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Real Estate – Initiation, Development, Management and Facilitation of Residential and Offices Projects, Hotels, Urban Renewal and Real Estate Investments

Yochelman Group (Y-Group)
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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Real Estate – Initiation, Development, Management and Facilitation of Residential and Offices Projects, Hotels, Urban Renewal and Real Estate Investments
Address: 2 HaManofim St., Herzliya Pituach
Phone: 972-9-9550330 
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.y-group.co.il
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  • Zeev Yochelman, Yochelman Group (Y-Group)

    Zeev Yochelman

    Chairman & Owner

    Yochelman Group (Y-Group)

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About Yochelman Group (Y-Group)

Yochelman Group (Y-GROUP) is considered one of the most prominent real estate companies in the local market, engaged in residential and income-producing real estate (offices, commercial centers, hotels etc.) and in the promotion of urban renewal complexes. The group was founded in 2013 by Zeev Yochelman, a former senior official in the Ministry of Finance, lastly as senior assistant director general of the Tax Authority, responsible for implementing large-scale national projects worth billions of shekels. The group has many unique projects with a wide geographical spread and its sales volume in the years 2019-2020 was about NIS 120 million.

The Real Estate Industry - One of the Strongest Growth Engines in Israel

The group has a broad organic team, including lawyers, architects, project managers and supervisors, salespeople, appraisers and accountants and is regularly accompanied by the most reputable law firms, as well as the largest banks and financial entities in the economy. This focus of the group’s Israeli activities was made in light of Yochelman’s perception that real estate is one of the strongest, constant and most stable growth engines in Israel, one that will intensify in the coming decades, due to the natural population growth and demand, and housing shortages, as shown in the CBS data.

Creating Value

Y-GROUP is unique in its ability to think outside the box and identify the next real estate goals, before they become such. Moreover, the group’s CEO is meticulously examining each project the group chooses through the client’s prism, i.e. focusing on construction only in places that produce real value for customers. The customers, for their part, express great trust in the group and good evidence of this is the large number of repeat clients and the fact that most of the company’s clients are investors of medium-high socio-economic status, including leading businessmen, high-tech personnel, liberal professionals, lawyers, directors, security personnel, freelancers, and company owners in a variety of fields.

Innovative Design and Appearance

All projects undertaken by the company are unique in innovative, aesthetic, and groundbreaking architectural design. To this end, the company works with reputable and valued architecture firms, whose common denominator is “thinking outside the box” and a unique visibility. The group focuses on developing innovative concepts for luxury residences, hotels and employment complexes based on international standards and an experiential concept of residence, retreat and client, combining quality of life with residential / office styling, inspired by the content worlds of contemporary design.

Zeev Yochelman, Founder and CEO

The group was established and is managed by Zeev Yochlman, an entrepreneur and businessman, a lawyer by profession and a bachelor’s and master’s degree holder in law from the Hebrew University. Yochelman was one of the founders of the Better Planet group - one of the largest renewable energy groups in the market, which has established and owned hundreds of large solar projects around the country. Beyond his entrepreneurial career, he continues his legal work as a judge, as part of his reserve service in the IDF.

Notable Projects

Agam Boutique - a luxurious residential project with weekend condos and residential units overlooking the Sea of Galilei. The building will include 9 stories above ground and 120 residential units, among which 2-3 bedroom apartments, garden apartments, mini penthouses and penthouses. Architect: Ilan Pivko, Law Office: Shibolet & Co.
AGAM View - a luxury residential complex with an emphasis on residential units and weekend apartments, from which there is a wide panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee. The building will include 9 floors above ground and 144 units, including 2-3 room apartments as well as garden apartments and penthouses.
The complex includes a gym, a large swimming pool, management services, and extensive public spaces. The project is in the permit stages. Architect: Ilan Pivko, Law Office: Shibolet & Co.
Ginosar Project - a luxurious hotels and residential complex which combines the preservation of an 80 rooms historic hotel, and above which a modern structure of 144 residential units will be constructed.
MOMENTUM, the new high-tech complex, west of Hadera - an office, residential and commercial project located in the new complex at the western entrance of Hadera, adjacent to the mall in front of the new beach. The project covers an area of about 50,000 square meters which will be built in two phases - the first phase will include about 23,000 square meters and the second phase about 27,000 square meters. The complex combines offices, commerce, clinics, and residences for the benefit of the area’s residents. The complex caters to high-tech companies, freelancers and investors, doctors and clinics, etc. The project is in the permit and licensing stages.
Arena Nahariya project - a luxurious residential complex at the entrance to Nahariya that includes 3 residential towers that will include 360 residential units. The project is in the planning and permit stages.
AGAM Residence - a prestigious and special commercial and residential complex located on the first line to the Sea of Galilee. The building will include 11 floors above a commercial floor of about 2000 square meters and 207 units of 2-3 rooms, mini penthouses, and penthouses. The unique complex includes a gym, swimming pool, cafes and restaurants. The marketing of the project was completed and its construction has begun.
The Rakafot Neighborhood, Kfar Hitim - an urban project that is a new neighborhood at the entrance to Tiberias and includes about 900 apartments. The neighborhood is located adjacent to the prestigious settlement of Kfar Hitim and includes community infrastructure, shopping centers and full planning.
NEXT Hadar Yosef, Tel Aviv - 8-story residential tower with 3-5 room units. The project is located at 44 Kehilat Lodge Street, in the sought-after North Tel Aviv neighborhood, and from its spacious balconies there is a spectacular view of the Yarkon Park and the sea. It was designed by S.I.A.H Architects.
Fibco, Glil Yam - A prestigious residential project located near Kibbutz Glil Yam at the western entrance to Herzlyia. The project includes 2 8-story residential towers with 59 units and was designed by architect Ilan Pivko. The buildings are characterized by a clean line and a bright pearl color. The project was completed and populated.

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