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Insurance, Tort and Medical Malpractice

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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Insurance, Tort and Medical Malpractice
Address: 25 HaBarzel St., 2nd Floor, Ramat HaChayal, Tel Aviv 6971035
Phone: 972-3-5101717
Fax: 972-3-5101040
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zb-law.co.il
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  • Tomer Zemer, Zemer, Brimer & Co. Law Office

    Adv. Tomer Zemer

    Partner and Founder

    Zemer, Brimer & Co. Law Office

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    Tomer Zemer
  • Galit  Brimer Haim, Zemer, Brimer & Co. Law Office

    Adv. Galit Brimer Haim

    Zemer, Brimer & Co. Law Office

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    Galit Brimer Haim
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About Zemer, Brimer & Co. Law Office

Zemer, Brimer & Co. Law Office is one of the leading Law firms in the areas of insurance, tort and medical malpractice. The firm represents, among others, the leading insurance companies in Israel, as well as authorities, in various instances and courts, regarding body injuries, property damages, road accidents and student’s insurance policies. The firm’s main expertise is in all aspects of insurance, including labor accidents, property damages, life insurances, personal accidents, health and nursing.

The firm possesses unique experience and expertise in insurance policies of various sectors, this proficiency constitutes a significant advantage in representing private injury claimants and/or insurance companies. Hundreds of hours of court appearances, knowledge of the working practices and the portfolio management by insurance companies before various institutions as well as governmental ones is a valuable asset serving the firm in the representation of its clients.

The firm has an in depth experience and knowledge of all the nuances of the insurance world and its varied areas. This orientation, combined with deep legal know how and sensitive procedures creates an advantage and a significant added value in the representation of private claimants and/or insurance companies and other corporations.

Zemer, Brimer & Co. Law Office was established in 1997 by Adv. Tomer Zemer and Adv. Galit Brimer-Haim and is characterized by its young, dynamic and innovative spirit, always being up to date on the developments regarding the insurance world and the law area in general, in the lines of body injuries, insurance, National Insurance, civil, commercial and real estate law.

Since its foundation, the firm has represented claimants and defendants in the fields of insurance and tort and gained recognition and reputation over the years for its many achievements in the representation of its clients, ensuring their rights. 


In recent years, the firm has been undergoing an expansion process and has significantly increased and at present represents a wide range of private, institutional and business clients, including insurance corporations. Among the firm’s clients are large and leading companies in the Israeli economy including “The Phoenix Insurance Company”, “Clal Insurance”, “Ayalon Insurance Company”, “Hachshara Insurance Company”, “Shlomo Insurance Company” and cross-country local authorities. The firm also provides legal consultation regarding insurance policies to large labor unions which are responsible for the personnel wellbeing. The firm renders to its clients the highest professional and personal handling and achieves the best results available for them. The commitment to the needs of our clients is a guiding light for our firm, whether they are private clients or corporations or large entities. The firm’s advocates are attentive to the needs of their clients. The partners accompany every case personally. The clients enjoy an added value, which integrates between the firm’s uncompromising professionalism, reflected in the excellent results achieved for the clientele, and the warm, personal relationship which the firm maintains with the clients. 

Practice Areas

Insurance - The firm represents claimants on one hand and insurance companies on the other hand, on all areas of insurance, specializing in lawsuits dealing with body injuries, property damages, water and flood damages, product liability, life insurance, disabilities due to accident insurance, etc. The fields of life and income protection insurance require an expertise and in depth study of the insurance laws, legal understanding of the common policies and close knowledge of the claiming mechanism in the various insurance companies.

Medical Malpractice - The firm specializes in the line of medical malpractice and lawsuits due to negligence in tests, diagnosis delays, malpractice in pregnancy control, negligence in operations and dental treatments, etc. In the framework of this activity, the firm represents insurance companies and clinics as well as private claimants, from those who were damaged due to medical treatment.

Road Accidents - The firm represents claimants and defendants in lawsuits regarding body injuries caused by road accidents. When representing claimants, the firm provides accompaniment and support to the clients and their families throughout the years.

Litigation - The firm’s staff has vast experience in the representation of its clients before the various instances, emphasizing the clientele’s needs and goals, including coping with high success in dispute settling by alternative manners including: mediation, compromising and arbitration. The firm represents hundreds of all kinds of litigation files, representing both claimants and defendants. 

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