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Established: 2001
Line of Business: Family Law and Civil Status
Address: Main Office:
B.S.R. Tower 4, 35th floor, 7 Mesada St., Bnei Brak
South Israel Branch:
8B Henrietta Szold St., Rasco City, Be’er Sheva
Phone: 972-3-6137776
Fax: 972-3-6134476
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zivbeitel.co.il
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  • Ziv Beitel, Ziv Beitel- Law Office

    Adv. Ziv Beitel

    Founder and Owner

    Ziv Beitel- Law Office

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About Ziv Beitel- Law Office

The law firm of Ziv Beitel & Co. is a boutique firm and one of Israel’s leading family law firms. The firm was founded in 2001 and it specializes in the full spectrum of family law and civil status including divorce, child custody, alimony and child support, nuptial agreements, common law spouses, wills and inheritance.

The firm is renowned as an authority in its field and has a record of numerous cases in which it won in the court to the satisfaction of its clients. The firm’s team specializes in negotiating professionally with the client’s best interests in mind, and its clientele includes high-profile clients from Israel and abroad, with significant public and media presence. The firm is considered to be a trailblazer in its field and it combines experience, knowledge and innovation.

Adv. Ziv Beitel, Founder and Owner

Adv. Beitel has vast experience in divorces and family law with more than 23 years of experience and hundreds of successes in divorce cases. In addition to the firm’s ongoing cases, Adv. Beitel provided legal counsel to large organizations such as VIZO and SHIL (Citizens Counsel Service) of the Ministry of Labor, managed a family law forum on behalf of SHIL and more.

Ziv has been appearing regularly in various media channels for more than a decade, including regular spots on shows in the former Channel 10 (“Family 10” of Ronit Yudkowitz and “Bikur Bayit” which was hosted by Alona Friedman) and on Channel 12 (several seasons of “Family Comes First” which is hosted by Prof. Amos Rolidar and Yael Goldman and several seasons in Odetta’s show). He also had a regular spot in Radio Kol Hai on Adi Arad’s show.

In light of the reputation that he accumulated over the years, Adv. Beitel also serves as an expert witness for UK Foreign Law. By academic education he has an LL.B. and he interned in a renowned family law firm.

Adv. Beitel believes that family lawyers must possess a sense of mission in light the fact that the cases they handle concern momentous issues of child custody and properties’ liquidations. Accordingly, he walks into the courthouse with actual reverence in light of the immense responsibility that he bears. 

Sensitivity and Empathy Alongside with Uncompromising Professionalism

The firm’s great success stems, inter alia, from its unique combination of sensitivity and empathy to the client who is at a major life crisis, and of professionalism and determination in managing the case with the other party.

In divorce cases, which are sensitive by nature, the firm works with full trust, cooperation and coordination of the client, and provides close personal counsel and guidance throughout the entire complex personal proceeding in order to lead to the best result at the shortest time.

Main Areas of Practice

Over the past few years, the firm has been active in two main practice areas: Divorce disputes and inheritance disputes. In its divorce disputes practice the firm’s team handles cases and issues of custody, child support, visitations, division of properties, resource management, goodwill assets etc.

In its inheritance disputes practice the firm handles the full spectrum of wills including invalid wills, undue influence, will contests and invalidation, handwritten wills, posthumous bank account transactions, guardianship and more. In light of Adv. Beitel’s vast reputation as a lawyer who creates numerous legal precedents for his clients, and as a popular media commentator, the firm receives numerous foreign clients who have an interface with the State of Israel. Such clients include, among others, foreign residents who are party to a family dispute with Israeli family members, Israeli spouses who transferred their domicile abroad and now their divorce is discussed in Israeli courts, etc.

Notable Cases

The late husband disinherited, but the elderly mother would continue to live in the property: The firm represented an elderly woman whose son managed to gull her sick husband into signing a will that makes the son the sole heir. When the father passed away, the son applied to exercise his rights on the residential apartment in which the mother also resided. According to the real estate laws, the son had the option of selling his share of the apartment and thus forcing his mother to evict the house where she lived and be thrown out on the street. In the framework of a lawsuit that the firm filed in the rabbinical court it managed to receive an injunction for stopping the process of breaking up the partnership, including the property sale. Afterwards the firm achieved a precedential ruling in Bagatz which decided that the mother would be able to remain in her home for the rest of her life as alimony and housing from the estate of the husband who disinherited her completely.

An Estranged Spouse Who Tries to Take Over the Rights and Reputation of her Celebrity Husband: The firm represents a celebrity whose estranged wife is trying to take over the rights and reputation that he has built over the years, and which is estimated at NIS millions. The estranged wife is trying to bypass an existing nuptial agreement and portrays herself as the celebrity’s personal manager who is accordingly entitled to participate in his profits. This is a complex case in light of its explosive media potential and the financial hit that the client suffered after his previous divorce and his trouble in the current divorce proceeding.

A Split Inheritance: The firm is handling an inheritance case where on the one hand one of the sons has the right to inherit under the Succession Son Presumption (in the context of a family farm which is valuated at NIS 12 million) and on the other hand the late father provided a written but not signed document where he provides proprietary rights to his other son. In order to make matters even more complicated, there is a mutual will and claims of undue influence.

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