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Planning and zoning, real-estate, litigation and real-estate taxation

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Established: 1982
Line of Business: Planning and zoning, real-estate, litigation and real-estate taxation
Address: 5 Jabotinsky Rd., Avgad House, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-7520140
Fax: 972-3-7529059
Email: [email protected]
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  • Yehoshua  Diamant, Yehoshua Diamant, Law Office

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    Yehoshua Diamant, Law Office

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    Yehoshua Diamant
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    Yehoshua Diamant, Law Office

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    Yehoshua Diamant, Law Office

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About Yehoshua Diamant, Law Office

Yehoshua Diamant, Law Office is a leading planning and zoning and real estate boutique firm, recognized by the legal rating guides in its practice areas, and constantly ranked as a top law firm. Adv. Yehoshua Diamant gained his reputation as one of Israel’s leading real-estate attorneys, owing to about 40 years of experience in the field, the adherence to the values of excellence, professionalism and dedication to his clients, and several decades of supporting Israel’s most significant real-estate transactions and projects.

During its 36 years of operation, the firm gained outstanding reputation by virtue of integrating between excellence, expertise, creativity, innovativeness, a broad perspective and business-orientation, along with the dedication, personal attention and commitment to clients’ needs. The firm is reputed as one of Israel’s leading firms among all of the real-estate industry’s leaders. It is not surprising that the firm is one of the first choices for developers and landowners who require first-class legal support.

The firm’s list of projects and cases, many of which amount to hundreds of millions of Shekels and with enormous areas built, demonstrates the quality of the firm when considering its relatively small team of lawyers and its positioning as a boutique firm. The firm supports Israel’s most ambitious and complex real-estate projects, including the construction of residential neighborhoods, towers, etc.

The firm’s warm and personal approach turns it into a home for its loyal clients who benefit from a professional, dedicated and high-quality legal support and counseling. Each client and case benefit from the personal care and involvement of Adv. Diamant.

The firm provides comprehensive legal counselling, support and management throughout all of the project’s stages from the day it’s conceived, including support in the purchasing of real-estate rights, preparation of agreements between landowners and developers and/or contractors including in especially complex transactions and, inter alia, combination transactions, preparation of financial support agreements with the banks (property-backed loans), preparation of agreements with the various consultants for the purpose of development, planning and execution of real-estate construction in accordance with existing city zone plans and/or the development, preparation and submission of diverse city plans, including plans for merging and dividing properties, full accompaniment of the plan approval procedures, preparation and negotiation of development agreements with local authorities, preparation of betterment assessments including objections and appeals on betterment tax charges, preparation and registration of sharing agreements, preparation of agreements with the executing contractor, the consultants, the planners and various service providers for the project, preparation of marketing agreements including sale or rent agreements, and legal handling of the registration of new plots, registration of multi-occupancy homes and transfer of real-estate rights.

The firm’s vast and diverse experience includes the representation in precedential legal proceedings in the planning and zoning and real-estate law fields.

The firm represents the largest and most well-known clients in the industry, including real-estate and construction companies, individuals and real-estate entrepreneurs, including landowners and purchasing groups. Among others, the firm represents Shikun&Binui, Africa Israel, Gindi, The Sheinfeld Group and many others.

Practice areas

Planning and zoning – the firm has a unique specialization in the planning and zoning field, and it accompanies initiators and/or landowners in the initiation of city plans for residencies, employment and/or commerce etc., from the concept and planning stage, through the legal proceedings for promoting and approving the plans including responding to objections, and up until the building permits are provided. In addition, the firm represents landowners and initiators in the submission of objections to general zoning plans and or city plans.

Accompaniment of real - estate transaction – the firm accompanies its clients through long years of complex real-estate transactions, from the very first day, provides legal counsel and prepares agreements for sharing, development, combination, execution and sales for apartments and/or commerce/employment areas.

Litigation – the firm has extensive experience in appearing before the civil and administrative courts, the Supreme Court and High Court of Justice, and various local, district and national committees, and it represents its clients in civil and administrative litigation proceeding which are related to the projects it accompanies, including proceeding for various compensations or remedies due to appropriation and/or the approval of plans.

Real-estate taxation – the firm handles a wide variety of real-estate related issues and specializes in creative tax planning tailored to the client’s needs. The firm also represents in appeals and remonstrations against the State authorities for the assessment of betterment charges. Recently, the firm represented landowners in proceedings that led to a precedential ruling concerning a betterment charge which was set at an extremely disproportionately high rate compared to equivalent land, and to a significant reduction of the demanded betterment charge.

Adv. Yehoshua Diamant, Founder

Adv. Diamant specializes in the numerous aspects of the real-estate universe, including the accompaniment of real-estate transactions, real-estate taxation, planning and zoning, representation in front of the relevant entities, litigation and dispute resolution.

His vast experience provides Adv. Diamant with a broad variety of skills that enable him to support his clients with devotion and creativity, and assist them with any legal aspect of the real-estate field, while seeing the proprietary, administrative and taxation perspectives and others.

Adv. Diamant integrates innovation and creativity, both into the legal claims and in renewal of real-estate rules, and believes that in order to provide first-class services one must continuously invest time and effort in acquiring knowledge, understanding the fine details and truly studying the issues they face. These, combined with his longstanding experience and devotion, lead to finding the best solutions for the benefit of his clients.

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