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Established: 2019
Line of Business: Fintech
Address: 40 Yavne St., Tel Aviv
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.nsure.ai/
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  • Alex  Zeltcer, nSure.ai

    Alex Zeltcer

    CEO and Co-Founder


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    Alex Zeltcer
  • Ziv Isaiah, nSure.ai

    Ziv Isaiah

    CTO and Co-Founder


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    Ziv Isaiah
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About nSure.ai

Our story begins with a gift card platform we founded in 2013. After being hit with a very high chargeback rate on week one, we searched for a premium payment fraud prevention solution that fits our vertical (digital goods sold and delivered instantly) – and couldn’t find one. The market was filled with fraud prevention solutions and platforms that required us to decline 15%-20% of shoppers who had gone through the entire purchase flow, provided us their payment information and were processed by the payment processor! We also found out that less than 2% of those were actual fraudsters. The rest were legitimate shoppers, so we were declining 2% fraudsters and 18% good shoppers. Crazy.

To meet our specific needs for high-risk and high value goods, we created our own in-house fraud prevention platform. It soon became clear that we weren’t the only digital goods (or payments) provider looking for such a solution. After consistently testing our machine learning models against leading fraud prevention providers, in 2019 we saw an opportunity to make a greater difference in this world – and nSure.ai was born.
Today, after raising almost $30M and growing the team to 40 amazing people we’re offering our services in 3 verticals - Digital Prepaid / Gift Cards, Gaming (game codes, virtual swords, power ups…) and Crypto & NFT marketplaces.
We’re helping our clients decline less and create net incremental profits, and are actually named by some of them as their “secret sauce”!
Our product is using leading (not to say bleeding) edge AI / ML technologies and offers the most accurate and efficient fraud prevention as a service solution. We have 2 patents that were already granted and are working on a couple more that are based on our tech that helps us keep the edge and our superiority in the market.

We at nSure.ai strongly believe in culture (or as we say “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” ), and are open and transparent in our conduct while keeping it real and insisting on excellence in everything we do.. Knowing the journey is long it is important to us to enjoy the road and create great experiences on the way.

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