Avi Ben Avraham from Zemach Hammerman Ltd.
Avi Ben Avraham מחברת Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

Avi Ben Avraham

Zemach Hammerman Ltd.
Initiation and construction of residential, commercial, and office projects; construction pro-cess from start to finish; yielding real estate; and urban renewal
Year of Birth: 1936
Email: [email protected]
Past positions: CEO and owner Zemach Hammerman Ltd. (1969-1996); Engineer, Defense Ministry (1967-1969), Chief Engineer for Contracting Company on the Technion Project, Haifa (1964-1967), Planning Engineer for Buildings and Bridges, Switzerland (1962-1964).
Seniority in position: 51 years.
Public positions: Management Member Contractors Association Haifa; Member of the Contractors Division, Israel Builders Association; Member of the Works Committee, Israel Builders Association; Member of the Presidium, Israel Builders Association.
Education: Active Chairman (1996-until today)
Community Activity: For every apartment sold, Zemach Hammerman contributes to the Jewish Agency's Spirit of Israel.
Military Rank: Staff Sergeant, Last Position as Operations Officer.

What is the most significant action that you have recently led?
Construction companies of our type are companies for the long haul and changes are not measured in days or weeks but months and years. I think that to bring Zemach Hammerman together with the company's partners and employees from 2007 until today was a significant step in terms of the size of the company and the reputation that it has won.

What are the company's most significant strengths in your eyes?
The company's strengths are its family DNA that have always led us until today even though we are a large public company management remains warm and family oriented like it always was.

What are the main measures taken recently that will lead to the strengthening of the company in the coming years?
The company's public offering on the stock market and the entrance of the Manor family into the company strengthens us and will strengthen the company's future.

What are the main challenges facing the company in the coming years?
In the coming years we need to track the conduct of the government and the Ministry of Construction and Housing and of course the Israel Land Authority in the way it manages and distributes Israel's land. The method is to develop the company's inventory and realize it by buying new land in the periphery and center of Israel, carefully and while understanding the market and its behavior.

What advice would you offer a young manager who is starting out?
A manager starting out in our field must understand the business from the bottom, so I suggest going out onto the sites and listening to workers and contractors and in that way gain know-how in the field and of course always be a courteous and polite person but when necessary assertive and decisive.

What is important to remember in difficult times?
It is important to remember that difficult times will always come to an end and there will be good times. To correctly plan cash flow and work plans will give you enough time to float on the water until the storm passes and you can move forward again.