Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

Initiation and construction of residential, commercial, and office projects; construction pro-cess from start to finish; yielding real estate; and urban renewal

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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Initiation and construction of residential, commercial, and office projects; construction pro-cess from start to finish; yielding real estate; and urban renewal
Address: Tel Aviv - 30 HaArbaa St., HaArbaa Towers, Southern Tower, 17th floor
Hadera - 10 Prof. Dan Shechtman St., Mall Village, 3rd floor, P.O.B. 1049
Phone: 972-76-5315901, 972-76-5315801
Fax: 972-4-8214724
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zhg.co.il
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  • Avi Ben Avraham, Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

    Avi Ben Avraham

    Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

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    Avi Ben Avraham
  • Haim Feiglin, Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

    Haim Feiglin


    Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

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    Haim Feiglin
  • Ran Ben Avraham, Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

    Ran Ben Avraham

    Deputy CEO

    Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

  • Motty  Luzon, Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

    Motty Luzon

    Deputy CEO – Operation

    Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

  • David  Amor, Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

    David Amor

    Company Secretary & CFO

    Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

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About Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

Zemach Hammerman Ltd. is considered one of the most reliable and qualitative real estate companies in Israel and is traded on the TASE.

The group is engaged in the development and execution of large-scale office, commercial and residential projects, as well as the execution of additional projects for leading Israeli companies provided by “Turn-Key Project” services.

As a developer, Zemach Hammerman is involved in budget-priced and prestigious residential projects as well as high-tech, commercial, office and industrial real estate. The Group adapts its activities to suit market needs in general, and regional market needs in particular.

As a contractor, Zemach Hammerman serves some of the largest companies and public entities in Israel, utilizing the most advanced building techniques for the most sophisticated projects. Since 2018 the group has also engaged in the field of yielding real estate and an urban renewal department engaged in project located in high-demand areas.

Established in 1997, the group has the highest unlimited classification for construction (C5). Zemach Hammerman is certified by the Standards (clearance *) and is an approved Ministry Defense contractor. The group holds the ISO 9002 certification, attesting to its commitments to all parties associated with its activities as well as to safety protocols. The group’s policy is focusing on local activities, while growing its income and minimizing risks. The group considers meeting its obligations as the highest value while meeting the needs of all involved parties: customers, tenants, partners, bankers, suppliers, sub-contractors, planners, inspectors, workers, and others.

Special emphasis is placed on high-quality construction, on-site-safety procedures for both the public and employees, meeting timetables, budget constraints, ensuring strict payment ethics, and proper and fair labor relations.

The group pioneers state-of-the-art building methods, prefabrication, computerization and control technologies in the construction sector.

Zemach Hammerman counts some of Israel’s leading and most financially sound entities among in its customers’ base. The group forms partnerships with other leading companies in the sector to disperse risks. The Zemach Hammerman Group employs a highly experienced staff that includes about 160 local and overseas employees.

Residential Projects

Projects which the company is involved as a developer include:

Tel Aviv: 163 residential units in Neve Tzedek, 73 residential units in Weizman-Pinkas, 55 residential units in Andromeda Jaffa and 631 residential units in Maccabi Jaffa; Ramat HaSharon: 548 residential units in Neve Gan; Ramat Gan: 530 residential units in Krinizi, and 180 residential units in the National Park; Nahariya Achziv: 745 residential units; Karmiel: 188 residential units; Tzor Izhak: 68 residential units; Givatayim: 46 residential units.

Building as a Contractor to Completion: Projects which Zemach Hammerman Ltd. is building for third parties as a contractor are mostly implemented by its subsidiary Sivan Construction, which is owned in equal shares by Zemach Hammerman Ltd. and Sivan Berkovitch who serves as CEO of the subsidiary. Execution projects for Zemach Hammerman are carried out by Zemach Hammerman.

Projects Include: 438 residential units in Netanya; 282 residential units in Rehovot; 676 residential units in Tel-Aviv; 278 units in Herzliya; 82 residential units in Hod HaSharon; and 68 residential units in Beer Yaakov.

Commercial and Office Ventures: About 14,000 sq.m. in Beit Shemesh; about 2,200 sq.m. in Tel Aviv; about 8,800 sq.m. in Ganei Tikva; about 42,800 sq.m. in Givatayim, and several street shops in Neve Tzedek and Jaffa.

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