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Criminal (White Collar) and Administrative Litigation

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Established: 2000 (2018)
Line of Business: Criminal (White Collar) and Administrative Litigation
Address: 3 Daniel Frisch St., Tel Aviv 6473104
Phone: 972-3-5469990
Fax: 972-3-5444052
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  • Yehoshua  Reznik, Yehoshua Reznik – Law Firm

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    Yehoshua Reznik – Law Firm

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About Yehoshua Reznik – Law Firm

Yehoshua Reznik – Law Firm practices all of the various aspects of criminal law with an emphasis on white collar and money laundering offences.
The firm is headed by Adv. Yehoshua Reznik, one of Israel’s leading attorneys, who has more than 40 years of experience in representation in criminal cases, both from the prosecution side and from the defense side.
The firm represents suspects in interrogations and defendants in the courts. In addition, it represents defendants in various disciplinary courts, such as the State Employees Disciplinary Court, The Israeli Bar Association’s disciplinary institutions, the Ministry of Health’s Disciplinary Court and more.
The firm represents its clients before courts of all levels: magistrate courts, district courts and The Supreme Court in criminal and civil appeals and also in its role as Bagatz.
The firm’s great advantage is the longstanding personal familiarity of Adv. Reznik with Israel’s Enforcement and Prosecution Authorities, who have great professional respect for him owing to his extensive experience and uncompromising professionality.

Adv. Joshua Reznik

Started his professional career in 1976 in the State Attorney Office and in the Jerusalem District Attorney Office. For 25 years he represented the State in a tremendous number of criminal cases of all types including defense-related cases.
Adv. Reznik served as manager of the State Attorney’s criminal department and as the deputy state attorney for criminal matters.
After founding his firm in 2000, he has taken upon himself to represent numerous clients from the counsel and accompaniment throughout the interrogation, through hearing procedures and up to management of defense in the court.
In light of his longstanding work on both sides of the barricade he gained a broad perspective of all aspects of the criminal case, which supports him both in his work before enforcement entities and in his court appearances.
Adv. Reznik is highly esteemed by the courts, his colleagues, and many of his clients.

The Firm: Its Practice, Operations and Professional modus operandi

The firm provides its clients with personal, dedicated and efficient legal services from the opening of an investigation, through appearances in hearings before the prosecutors and when necessary in the various court levels.
The firm has longstanding experience in white collar, money laundering, antitrust, all aspects of criminal law and the representation of clients in administrative appeals in the administrative courts and in Bagatz.
The firm achieved considerable successes in its practice area and in many cases, the prosecution decided not to press charges after the hearing, the property and funds of clients were released after being seized for forfeiture by the enforcement authorities, and light and fair plea bargains were reached through negotiations with the prosecutors.
The firm’s goal is to alleviate the burden of its clients during the difficult period they are going through in the interrogation and other proceedings and to minimize the negative impact on their lives.

The Firm’s Clients

The firm’s clients include elected and senior government officials, attorneys, diplomats, military and defense service members, and law enforcement personnel.
In addition to the representation of private clients, the firm’s clientele also includes private and public companies.
A humane approach and personal service in combination with knowledge, professionalism and experience.
The synergy between the personal attention and Adv. Reznik’s longstanding experience generates the added value from which the clients benefit.
The personal service for his clients constitutes the goal of his work as a defense attorney, and therefore adv. Reznik personally handles each case.
According to Adv. Reznik, in the State Attorney Office an incidence is a case. As a defense attorney, a case is the person.
Thus, through compassionate handling, Adv. Reznik sees his vision.
In light of Adv. Reznik’s desire to provide a personal service for each client, he utilizes the services of his daughter (Adv. Noa Reznik-Mograbi), who accompanies and supports him at his work.

Public-Benefit Service

Adv. Reznik serves as a judge in the Military Court of Appeals, and served as a judge in the Israeli Bar’s district and national disciplinary courts.
The firm also provides pro bono legal services for the underprivileged.
Adv. Reznik taught the theory of criminal case management for several years in the Hebrew University. Some of his students were appointed as judges and most of the others are active lawyers.

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