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Best Start Up Companies to work for Up To 100 Employees

Rank 2021 Company SectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
Rank 2021 Company SectorWhy it's the best to work at our company
2Lightico FintechLightico's rocket growth is fueled by its diverse and driven employees and it's 'breakthrough' culture that pushes each team member to reach new professional heights. The company fosters a can-do attitude and dedicateds enormous resources to ensure this team of talented people exceed their professional aspirations.
4Hysolate Cyber Security A cybersecurity startup, restoring Trust in our Endpoints. Despite its rapid growth, Hysolate maintained a warm and supportive environment. What sets Hysolate apart is that our employees are dedicated not just to the company’s growth, but to each other's success. Hysolate supports professional growth and offers a generous compensation package.
6Tailor Brands IntermetThe Tailor Brands team builds products that help 30 million people turn their dreams into businesses. As creators for entrepreneurs, we’ve built a work environment where everyone has room to take initiative and influence millions of people. We move quickly, believe in autonomy, and above all else, put 100% trust in the people that work with us.
7Torq securityTorq is a no-code automation platform for security and operation teams. Security professionals use Torq’s easy workflow designer, limitless integrations and pre-built templates to deliver stronger security in minute. Furthermore, we're a special blend of creative minds with a common mission–take technology to the edge and enjoy every minute of it.
8Workiz Field Service ManagementWorkiz is a SaaS field service management software for home service businesses across North America, providing professionals with tools to streamline operations and scale. Founded in 2015, Workiz has raised over 20M USD and was named one of the fastest-growing American companies in 2021. They currently employ over 60 people in San Diego and Tel Aviv.
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