, big and small, from all of the segments of the Israeli Economy, including: Israel Roads Company, The Ministry of Transportation, Israel Railways, The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, The Governmental Company for Tourism, Road 6 – Cross-Israel, The Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Housing, Ayalon Highways, The Ports Authority, leading architecture and planning firms, construction management and development companies, local councils and authorities, The Israel Lands Authority, The Ministry of Health, The National Parks Authority, The Bedouin Population Authority, KKL, NTA, Yeffe Nof, Transportation Masterplan and more.

Ethics as the Basis of the Company’s Operations

Topaz Group sees the utmost importance in managing its businesses professionally, honestly and with integrity. The company believes that ethical behavior is critically important for gaining the trust of the customers, the business partners and the employees, and that it is the key for the long-term survival and success of the company.

Investment in Human Capital as the Basis for Optimal Planning

The new era is characterized by technological progress and rapid changes and therefore Topaz invests heavily in training its employees in Israel and abroad in order to guarantee their professional enrichment and their aspiration for knowledge, to meet the technological requirements and face the changes in the electricity field across the globe.

The Quality of the Customer Service

Topaz Group champions the professional, reliable and courteous service to its customers, with an emphasis of the customers’ needs and compliance with the schedules. The company also guarantees that it provides optimal (from the cost-benefit aspect) price quotes, maintains confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interests, with full transparency to the customer, and that it remains constantly abreast of the latest trends in the lighting and electricity industry, and implements the changes both in the planning and in the IT and software aspects – in order to provide exceptional professional of the highest quality to its customers.

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