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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Construction and urban renewal
Address: 3 HaZeva St., Northern Industrial Zone, Beit Shemesh
Phone: 972-2-9996611
Email: [email protected]
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  • Hillel  Jacobson, Yesodot Tzur

    Hillel Jacobson

    CEO, Yesodot Tzur

    Yesodot Tzur

  • David  Gilboa, Yesodot Tzur

    Adv. David Gilboa

    CEO, Yesodot Tzur, Urban Renewal

    Yesodot Tzur

  • Efrat  Shahar, Yesodot Tzur

    Efrat Shahar


    Yesodot Tzur

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About Yesodot Tzur

Yesodot Tzur, which was founded in 1995, is a leading group that is owned by the real-estate entrepreneur Hillel Jacobson, who specializes in the fields of initiation, construction, and urban renewal. The group’s initiation activity is split between classic initiation of residential projects that the company initiates and builds, and between urban renewal, which is an important part of the group’s operations. In this field, the company is currently initiating four large-scale and significant projects. The operations of the entire group in real-estate initiation in both of the aforementioned fields, in combination with its longstanding residential construction experience, creates a unique business, professional and personal blend that benefits from the overall capabilities, the professional excellence and the reputation of the entire group. 

Quality, Reliability, and Innovation

The group has been benefitting from financial stability and an excellent reputation for about 25 years, and its experience includes the construction of more than 3,000 apartments, commercial centers, industrial facilities and offices, public institutions, schools, and kindergartens, throughout Israel.

The group’s initiation arm specializes in locating lands for development, planning and bettering them, and the contracting arm handles the construction of the various projects. The group’s unique strength stems from its dual nature as both an initiator and a constructor. This fact constitutes the added value from which the group’s customers benefit and provides a great advantage, since the group is responsible for the full chain, from the concept, through the planning and zoning, which are supported and executed by leading architecture firms and also by the company’s architects who provide solutions for the customers, the finance department, which handles the interface between the residents, the banks and the and the company and are responsible for the projects’ bank support, the business development department, which handles the initiation of new projects, and the execution department which holds the eventual responsibility for the projects’ construction and the provision of long years of warranty and home inspection for the customers. This leads to an in-depth familiarity of the company, with all of its departments and employees, who handle the project from day one to its successful completion, with each and every detail of the project, and they are responsible for every matter and issue. This fact provides the customers who purchase apartments from the company with peace of mind and an in-house comprehensive solution for everything they require.

Yesodot Tzur complies with the strictest standards, and is approved by the Ministry of Housing to tender with an unlimited scope, and is ISO9002 certified and has a C5 Unlimited Contractor Classification.

Yesodot Tzur

Yesodot Tzur executes exemplary residential neighborhoods and combines high-quality and reliable construction with dedicated and personal service. All of the employees are like one big family, and many of them have been employed in the company for 15-20 years, in fact since the day it was founded. Yesodot Tzur specializes in constructing entire residential neighborhoods and often also executes the urban infrastructures, including pavements, roads, public structures, and gardens, and provides the residents with everything that a residential neighborhood needs. For example, the company thus constructed an 800-apartments residential neighborhood including the necessary urban and public development, and it is currently initiating and constructing several large residential projects throughout Israel, in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh and also in Central Israel, in Petach Tikva.

Selected Projects

Nof Zurim Machsiya, Beit Shemesh
The initiation and construction of an entire residential neighborhood with about 800 apartments including the general and urban development works.

Nof Zurim Ramat Avraham, Beit Shemesh
Initiation and construction of a 250-apartment residential neighborhood.

Nofei HaShemesh, Beit Shemesh
An exclusive residential neighborhood with about 400 housing units in high-density construction and detached homes, in partnership with Kardan Real-Estate.

Harmony Matsliach, Ramla
76 apartments in two buildings with a high building standard.

Harmony Beit Shemesh, an Assisted Living Home
An exclusive assisted living home that is extraordinary in its business concept, because the apartments are sold to the purchasers and registered under their names, so that they benefit from a full return on their investment, without eroding and losing the family fortune.

Sunrise, Al Hanachal, Sun Gardens - Beit Shemesh
Three upscale projects of large apartments and cottages in Ramat Beit Shemesh A

Yesodot Tzur Urban Renewal

Yesodot Tzur, alongside its construction operations, also initiates projects, and over the past decade, it has been focusing also on initiating and leading urban renewal projects, with active involvement in this process and large-scale Pinui-Binui projects throughout Israel, in various execution and planning stages, from zoning to construction. Yesodot Tzur urban renewal has extensive experience in initiating Pinui-Binui projects throughout Israel. Currently, the company is initiating, developing and constructing four projects in this field. The company is a partner of the of the Rova 1 project, which is located at the entrance to Jerusalem in front of the hotels avenue on the Herzl Road, and includes two 25-story residential towers and a vast public park. This is the first Pinui-Binui project that is being executed in Jerusalem. The second project in Jerusalem is the Talpiot project, The project’s zoning plan was approved and it would include 320 apartments in four towers. A third project is located in Petach Tikva, on Hermann Fogel Street. The project is being discussed in the District Committee toward zoning plan completion and it is expected to include about 700 apartments in six towers. The fourth project is the Yitzhak Sadeh project in Petach Tikva, where 600 apartments are being planned. The project is located in the Ramat Verber neighborhood and is part of the urban renewal process that is executed in the neighborhood by the Ministry of Housing, in cooperation with the Petach Tikva Municipality.

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