Yael Grossman, Advocate

Lawyers in the Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime Sector

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Established: 1985
Line of Business: Lawyers in the Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime Sector
Address: 24 Bloch St., Tel Aviv 6416130
Phone: 972-3-5279460
Fax: 972-3-5279461
Email: office@yael-grossman.co.il
Website: http://www.halbanathon.co.il
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  • Yael Grossman

    Yael Grossman


    Yael Grossman, Advocate

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    Yael Grossman
  • Roni Belkin

    Roni Belkin

    Advocate, Yael Grossman Lawyers

    Yael Grossman, Advocate

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    Roni Belkin
  • Sally Licht

    Sally Licht


    Yael Grossman, Advocate

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    Sally Licht
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About Yael Grossman, Advocate

Yael Grossman Lawyers specializes in a range of topics of criminal law with an emphasis on white-collar crime and money laundering. The firm, which was established in 1985, is considered one of the country’s leaders in its area of expertise. The firm associates are Adv. Roni Belkin and Adv. Sally Licht. The firm represents defendants in court and during investigations, as well as in disciplinary hearings, sanction committees, military tribunals, ethic tribunals, the Civil Service Commissioner, etc.


Money Laundering

In 2013 Advocates Yael Grossman, Roni Belkin and Sally Licht published the second edition of their book “Anti-Money Laundering in Theory and Practice”. The book, which was first published in 2006, is the most comprehensive and essential book in this field, and is often quoted by the Supreme Court and other courts. The complex provisions of the Prohibition of Money Laundering Law create problems in interpretation, in both the theoretical and the practical aspects. The firm represents clients in the courts in cases of principle which have repercussions on how the law is implemented in effect. Additionally, the firm represents banks, financial bodies and individu-als before sanction committees under the Prohibition of Money Laundering Law. The office advises on money laundering issues to a number of banks and other financial institutions as well as pro-vides legal opinions and consultation to business entities, lawyers and private persons.


Advocate Grossman serves as the co-chairperson of the Anti-Money Laundering Committee of the Bar Council, and regularly participates in meetings of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the Israel Knesset dealing with legal issues. Moreover, Advocate Grossman participates in international conferences and is regularly updated on what is happening in the world on the subject of anti-money laundering.

Advocates Yael Grossman and Roni Belkin lecture on these subjects before various bodies from the courts and prosecution systems, to financial service providers and banking corporations and pri-vate and institutional bodies.

The firm manages an informative website on Money Laundering at the following address:

www.halbanathon.co.il the site presents comprehensive and updated information on what is hap-pening in Israel on the subject of anti-money laundering, as managed by Advocate Sally Licht.




The firm specializes in criminal cases and violations of the Securities Law, representing clients dur-ing investigations Administrative procedures court.

Among the firm’s clients are public companies, controlling shareholders in companies, directors of public companies, portfolio managers and private individuals. The firm handles some of the most precedent-setting cases that have been ruled on in court, on topics such as: ramping, use of insider information, publishing incorrect information in prospectuses and statements, breach of corporate trust, failures to report, etc.

Adv. Roni Belkin, prior to joining the firm, was a senior investigator at the Securities Authority.



The firm specializes in violations of the Anti-Trust Law, represents clients in court, and provides expert legal opinions and consultations on the topic.

Bribery, Fraud and Forgery

Yael Grossman Lawyers represents public figures, employees and managers in corporations, as well as private individuals, accused of receiving and giving bribes, fraud and forgery, as well as crimes in the insurance sector, corporate crimes, breach of trust by managers and more.


Causing Death by Negligence

An additional area of expertise of the firm is causing death by negligence. The firm has handled and continues to handle major cases in this sector.

In addition, the firm handles additional branches of the criminal law, contraventions of the planning and construction law, breaking environmental laws and more.




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