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Established: 1993
Line of Business: Corporate and Commercial Law
Address: 8 HaHoshlim St., Herzliya Pituah
Phone: 972-9-9720800
Fax: 972-9-9720820
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ybendror.com
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  • Yossi  Ben Dror, Y. Ben-Dror Law Firm

    Yossi Ben Dror

    Founder & Owner

    Y. Ben-Dror Law Firm

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    Yossi Ben Dror
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About Y. Ben-Dror Law Firm

Service-orientation alongside vast legal knowledge and proven experience in the representation of companies, corporations and conglomerates - this special combination characterizes one of Israel’s notable corporate-commercial law firms - Y. Ben-Dror Law Firm.

The Firm was founded in 1993 by Yossi Ben-Dror, a seasoned and renowned legal professional, and its practice area is broad and diverse and includes, inter alia, corporate law, financing of companies at all levels, M&A, Hi-Tech, Biotech, VC and major segments of commerce, industry and banking in Israel and abroad.

Yossi Ben-Dror, Founder and Owner

Yossi Ben-Dror is considered to be one of the most esteemed and experienced lawyers in his field, and his vast experience in representing some of the largest and most renowned companies in the world does not prevent him from providing close and personal attention to the Firm’s clients in the various commerce and business areas.

Yossi Ben-Dror graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and started working at Yigal, Arnon & Co. After five years of experience in Israel, he moved to the U.S. where he worked for three years at Wilmer Hale, one of the largest and best-known firms, and was admitted in 1990 to the New York Bar.

Upon his return to Israel, Yossi founded Y. Ben-Dror Law Firm where he recorded numerous legal achievements over the years. 

Beyond his professional services, Yossi also serves in various public positions including as an executive member of the Israel-U.S. Commerce Chamber, Head of the Steering Committee of the Middle East Commercial Center and a board member of the Herzliya Development Company. 

Yossi is also a member of the arbitrators and mediators team of the Center of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Tel Aviv. Yossi Ben-Dror is eminent in his ability to represent Israeli companies and businesses in their areas of operations in Israel and abroad, and owing to his legal experience abroad and in particular in the U.S., he masters the ins-and-outs of international commercial transactions.

Practice Areas

Y.Ben-Dror is considered to be a unique law firm that generates real value to its clients and integrates proven corporate and commercial legal capabilities.

The fact that the Firm represents, under one roof, both foreign companies with operations in Israel and Israeli companies with overseas operations, enables it to provide comprehensive legal services in every aspect that companies with local and international operations require, including IP, labor, capital markets, tax, real estate and antitrust.

As a result, the Firm’s clients benefit from the winning combination of personal and close attention and of the capability to manage diverse cases of many different scopes.

Corporations and Commerce

The Firm’s team has been representing a wide variety of corporations and companies, including Hi-Tech companies, in all aspects of acquisitions, mergers and the establishment of strategic joint ventures, in Israel and abroad.

The Firm’s multidisciplinary approach and the knowledge and experience it accumulated over the years enable it to offer comprehensive legal services in many practice areas, including transaction planning, negotiations, contract drafting, commercial financing, investment consulting and taxation.

The Firm’s clientele in this field includes company owners, investors, early-stage startups, medium-sized and large companies and conglomerates.

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediations

The Firm’s team has extensive experience and expertise in complex litigation and dispute resolution. The Firm represents its clients in the various courts and tribunals and is highly skilled in handling various corporate and commercial disputes. Yossi Ben-Dror is a certified mediator (of the Israel Bar Association), a member of the arbitrators and mediators team of the Center of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Tel Aviv, and a member of the Israel Bar Association’s arbitrators team. 

The Firm's Clientele

The Firm is geared, first and foremost, towards understanding it’s clients’ business and needs, and implementing the expertise and skills that have been accumulated in it in order to identify opportunities and construct optimal legal solutions.
The Firm’s clientele includes large multinationals, as well as SMEs and individuals, some have been represented by the firm for over 20-30 years. Over the years the Firm represented, among others, the following entities: AST SpaceMobile, Ford, Dell, Honeywell, MKS, IBM, EMC, Hexagon, Kraft, Applied Materials, VMware, MathWorks, Pivotal Labs, JP Morgan Chase, RSA, Sandvik, Ceres, Afeka Applications Ltd and SolidCAM.

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