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Established: 1994
Line of Business: Residential Development and Construction
Address: 4 Yohanan HaSandlar St., Kfar Saba
Phone: 972-9-7404156, *4586
Fax: 972-9-7404157
Email: Office1@yaakobi.com
Website: http://www.yaakobi.com
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  • Haim Yaakobi, Yaakobi Universal

    Haim Yaakobi

    Yaakobi Universal

  • Riki Yaakobi, Yaakobi Universal

    Riki Yaakobi

    Yaakobi Universal

  • Barak Yaakobi, Yaakobi Universal

    Barak Yaakobi

    Yaakobi Universal

  • Shahar Yaakobi, Yaakobi Universal

    Shahar Yaakobi

    Yaakobi Universal

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About Yaakobi Universal

Yaakobi Universal Development and Investments is a leading residential developer and constructor, with more than two decades of experience, including extensive experience in residential projects, towers and skyscrapers all across Israel. The company was founded in 1994 by Riki and Haim Yaakobi, who consider their personal involvement in each project to be an artwork by itself. As a family based company, it is currently employing the family’s second generation, with their elder son, Barak, making his way and joining the business’ management.
The company has a C-5 (unlimited) contractor classification, and is a member of the Israeli Builders Association. The company has an excellent reputation as an efficient and fast developer, which complies with all of the preset schedules. All of the company’s projects meet Israeli Standards. The company benefits from the complete trust of the banking system. It works in collaboration with Israel’s leasing architecture firms and consultants.

Financial Stability, Proven Experience

Yaakobi Universal benefits from financial stability, and prides itself on a track record of numerous apartment in successful projects throughout Israel. The company specializes in all of the construction methods, and as a developer-constructor, executes its projects by itself. This unique strength of the company guarantees two significant advantages to its customers: A very high quality of construction and the complete control of the company in every stage of the project. The company constructs only for itself, and doesn’t serve as a contractor for third parties.

In-House Service Package

Since the company maintains supreme quality, it provides its customers with a complete package of professional services in all of the project-related fields, which are provided in-house, including planning, land acquisition, development, professional customer services and quality assurance. The company accompanies every project from start to finish, from meticulous planning and construction, according to regulations and standards, including “Process Control” certificate of the SII, which serves as a building quality proof and provides peace of mind to the residents after they receive the results of the comprehensive checks that were performed in their apartments.
In addition, the company executes strict quality checks, and provides leading professional service throughout the entire project, up to dedicated post-occupation service. These professional services are performed in-house by the company, and enable it to provide uncompromising service throughout all of the projects’ stages.
The company built hundreds of apartments and detached houses throughout Israel. Selected projects include its Modi’in project, which includes a commercial center and office building, a Mehir LaMishtaken (government-price-capped) project in Netanya, following an award in a 150 apartments RFT, The Neve Gan Project in Petach Tikva, and Y Premium, a project which provides perfect living quality in one of Gush Dan’s in-demand neighborhoods.

Selected Projects

Y-Center, Modi’in
The Y-Center Project in Modi’in includes a commercial center and an office building. This upscale project is located in Modi’in’s most in-demand area – The city center, next to residential neighborhoods, the municipality house and the police station. The entire area around the project would benefit from a central urban avenue which would offer entertainment and commerce experiences, with a unique look and convenient access routes. The project’s proximity to the railway station enables visitors to benefit from its various services without using private transportation.
The project, which serves as a yielding property for the company, benefits from demands from Israel’s leading brands, and would offer first-class offices which would be located above the commerce floors. In addition, the project would offer diverse services for the visitors. The company is currently marketing the rental of the commerce and office spaces.
Occupation is expected in early 2020.
Neve Gan – Petach Tikva
The company is offering a single and unique 22-storey building with 81 apartments. The project is located in one of the few last land reserves in the neighborhood. This highly-demanded location has unique advantages, including services such as an adjacent shopping mall, sports center, commercial centers and access to the planned light rail.
The project would be marketed during 2019.
Mehir LaMishtaken Project, Netanya
The company is working on a Mehir LaMishtaken Project in Netanya, after winning the RFT for the project. The project would include 150 apartments, at the high construction level for which the company is renowned, including 30 apartments that would be marketed to the general public.
Y Premium - Em HaMoshavot Neighborhood
These luxury towers are built to high and strict standards and designed in a contemporary style. The various 4-,5- or 6-rooms apartments of the complex include large sun terraces. The Royal floors include mini-penthouses with 5/6 rooms, with a high internal ceiling (about 3m.) and large balconies (30 sq.m.). The top floors include spectacular penthouses of varying sizes.

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