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Best Start Up Companies to work for Over 100 Employees

Rank 2021 Company SectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
Rank 2021 Company SectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
1Simply Educational TechSometimes you get the chance to both do something good and enjoy a huge business opportunity. We build musical products that enrich life, inspiring an active and fulfilling way to spend our time. Our success is enabled by outstanding teammates who build together with passion, challenging us to excel and nurturing a purpose-full environment.
2BigID CyberBigID is all about the people. While we grow, we maintain a family-like atmosphere by caring for our employees both personally and professionally. We work together to solve some of the most challenging problems in the privacy and security fields. Our employees believe in our cause - improving personal data use through cutting-edge technology.
3HoneyBook FintechOur people, in Israel and the US, are the heart of our company, together we impact the lives of tens of thousands of individuals who use our products. We truly love what we do, striving for success and working together as one to achieve our goals. That's why HoneyBook is not only a great workplace, it's a family.
4Bizzabo Software DevelopmentBizzabo employees enjoy a dynamic, creative and flexible work environment that allows them to develop on a personal and professional level. The company is at the forefront of technology in the industry, and every employee has a huge impact on the experience of the company's customers.
5Cyberbit Cyber SecurityAt Cyberbit, we are disrupting the cyber industry! Every employee has significant impact on our product and strategy. Our culture emphasizes support, collaboration, communication, commitment, and giving back. If you are looking to make a difference, Cyberbit is the place for you! Don’t believe us? Just ask our team members.
6Aqua Security CyberAqua is a unicorn in the fast-growing cloud native security space, leading the digital transformation of the world’s largest organizations. Our highly collaborative culture sparks bonds amongst Aquarians empowering every Aquarian to make a difference, and constantly challenging us to deliver the best, most innovative technology solutions to our customers.
7Guardicore CyberGuardicore is one of the world leaders in the field of Network Segmentation, solving one of the most complex challenges large organizations face today - the comprehensive protection of their Data Centers. During the last year, Guardicore has experienced massive growth due to the increasing demand for security products. Guardicore is considered one of the fastest-growing cyber companies in Israel today.
9Axonius CyberAxonius is the place for passionate problem solvers excited about using technology to take on the toughest challenges in cybersecurity. We celebrate our unmatched pace of product innovation, transparent culture, and dedication to employee welfare.
10Viz.ai Artificial Intelligence to Synchronize StrokeWorking at Viz means waking up every morning knowing we save lives and fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered. Our mission is to improve the healthcare industry and make sure patients receive the right treatment at the right time. As of today, we are working with over 800 hospitals in the US and Europe and are expected to expand.
11Artlist Creative Technology CompanyWith creative people from the worlds of technology, music and video and offices that feature elements like advanced music and video studios, Artlist’s work environment is imaginative, innovative, advanced and encourages initiatives that directly affect its products and make the employees feel part of the success.
12vcita Software DevelopmentWorking at vcita has two main advantages: excellent product, and a fantastic team. vcita encourages excellence, creativity, initiative, and leadership, regardless of professional hierarchy. Also, diversity is company policy, and our company culture promotes openness, sharing, and work-life balance.
13OpenWeb Technologies Software / Technology We absolutely think that OpenWeb is the best. It’s an exciting place to be! We see the real-time impact technology has. Each hateful comment, bullying, racism or sexism is flagged by our AI; inspiring 33% of commenters to use more civil words. We are united by a singular purpose: to make the web a safer place - & to have a great time while doing it.
14Orca Security CyberAt Orca Security,we believe that in the right environment and with the right team, talent has no boundaries. This team spirit, together with our breakthrough SideScanning™ technology and drive to always aim high (because the cloud is the limit), have quickly earned us unicorn status and turned us into a cloud security innovation leader, trusted by enterprises across the globe
15Verbit AI SaaSVerbit is a technology transcription company, which utilizes AI-based technology to transform both live and recorded video and audio into +99% accurate captions and transcripts for the education, legal, media, and enterprise industries. The company also has a community of transcribers of about 15,000 employees in more than 30 countries worldwide.
16Explorium machine learningExplorium is changing the way organizations make decisions. It defines a new category: the External Data Platform for AI and Machine Learning, In this rapidly developing arena, life changing career opportunities are created for smart team players who think big. The workplace is challenging, creative, composed of people who come together to win.
17Gloat HR tech- SaaS At Gloat we care about our employees and we support them by putting them in the center. At Gloat we work with good vibes people who are a model of excellence and always rely on each other. Our company culture encourages an open discussion, looking beyond the status quo, adapting and evolving, taking ownership, and an approach to get things done.
18Semperis CyberSemperis combines leading-edge technology to deliver identity-driven enterprise protection. We believe that people are our most valuable assets and that our success is led by our culture and professionalism alongside teamwork, eye-level management, personal and professional development. We work with a strong agenda for diversity, because we believe in people!
19Papaya Global Fintech + HRISPapaya is the industry leader in global people, payroll, and payments. We value all forms of diversity and maintain gender balance globally. We put our people first and provide the support they need to reach their potential. The results speak for themselves: we have tripled our revenue for four straight years and gained a valuation of $3.7 billion.
20Windward Software developmentWindward provides a market-leading solution that combines the maritime ecosystem, cutting edge technologies and emphasis to make a better and safer world. Being part of our team means taking part in unique technological challenges that require creativity, freedom of action, teamwork and constant personal and professional development. Our team is welcoming, smiling and looking to recruit people who are fun to be around.
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