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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Law Office
Address: 4 Ariel Sharon St., Givatayim 5320047
Phone: 972-3-620-0150
Fax: 972-3-620-0180
Email: uri@keynanlaw.co.il
Website: http://www.keynanlaw.co.il
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  • Uri Keynan, Uri Keynan & Co. Law Office

    Uri Keynan

    Founder & Owner

    Uri Keynan & Co. Law Office

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    Uri Keynan


    Sara Harel
    Liel Avisar
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About Uri Keynan & Co. Law Office

Uri Keynan & Co. Law Office was founded in 1997 by Adv. Uri Keynan. The firm represents customers in public high profile cases and complex procedures in and outside the courts. Throughout the years the firm has become dominant and among the leading in its field. Adv. Uri Keynan participated and led teams defending suspects and convicts from the economy’s elite and closely accompanied businessmen and liberal professionals that became involved in criminal charges.

The firm renders regular consultation to commercial and public entities in its line of expertise and keeps close relations with law offices that do not deal in this area and outsource their clients to the firm.
Uri Keynan & Co. is a boutique firm which deals only in criminal/white collar law, therefore its expertise and proficiency in all the aspects of this area are boundless. The firm’s staff deals in this field since the internship of its lawyers and the services are rendered to the clients throughout all the procedures, based on vast experience.

One of the most outstanding features of the firm is the personal and quality treatment provided to the clients. Every client receives professional and customized handling for his needs. Since the firm is a niche one, the team is in constant and direct contact with the client, keeping the highest standard level of representation and handling of their cases. The firm’s staff is also regularly engaged in academic matters. Adv. Uri Keynan and the other firm’s lawyers teach and lecture before students, advocates, interns and more. The firm’s ties with the academic world strengthen its professional representation of the clients.

Areas of Expertise

The firm provides services in the arbitration, administrative, criminal and white collar areas, including:

Consultation before and during the interrogation – The firm accompanies its customers during the interrogations, consulting and rendering legal opinion before and in the course of them. The handling of the interrogations includes, among others, consultation regarding arrest procedures.

Hearing procedures and requests to close criminal files – Previous to the filing of charges in preliminary procedures before the prosecution entities in the course of hearings, as well as requests to close criminal files, change of closing grounds, requests to erase criminal records, etc.

Discipline procedures – The firm represents lawyers in the framework of the Court of Discipline of the Israel Bar Association as well as other liberal professionals subject to discipline courts (Civil Servants Court, the Ministry of Health’s Court, etc.).

Representation in criminal procedures before all the instances – Representation of clients in the framework of indictments and appeal proceedings in all kinds of criminal charges of the white collar including, among others, tax files, securities, extradition, bribe, anti-trust, money laundering, malpractice, fraud and breach of trust, sexual harassment and all the other issues in the criminal and white collar areas.

Foreign clients and extradition procedures – The firm renders consultation services to foreign and Israeli residents who are involved in criminal procedures abroad, as well as extradition proceedings conducted by foreign countries and by the State of Israel.

Business and sports arbitrations – Adv. Keynan resides as the arbitrator for several business conflicts, as well as sports conflicts.

Personal Service, Thoroughness and Expertise

The firm’s philosophy is based on personal and professional handling of the clients, paying special attention to all the details related to their representation, being aware of the fact that we are serving people that often undergo a serious crisis in their life, with all its implications.

The vision of the office is to strengthen its position as one of the leaders in the criminal and white collar areas in Israel and continue rendering to its clients the best service in the area.


The firm has been representing clients from the economy’s elite and the private market, including the most complex affairs. Among its clients are city majors, senior officers at the economy, traded companies, leading businessmen, public officers, associations, NPOs, etc.

Adv. Uri Keynan

Adv. Uri Keynan was qualified as a lawyer in 1996 and in 1997 he founded his law office.
Throughout the years he has been representing and leading defense teams in the largest and most complicated criminal cases heard by the courts and he is responsible for many of the most important precedents and verdicts. Due to his experience and expertise in the economic field, Adv. Keynan also acts as mediator and arbitrator in various business arbitrations.

Adv. Keynan fulfilled a series of public positions, including member of the Criminal Matters Committee of the Israel Bar Association between 1999 and 2003 and in 2007 he was appointed as Vice Chairman for Criminal Matters at the Tel Aviv Central District of the Israel Bar Association. In 2009 he was appointed as acting Chairman of the Criminal Matters Committee of the Tel Aviv Central District of the Israel Bar Association and in 2011 was appointed as member of the Tel Aviv Central District Committee of the Israel Bar Association and as Chairman of the National Criminal Forum of the Israel Bar Association. In 2015 Adv. Uri Keynan was elected as the Deputy of the Head of the Israel Bar Association.

Adv. Keynan lectures in diploma advanced studies and seminars and is the editor of the “Pen & Criminal Law” magazine, published by the Israel Bar Association. Adv. Keynan lectures at the Judge Zussman Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies. He is a member of the staff at the Center for Law Studies in Kiryat Ono and a lecturer and staff member of the Legal Practice School. In addition, Adv. Keynan lectures and acts as academic coordinator at the Practical Law Academy.

Contribution to the Community

Since its establishment, the firm has dedicated energy and expertise on behalf of the community, contributing, among others, by lecturing at schools on law, volunteering at a school for children with special needs and more.

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