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Established: 2012
Line of Business: Insurance
Address: 94 Yigal Alon St., Alon Towers 2, 20th floor, Tel Aviv 6789139
Phone: 972-3-7765017
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.yhc-law.co.il/
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    Yanir Harel & Co., Law Offices

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    Yanir Harel
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About Yanir Harel & Co., Law Offices

Yanir Harel & CO. (YHC) specializes in representing insured – private plaintiffs as well as businesses and companies in legal proceedings against insurance companies (by virtue of insurance policies) and in particular in work incapacitation, liability insurance, long-term care insurance, several illnesses insurance, life insurance, personal accidents insurance, health insurance, road accidents insurance (under the Compensation for Road Accident Victims Law – “Paltad”) and business insurance.

The firm is renowned as a leading and dominant firm in the insurance claims field due to the extent of the claims it manages against insurance companies, the mediations that take place in it by Israel’s leading mediator in this field, and also due to the vast professional experience of Adv. Yanir Harel, The firm’s founder and owner. 

Excellence and Expertise as Core Values

The firm’s successes are based on the values of excellence, thoroughness, attentiveness, innovation, professionalism and determined striving towards success. These values are the secret to the firm’s strength and consistent growth and they are at the heart of its legal operations. YHC provides clients a reliable and professional representation at the highest level, owing to the combination of an uncompromising professional approach with out-of-the-box thinking and utilization of advanced legal tools.

The Trust of the Firm’s Clients

Over the years, YHC gained significant professional successes and numerous recommendations from the clients. The tremendous proficiency and the vast experience that has been accumulated by the firm’s lawyers over the years enables them to handle the claims of insurance companies adequately and appropriately. It also enables them to raise the right legal arguments for every specific insurance case, and thus achieve for the clients maximal compensation in the framework of a professional insurance claim. The firm’s team has vast experience in finding legal solutions for the arguments that insurance claims raise in various insurance issues, such as the interpretation of the policy, non-disclosure, policy cancelation, policy exceptions, rejection letters, policy definitions, underwriting issues, fraudulent intention claims, concealing material matters, answers to questionnaires, health declarations, false representations and investigation findings.

Owing to its high abilities and proven successes, the firm has acquired a vast reputation both amongst the insurance companies against which it manages claims, and amongst the clients who arrive to the firm after receiving positive recommendations that the firm has been receiving for years.

Adv. Yanir Harel, Founder

Adv. and Notary Yanir Harel has 23 years of legal experience in the insurance field. Until 2012, he served as a partner in one of Israel’s leading law firms, where he represented leading insurance companies and insurance organizations in legal proceedings in the courts and in legislation processes in the Knesset. In this role, he accumulated vast legal experience on insurance in Israel. When he opened his private firm, Adv. Harel chose to represent the other side of the trench, plaintiffs (insured vs. the insurance companies), and nowadays he is considered to be one of Israel’s prominent lawyers in the representation of plaintiffs against insurance companies. Adv. Harel has extensive experience in representing clients in the various courts and tribunals and in mediation proceedings. Furthermore, he has tremendous legal proficiency in this field, which is reflected in his significant professional publications: his book “Evidence Law in Insurance and the Paltad” and his research, which was published and supported by the Research Fund, on “Methods for Proving Damage in Paltad Claims”.

Over the years, he accumulated numerous diverse professional trainings: Among others, he is a member of the Insurance Committee of the Israel Bar Association and is active in issues that relate to insurance legislation and arrangements, graduated from the mediation courts of the National Mediation Institute of the Israel Bar Association, graduated from the Harvard Negotiation Course and more. He speaks four languages – Hebrew, English, Italian and French. Adv. Yanir Harel accumulated a considerable reputation over the years in the fields of insurance claims and is renowned as a professional, creative and accomplished lawyer.

The Book: “Evidence Law in Insurance and Paltad Claims”

In 2018, Adv. Harel published his book “Evidence Law in Insurance and Paltad Claims” in the longstanding and esteemed publishing house “Perlstein Ginosar”.

The book quickly became a leading book in its field and was bought by the Courts Administration for the courts’ libraries and also by libraries of universities and colleges.

This is a first-of-its-kind book which comprehensively discusses the evidence laws which are applicable for claims under the Compensation for Road Accident Victims Law (“Paltad”). The book includes the first comprehensive and focused discussion of the various issues of evidence law that arise during the management of insurance and Paltad claims in the courts. The book consists of two sections – the first section handles insurance claims while the second section handles claims under the Paltad Law. Each section includes a detailed and independent discussion of the specific evidence laws that apply to insurance claims and to Paltad claims.

In light of the comprehensive coverage and the depth of the discussed issues, the book serves as a loyal companion for lawyers who manage insurance and Paltad claims. Some of the material topics that the book discusses include proving the insurance incident, the existence of insurance coverage, evidential damages, the burden of proof, exceptions, acceptability and weight, insurance fraud, intentional insurance incidents, medical experts, presumptions, statistical evidence and more.

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