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Best Start Up Companies to work for Up To 100 Employees

Rank 2023CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
Rank 2023CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
1Theator IL Software developmentTheator's mission is to aid surgeons worldwide in improving surgical practices and elevating the quality of medical procedures. Theator places the utmost emphasis on transparency, accountability, and humility in all interactions, both within and outside the organization. We are successful in attracting top technological talent, both professionally and personally, and in maintaining a sane, fair, and quality work environment
2 NoTraffic Mobility Management NoTraffic, the world's leading mobility platform, was recognized by TIME as one of the 100 most influential companies globally. This accolade is credited to our dedicated employees who enhance millions of lives by optimizing traffic, increasing passenger and pedestrian safety, and mitigating air pollution. Our employees are our utmost asset. We champion their growth, offering avenues for internal promotions to pivotal roles within the company.
3Talon Cyber Security CyberA pioneer in its field, Talon develops an enterprise browser designed to power and protect distributed and hybrid workforces. Our inspiring team is the driving force behind the company’s success and culture. After two years since its establishment and amidst accelerated growth, Talon manages to preserve first-class talent, uncompromising achievements, and the unique passion that characterizes its people. All of this while having a lot of fun!
4Cynerio CyberCynerio is transforming healthcare IoT security so that patient care is completely insulated from cyber attackers seeking to shut it down for malicious reasons. Innovative technology aside, we take pride in our company culture being built on principles of inclusion and belonging, while having a sense of purpose is part of our day-to-day.
5Ibex Medical Analytics BiotechIbex is a pioneer in its field! AI solutions for cancer diagnosis support lifesaving diagnostic tools. The wellbeing and satisfaction of the Ibex team is at the heart of what we do. We strive to maintain a culture that is diverse and inclusive, where everyone feels supported, heard, trusts each other and the company. The commitment to excellence strengthens the joy of achievement, and the sense of personal engagement.
6D-ID Generative AIWorking at D-ID makes you a pioneer in the field of generative AI. As we reinvent the way people interface with the digital world, D-ID empowers its employees with the best tools and minds. D-ID's dedication to innovation is matched by our emphasis on doing good with our powerful technology. D-ID offers its employees a unique chance to be part of the AI revolution and its offices offer an encouraging and enabling environment.
7PlainID CyberPlainID, the leading cyber security company in identity and authorization management, develops a comprehensive SaaS solution offering central control and enforcement, solving real problems faced by every organization .Our success is thanks to our employees working professionally across teams and distances in an atmosphere of openness and trust in a warm workplace, celebrating diversity and tolerance, encouraging professional and personal growth.
8Jit CyberJit is a young and modern startup that creates a new field in Cybersecurity and allows Software Engineering teams to own the security of the applications they create. Jit supports diversity and employs a team of professionals, who strive for excellence, who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and overcome challenges. Jit prioritizes employee wellness while providing ideal conditions for success and growth.
9Addionics EnergyAt Addionics, we're all about welcoming fresh ideas, championing sustainability, and fostering a positive work environment. Our dedication to tackling climate change lets you take pride in your work. Joining us means being part of a friendly, innovative culture where you can pursue your career goals.
12Faye InsurtechFaye is where exceptional professionals tackle significant travel tech & fintech challenges, resulting in America's fastest-growing and most beloved travel insurance company. Just a year after launching, Faye was named a top travel insurance provider by The Wall Street Journal. Faye is for those who are seeking a direct-to-consumer rocket ship, a diverse team, and a vibrant culture that always strives for excellence.
13Cervello CyberCervello not only influences the world and makes it safer, but everything is about people. As we continue to grow and lead the rail cybersecurity market, we remain a family and care for our employees personally and professionally. What sets us apart is our phenomenal team and corporate culture: great people and among the most skilled, intelligent, and creative problem solvers. We're guided by transparency, responsibility, modesty, and teamwork.
14Sentra CyberWe’re creating something big. A world without cloud data breaches. Our team is building a totally new approach to data security. As part of being innovative company, we give our employees chances to try, fail, and quickly find new ways forward. We understand that our biggest asset is our team and as such we invest A LOT in hiring and making sure once they’re onboard they are in the best place at any given time.
15Aporia AI ProductsAporia is the global leader in driving responsible AI products, with a focus on performance, control, and transparency. Our team helps organizations worldwide ensure their AI operates smoothly and ethically, building a more secure future for AI-driven technology.
16Mixtiles B2CMixtiles is one of the largest B2C startups in Israel. We’re on a mission to help people create a home they love. We combine the easiest digital experience with innovative physical products people enjoy. Our culture is based on talent density, transparency, autonomy and fun. With a top talent team of 85 people (engineers, industrial designers, supply chain & more), this is a growing profitable startup where each member can really move the needle.
17Growthspace HR-TechGrowthspace developed the first ever AI-based Learning & Development platform, aimed at developing and enhancing the skills of employees all over the world. All the employees in Growthspace have a growth path designed to help them grow in various fields, whether professional or personal. Working in a Remote-First work module (employees work from the office one day a week) allows work-life balance, diversity and flexibility.
18Darrow FintechDarrow uses generative AI to sift through data and detect egregious legal violations, matching plaintiff's lawyers with their next big case so they can stop spending valuable hours on business development and focus primarily on litigation.
19Grip Security CyberGrip’s meteoric growth cemented its position as a leader in SaaS Security. At the forefront of this growth are its employees based in Israel and the US, who are heavily involved in customer processes, collaborate efficiently and work in a culture of transparency and communication. The team’s exceptional skills and cutting-edge technology have helped Grip build an innovative product that meets the needs of some of the world's largest companies.
20Cycode CyberWhen a group of ambitious, knowledgeable and hard-working people – with a background in cybersecurity – band together, the outcome is a fast-growing, impactful, application security startup. Our state-of-the-art, comprehensive AppSec platform delivers visibility and integrity across the entire software development lifecycle
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