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Best Start Up Companies to work for Over 100 Employees

Rank 2022CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
Rank 2022CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
2Ermetic CyberBeing a part of Ermetic is so much more than just having an interesting job. Over the past year, we’ve experienced tremendous revenue growth and have expanded our team with some of the best talent in the industry. Join an innovative company at the cutting edge of cyber security technology - that truly puts people first.
3Snappy Gifts Software DevelopmentSnappy is revolutionizing the way people connect through the power of gifting. Our mission is to spread smiles worldwide - and that starts with our employees. Building a strong team and investing in learning, career development, and employee experience are at the top of our priorities. Our new office has been designed to provide a creative and innovative workplace for our team where everybody has an impact on shaping the future of Snappy.
4Pentera SecurityA 250-person cybersecurity unicorn, Pentera provides Automated Security Validation that emulates real-world hackers. Our culture encourages innovation, creativity, and communication. This combined with internal mobility paths and professional challenges, leads to the industry’s most loyal workforce and highest retention rates.
5WSC Sports Sport Tech WSC Sports is the global leader in providing automated AI-powered sports highlights, used by clients like the NBA, NHL and ESPN. It’s only natural that sports are ingrained in the company’s culture and make it a truly unique place to work. With more than 350 employees in offices around the globe, including Tel Aviv, New York, London and Sydney the company continues to expand.
6CHEQ CyberCHEQ pioneered Go-to-Market-Security, the fastest growing category in Cyber, leading the market with 14,000+ customers. Purpose-driven to ‘fight the fake web”, CHEQ employees are fulfilled by our mission to build one of the most essential software categories of our times.
7Overwolf GamingOverwolf is the world’s leading platform for in-game creators and gamers who build or consume user-generated content: In-game apps, mods, and private servers. We empower players, creators, and game developers to make the best games even better through user-generated content and turn in-game creation into a real profession. Most of Overwolf’s pack members are gamers themselves, who get to work daily with the world’s greatest AAA games.
8Torii labs SaaSThe Torii Culture is people-centric; striving to empower always. Culture surveys show Torii is unique because of our great people and atmosphere. Employees get to make impact at all levels. We believe in knowledge sharing and practice leading industry standards.
9Cyberbit CyberAt Cyberbit, we are disrupting the cyber industry! Every employee has significant impact on our product and strategy. Our culture emphasizes support, collaboration, communication, commitment, and giving back. If you are looking to make a difference, Cyberbit is the place for you! Don’t believe us? Just ask our team members.
10Torq Software DevelopmentTorq is a no-code automation platform for security and operation teams. Security professionals use Torq’s easy workflow designer, limitless integrations and pre-built templates to deliver stronger security in minute. Furthermore, we're a special blend of creative minds with a common mission–take technology to the edge and enjoy every minute of it.
11Datarails FintechDatarails is the leading financial planning and analysis platform that automates data consolidation, reporting and planning, while enabling finance teams to continue using their Excel spreadsheets and financial models. We have an "egoless" culture and our promotions are mostly internal.
12Gloat HR-TechGloat's main growth engine is its people. Gloaters are carefully selected for their creative thinking and the pleasant work environments they create. We work together to develop technology that redefines 'career' for our customers and ourselves
13Connecteam Software DevelopmentConnecteam provides solutions to 80% of the world's workforce - deskless employees. The challenge is huge, the potential is even more. We love what we create, the people we meet every day, our customers, and being part of something big.
14Semperis CyberSemperis is a company that developed leading-edge technology to deliver identity-driven enterprise protection. The company's success stems from our diversity, personal development, professionalism, and mission-driven employees worldwide. We believe a healthy work environment begins with balancing work and personal life. With teamwork and eye-level management, the company rushes to fulfill its vision and create a better and protected world.
15Aidoc MedtechAidoc was created to make a lasting impact on the lives of doctors and patients across the globe. Thanks to a group of talented, curious and dedicated individuals, we built cutting-edge products and technology alongside an open, honest,and inclusive workplace culture. Our people are always at the heart of Aidoc, and we invest a lot of resources to provide them with a nurturing work environment where they are challenged to be their best every day.
16ActiveFence Trust&SafetyActiveFence is not just another tech company. Every member of our (highly professional) team is here to do good and further our mission to make the internet safer. We also believe in open, honest communication, where everyone has a say.
18Artlist Creative TechnologyArtlist empowers creative freedom for the employees. A dynamic work environment that combines technology and creativity. Employees constantly develop new initiatives that have a direct impact on the products and users to help shape the future of the creator's economy
19panorays CyberPanorays automates third-party security management, building trust between companies and suppliers thereby enabling safe and efficient business. Furthermore, Panorays is empowering individuals to grow and develop personally and professionally, working together to make an impact on the company's growth.
20Tailor Brands IntermetWith a platform of over 34 million people, Tailor Brands helps turn dreams into real businesses. We assist our customers setting up their business, including logo, domain, website, trademark, LLC and more. As creators for entrepreneurs, we’ve built an environment where everyone has room to take initiative and influence millions of people. We move quickly, believe in autonomy, and above all, know that in order to succeed you have to dare.
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