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Best Start Up Companies to work for Over 100 Employees

Rank 2023CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
Rank 2023CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
2Pentera Security CyberCybersecurity unicron Pentera, offers an Automated Security Validation platform that emulates real-world cyberattacks, identifies and mitigates cyber exposure. With 350 employees and growing, the company culture promotes entrepreneurship, creativity, open communication, inclusion, and community involvement. Pentera offers opportunities for career advancement, professional training, and growth in a comfortable environment.
3HoneyBook FintechIn recent years, HoneyBook has become a leading brand among independents and small businesses in the US—their members benefit from an innovative platform that lets them manage their business in the best possible way. HoneyBook has a unique work environment and culture that connects employees to the company mission, encourages a vibrant user community, and contributes to their rapid business growth.
5Torq CyberTorq is a no-code automation platform for security and operation teams. Security professionals use Torq’s easy workflow designer, limitless integrations and pre-built templates to deliver stronger security in minute. Furthermore, we're a special blend of creative minds with a common mission–take technology to the edge and enjoy every minute of it
6CHEQ AI CyberCHEQ pioneered Go-to-Market-Security, the fastest growing category in Cyber, leading the market with 14,000+ customers. Purpose-driven to ‘fight the fake web”, CHEQ employees are fulfilled by our mission to build one of the most essential software categories of our times.
7Carbyne Software developmentAt Carbyne, where innovation meets impact, we help emergency call centers save lives every day. Our game-changing cloud-based emergency collaboration technologies, including live video, instant chat, location tracking, automatic translation and AI-based capabilities, unify the flow of life-saving information for faster handling of emergency calls, helping over 400 million people worldwide.
8At-Bay FintechAt-Bay is disrupting the world of cyber insurance by building cyber and fintech technology solutions that improve the protection of its customers against modern world attacks. We believe in openness and cooperation, we emphasize diversity and development of our employees and fruitful teamwork to realize the company's business goals.
9Walnut Software developmentWalnut is a leading B2B startup that helps customer-facing teams to transform their buyer's experience toward product-led and improve their efficiency. In under three years, Walnut created its own category in technology and won dozens of awards. You might recognize us from our viral marketing campaigns which broke the internet.Our team is made up of skilled and experienced individuals each with deep passion for their work and immense Walnut pride
11Tailor Brands InternetTailor Brands team is helping millions of people turn ideas into businesses. We provide entrepreneurs with a customized plan that guides them and simplifies their business journey in various aspects, from business registration to tax, banking, insurance and crafting a unique brand voice and language. Our company moves quickly, and we firmly believe in teamwork, and above all, we believe that daring is essential for success.
12Imubit Artificial Intelligence.Imubit is developing a breakthrough AI system that performs real-time optimal control of industrial manufacturing plants. The system leads to a significant increase in efficiency and a significant decrease in environmental pollution. The company's founders include global experts in AI, its investors include the most prominent US venture capital entities in the US, and its clients include the largest industrial companies in the world
13Shield RegtechShield offers a unique atmosphere, vast potential, and thrilling challenges. As a leading data science firm, we empower staff to pioneer cutting-edge technologies for global financial leaders. Our focus on ongoing development and flexible work creates room for personal and professional growth. Shielders arrive at work with a smile, nearly every day 😊, thanks to skilled colleagues, positive energy, and a shared faith in our product and vision.
14Datarails FintechAt Datarails we look at each employee first and foremost as an individual. We encourage creative thinking and career advancement, to go alongside a welcoming and open work environment. In fact, many of our managers started in lower positions and worked their way up inside the company. We believe that our employees are our biggest asset, and satisfied workers are the ones that will provide the best results.
15vcita Software developmentvcita’s mission to empower small businesses with the best digital management tools, with over 150k customers around the world using vcita to success. We’ve built a team of individuals who are passionate about technology, community, and making a difference. We thrive on collaboration and diversity where everyone is valued, respected and empowered. If you’re looking for a community that makes an impact, then join us!
16Lsports Software developmentIn today's ever-changing job market, individuals are in search of environments that embrace them, foster their growth, and play a role in their success. LSports' strength lies in its dedication to human capital. We ensure every team member understands their significance, creating a workplace that feels like a second home. Hierarchy dissolves as unity and camaraderie take center stage, propelling us forward together.
17Vulcan Cyber CyberAt Vulcan Cyber, we've built a space where creativity and passion thrive. We support thousands of security experts by addressing their most intricate vulnerabilities. Delving into cyber security, big data, and AI, our team is at the forefront of bringing real value to our industry. Central to our ethos are teamwork, clear communication, a great sense of humor, and a belief that the journey is equally as vital as the end goal.
19ActiveFence Trust &Safety- Internet SafetyAt 300 employees, ActiveFence is able to preserve its unique culture - where our team is not only crazy talented, but also extremely passionate and mission driven. We celebrate our team members, encourage sharing feedback and ideas, and ask our employees every day to make their dreams known!
20Overwolf GamingOverwolf is the leading gaming UGC ecosystem, empowering creators to enhance games with 3rd-party content. The passionate employees, mostly avid gamers, are at the very heart of the organization, and engage daily with top titles like Minecraft, LoL, The Sims 4, and GTA5, leaving a mark on the gaming world. They enjoy exclusive perks such as global gaming events, a high-end game room, and annual allowances for games and equipment.
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