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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Real estate, urban renewal
Address: 20 Lincoln St., Rubinstein Building,
20th floor, Tel Aviv 6713412
Mobile, Adv. Revital Yurist:
[email protected]
Mobile, Adv. Yanki (Yaacov) Efroni:
[email protected]
Phone: 972-3-6081960
Fax: 972-3-6081970
Website: http://www.ye-law.com
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    Yurist – Efroni Law Firm

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    Yanki Efroni
  • Revital  Yurist, Yurist – Efroni Law Firm

    Revital Yurist


    Yurist – Efroni Law Firm

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    Revital Yurist
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About Yurist – Efroni Law Firm

There is always another way, is the motto of Yurist – Efroni Law Firm, one of Israel’s pioneering Urban Renewal law firms, and it truly does take a different approach: a transparent, pleasant, eye-to-eye and possibly even unmediated approach to the relationship it develops with its clients. Both Yurist and Efroni are available for their clients 24/7, including on weekends, attend every meeting personally and pay attention to every client, including day-to-day (and less routine) handling of apartments owners’ problems and issues during construction.

Assisting Hundreds of Urban Renewal Projects from Gush Dan to Eilat

The boutique Yurist - Efroni firm was established by Advocate Revital Yurist in 2005, initially dealing with all aspects of Real estate and with civil and commercial laws. In 2007, once the National Outline Plan for the reinforcement of buildings (NOP 38) entered into effect, the Firm began specializing in Urban Renewal and was among the first law firms to grow deep roots in such specific field.
Advocate Yanki (Yaacov) Efroni (LL.M.) joined the Firm in 2010 as a partner, bringing his vast knowledge and experience in negotiations, crisis management and breaking objections.
Ever since, the Firm has been assisting hundreds of projects from Gush Dan to Eilat in NOP 38-type transactions for reinforcement and additional construction, demolition and construction, Pinui Binui, and has even assisted and advised legal departments at various banks with drafting letters of assistance pertaining to NOP 38 projects.
Today, the firm accompanies hundreds of apartment owners in the Urban Renewal and/or Pinui Binui projects, in the center of Israel and even in the periphery. The extensive experience the firm has gained over the years, in representing apartment owners in particular, gives it a relative advantage over other firms in the field.

Tenants First

During its 15 years of operation in the Urban Renewal world, the Firm accumulated immense legal proficiency, extensive experience, and strong emotional capabilities in representing and assisting tenants with contractors or developers, small and big alike. The legal service, assistance and counseling include, among others, outlining contractual terms, ensuring tenants sign agreements including legal handling of objecting tenants until construction is completed and a condominium order is registered. Beyond the technical aspect, Advocates Efroni and Yurist are constantly attentive to their clients and do not bother them with arriving to the Tel Aviv firm. Whether the project is located in Qiryat Shemona or in Eilat, the dedicated team are available nationwide and give their full attention to tenants’ questions concerning the legal assistance and construction in general.

Wall-to-Wall Agreements

Given their longstanding experience and the fact that both advocates have come across any scenario possible when engaging with tenants, they succeed in reaching agreements with all apartment’s owners in every project, thereby solving tough refusal problems. Even in cases where it appears there is no choice but to contact the Supervisor on Condominiums, Yurist and Efroni prefer to be patient and use their mediation and deep emotional capabilities to slowly soften objections and lead to creative solutions meant to benefit all project tenants. The result: in each of the hundreds of projects the Firm has assisted so far, Yurist – Efroni managed to ideally facilitate the project while avoiding a lengthy, messy proceedings with objecting tenants before legal instances or the Supervisor on Condominiums.L

Comprehensive Legal Advice in All Aspects of Real Estate and Lands

Beyond Urban Renewal which accounts for the majority of Yurist - Efroni’s work, the team also provide comprehensive legal advice and handling while specializing in assisting real estate ventures and complex real estate transactions, including residential real estate, Buyer’s Price projects, income-generating Real Estate, etc.

The Firm has Three Main Specialties in this Respect:

Sale Transactions
Over the years, our firm accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in all transaction types involving real estate sales, whether simple buyer-seller sale transaction or transactions involving direct purchase of properties from contractors and/or developers, sharing dissolutions, etc.
Yurist – Efroni handles all property registration procedures from registering a cautionary note, through filing statements with the tax authorities, to registering the full rights under the buyers’ name.

Combination Transactions in Urban Renewal Framework
Representing rightsholders in transactions where land is sold to developers or, alternatively, the landowners construct the project personally with independent or bank financing. The firm accompanies the apartments owners threw the communication with the developers, while defining the outline of the transaction, from start to finish.

Income-Generating Real Estate
The team assist clients and provide an effective response, from examining the transaction’s feasibility, through managing the transaction with the relevant professionals, to completing the transaction and registering possession under the buyers’ name.

One Stop Shop

Whether it’s a tenant in an Urban Renewal project, whether it’s a Tama project or a Pinui Binui project, whether it’s a rightsholder in a combination deal or a developer buying land to construct an income-generating property - Yurist- Efroni Law Firm, provides comprehensive legal service to each client, even for clients who have no direct affiliation with Real Estate. This allows clients to receive the full legal assistance they deserve. All under one roof and with a professional team they know and trust. According to the nature of the Firm, the legal assistance is provided with extraordinary dedication and in a professional manner that is particularly pleasant and comfortable.


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