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Insolvency/Execution, Notary, Mediation, Real Estate

Yifat Ben Avi Baron, Law Firm
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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Insolvency/Execution, Notary, Mediation, Real Estate
Address: Main Office:
26 HaRishonim St., Ashdod
Eilat Office:
21 HaTmarim Ave., Eilat
Phone: 972-8-8534794
Fax: 972-8-8534799
Email: [email protected]
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  • Yifat  Ben Avi Baron, Yifat Ben Avi Baron, Law Firm

    Dr. Yifat Ben Avi Baron

    Adv. and Notary, Founder and Owner

    Yifat Ben Avi Baron, Law Firm

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About Yifat Ben Avi Baron, Law Firm

Yifat Ben Avi Baron, Law Firm is a boutique firm that handles insolvency/execution cases, real estate and civil-commercial law. The heart of the firm’s practice is insolvency, and Adv. Ben Avi Baron also serves as deputy chairperson of the IBA’s Insolvency Committee, manages conventions on this topic and participates in professional panels.
The firm has been recording remarkable and consistent growth over the past few years, as a result it was incorporated as a law company. Currently, the firm employs 13 employees, of which 7 are attorneys. The firm’s clients turn to it for advice from across Israel, based on its reputation and a word-to-mouth basis.

The Firm’s Practice Areas

Insolvency / Execution
The firm represents, in the various courts, private and commercial clients in insolvency proceedings until a final closure of all of their debts are reached and all of the seizures and limitations, to the absolute satisfaction of the client. To date, the firm handled hundreds of cases and clients, and its vast experience and broad legal knowledge enable it to reach creative and unique solutions. Each of the firm’s cases is discussed individually and the professional lawyers help the clients not only from the professional aspect but also emotionally, in handling the difficult financial situation they encountered, while putting them on the path to and economic rehabilitation proceeding. Throughout its years of operations, the firm managed to achieve the relief of clients’ debt amounting to millions of Shekels.
Real Estate Law
The firm is highly experienced in the real estate field and in particular in urban renewal. Over the years, it has been representing five extensive Pinui-Binui projects with hundreds of apartments, and also about 50 Tama 38/1 (seismic retrofitting) projects. The firm represents mainly residents and it has been accompanying them with devotion, professionalism and high accessibility from end to end – from the public tender for the initiators, through signing the contract vis-à-vis the selected initiator and up to the conclusion of the works and the registration of a multi-occupancy house. Most of the projects that the firm facilitates are located in Ashdod, Rishon LeZion and Holon, whereas several projects have already been completed and populated to the residents’ satisfaction.
Civil Cases
The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases that handle mainly classic monetary claims such as construction defects claims, evacuation of tenants from properties and the representation of defendants in criminal planning and zoning cases vis-à-vis local authorities.
Adv. and Notary Ben Avi Baron provides all types of notary services including approval of signatures for mortgage banks, powers of attorney, notary translations, preparation of notarized unwitnessed wills, certificates of nuptial agreements, document certifications, certificates of life and more.
Adv. Ben Avi Baron has a mediator diploma and she serves as a mediator between opponents in civil and family cases. The essence of mediation is to reach an agreement which is acceptable for all of the parties, and the firm recorded numerous success in such cases.

Adv. Yifat Ben Avi Baron, Founder & Owner

Yifat has an LL.B. from the Academic College of Law in Ramat Gan and an LL.M. with a specialization in human rights from the Academic Center for Law and Business in Ramat Gan. She Has a doctorate in law from the Paris college of International
Education. She interned in a leading civil and real estate law firm and immediately upon completing her internship she opened her own firm, which has been operating successfully for 15 years.

Professionalism, Proficiency with a Warm and Personal Attitude

As a boutique firm, the firm is characterized by the personal and warm attention it provides to its clients in the various cases. The firm includes an expanded headquarters with 3 secretaries who provide the clients with continuous, fast and extremely pleasant response. In addition, Adv. Ben Avi Baron is at the clients’ disposal at any hour and arrives personally to the discussions.


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