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Criminal / White Collar, Notary, Torts and Insurance, Administrative, Disciplinary, Arbitrations

Uri Keynan & Co. Law Firm and Notaries
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Line of Business: Criminal / White Collar, Notary, Torts and Insurance, Administrative, Disciplinary, Arbitrations
Phone: 972-3-6200150
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Website: http://www.keynanlaw.co.il
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  • Uri  Keynan, Uri Keynan & Co. Law Firm and Notaries

    Uri Keynan

    Founder & Owner

    Uri Keynan & Co. Law Firm and Notaries

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    Uri Keynan
  • Nitzan Shabi Zehavi, Uri Keynan & Co. Law Firm and Notaries

    Nitzan Shabi Zehavi


    Uri Keynan & Co. Law Firm and Notaries

  • Shir Chechik, Uri Keynan & Co. Law Firm and Notaries

    Shir Chechik


    Uri Keynan & Co. Law Firm and Notaries


    Uri Keynan Founder
    Shir Chechik
    Nitzan Shabi-Zehavi
    Ben Chebotar
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About Uri Keynan & Co. Law Firm and Notaries

Uri Keynan & Co. – Law Firm and Notaries is one of Israel’s top law firms and is consistently ranked in one of the first places of leading law firms rankings. This boutique firm was founded in 1997 by Adv. and Notary Uri Keynan and its battery of professional lawyers provides clients with first-class personal and dedicated representation. The firm’s clientele includes private individuals, businessperson, public officials, commercial entities, organizations and private and public companies.

The Firm’s Practice Areas

White Collar / Criminal Law Department:
Over the years, the firm handled complex and highly-publicized white collar cases and Adv. Keynan personally accompanied senior businesspersons, companies and entities through interrogations, hearings and court proceedings. It should be noted that in the framework of the criminal proceedings that the firm handles, its lawyers handle application for changing case closure reasons, shortening the statute of limitation period and case expungement, deleting records in the Police’s National Headquarters, amnesty petitions and representation of victims.

The firm’ s notary services are provided by Adv. Uri Keynan himself and include, among other things: Signatures for bank mortgages, notary translations, preparation of notary wills, apostille, certificates of life, document certification and more. Adv. Keynan also provides special power of attorney for detainees or prisoners who wish to provide them to civilian for carrying out various actions.

The Torts and Insurance Department:
Specializes in lawsuits against insurance companies and individuals, road and workplace accident cases, National Insurance and more.

The Bagatz and Petitions Department:
The firm files petitions to Bagatz and the administrative courts on a wide variety of legal issues. The department serves private clients, commercial entities and prisoners.

The Disciplinary Law Department:
The firm represents employees, executives and members in disciplinary cases in the frameworks of the disciplinary courts of the State Employees, The IBA, Police, Ministry of Health etc.

Military Law:
The firm represents and handles cases of mandatory-service or reserve soldiers who are tried in the framework of their service.

Adv. Keynan serves as an arbitrator in complex business arbitrations and in sports arbitrations.

Adv. Uri Keynan, the Firm’s Founder and Owner

Adv. Keynan is a leading lawyer with more than 23 years of professional experience. Uri has accumulated numerous successes over the years, and he is responsible for legal precedents which are studied in law schools to this very day. For 8 years, he headed the IBA’s Criminal Law Forum, 4 years as deputy president of the IBA, of which 3 months as acting president, and he is a council member of the IBA to this very day. In addition, he lectures in the Judge Training Institute, staff member of the Ono Academic College, member of the Excellence Committee of Netanya College, staff member and lecturer in the IBA’s Practical Law School (co-headed the school’s Criminal Law Course for four years, with Prof. Yoram Rabin and Adv. Revital Suede) and also lectures in diploma training and seminars. Former editor of the “Pen and Criminal” journal which was published through the Tel Aviv District Committee of the IBA.

The Firm’s Team

Three lawyers work side by side with Adv. Uri Keynan:

Adv. Shir Chechik who specializes in criminal/white collar cases, and Bagatz and administrative petitions.

Adv. Nitzan Shabi-Zehavi who specializes in criminal/white collar cases, commercial litigation and administrative cases.

Adv. Ben Chebotar who specializes in insurance, torts and civil cases.

Devoted Service with Meticulous Care for Excellence and Compassion

The firm’s “motto” which has been guiding it since its establishment is to provide excellent service for its clients while meticulously maintaining professional excellence and compassion. Accordingly, each client whose case is handled by the firm is considered by Adv. Keynan to be a world unto itself which is entitled to full attention with careful review of each detail and whatever can support the proceedings’ success. The firm considered itself to be a boutique firm on the basis of its ability to tailor the appropriate suit of services to the needs and characteristics of each and every client it receives.

Selected Cases

Over the years, the firm represented numerous cases which were notable from the legal and media aspects, including the representation of the CEO of the Commerce Bank, the Private Bank Affair in the Diamond Exchange, representation of the CEO of the Economic Company in the Shoham Bribery Affair, the Submarines Affairs (case 4000), representation of the Head of the Mevaseret Zion Council, representation of a defendant in a bribery affair in the Rishon LeZion Bribery Affair, the Ort Chain, representation of the Head of the Israel Railways Union,  representation of the head of the Customs and VAT Department – Jerusalem District, and representation of the Deputy CEO of Shikun & Binui.

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