Alon Ron from Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices
Alon Ron מחברת Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices

Alon Ron

Founding Partner

Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices
Commercial Law, Real Estate, Civil Litigation, and “White Collar” Cases
Year of Birth: 1967
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Representing the Accused and Suspects in White Collar Offenses and in Administrative and Disciplinary Violations; Civil Litigation; Managing Family Wealth; Settling Disputes.
Position: Founding Partner
Past positions: Associate and Partner Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. Law Firm. 
Seniority in position: 20 Years. 
Education: LL.B. Law Bar Ilan University. 
Community Activity: Pro-Bono Handling of Litigation and Debt Settlement Cases Referred by the Halev Not-For-Profit Charity for Legal Assistance for those unable to Afford it.