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Rank 2019FirmLawyer noArticled Clerks No.Total PartnersTotal Employees NoMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of Practice
Rank 2019FirmLawyer noArticled Clerks No.Total PartnersTotal Employees NoMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of Practice
2Rubin - Shmuelevich, Adv. 2841036Labor Law---
3Weiss, Porat & Co. 274239East AsiaInternational Commercial LawHousing for the ElderlyLitigation
4Amar Azzura Hanani Law Office & Notary 273392LitigationWrit of ExecutionInsolvencyReal Estate
5Ben Yakov - Shvimer - Dolev 270581LitigationCommercial LawCivil LawWrit of Execution
6HBW & Co. 256841Real EstatePlanning & ConstructionMergers & AcquisitionsLitigation
8Y. Shapira & Co. Law Office 2504100Writ of ExecutionLocal AuthoritiesLitigationCommercial Law
10Kramer - Shapira - Schnider & Co. 231635Real EstateCivil LawPlanning & ConstructionCommercial Law
11Orna Lin & Co. Law Offices 226736Labor LawLitigationAdministrative LawPension & Social Security
12Shimonov & Co. 225936Capital MarketInsolvency--
14Chen Fisher Law Office 2022150Writ of ExecutionBanking & FinanceCommercial LawReal Estate
19Zelichov, Ben-Dan & Co. 191427InsuranceMedical MalpracticeTortsLitigation
20Hagay Shabtay, Shapiro - Law Offices 19-724Israel LandCooperative SocietiesReal EstatePlanning & Construction
21Shenhav Konforti Rotem & Co. 183428Mergers & AcquisitionsCooperative SocietiesHigh-TechCommercial Law
22Sahar, Stobiecki & Co., Advocates 175931Medical MalpracticeTortsLitigationCommercial Law
24E.Knoller & Co Law Offices 174830LitigationCooperative SocietiesInsolvencyPlanning & Construction
26Soroker Agmon Nordman, IP & Beyond 172431Intellectual Property & PatentsLitigationCommercial LawFamily Law
27Asher Heled & Co. Law Office 172629Labor LawPension & Social Security--
29Eliad Shraga & Co Law Offices 17-519LitigationAdministrative LawReal EstateFamily Law
31Amoday Kain Tzemach & Co. 164528InsuranceTortsDefamation LawClass Actions
32Granot & Co. Advocates 163734InsolvencyBankingKibbutzim & Cooperative SocietiesReal Estate
36Cohen, Arev & Co. 16-338LitigationReal EstateCivil LawWrit of Execution
37Katz, Geva, Itzkovitz (KGI) Law Offices 16-327Municipal TaxAdministrative LawReal EstateClass Actions
38Woolfson Weinstein & Co. 16-722LitigationInsolvencyCommercial LawInternational Commercial Law
39RCP Raz-Cohen, Prashker And Co. Advocates 16-219Urban RenewalTaxationReal EstatePlanning & Construction
40Haim Kalir & Co. Law Office 156431InsuranceTortsMedical MalpracticeLitigation
41Raisman - Gur Law Office 155221Urban RenewalPlanning & ConstructionReal EstateCivil Law
43Avi (Avraham) Schindler 152145TortsInsuranceMedical MalpracticeLitigation
44Lieblich-Moser 152523Defamation LawLitigationIntellectual PropertyClass Actions
45Goldblatt Gindes Yariv - Law Firm 151519InsolvencyReal EstateLitigationMergers & Acquisitions
46Haimson Souday & Co. 150525Cooperative SocietiesLocal AuthoritiesWrit of ExecutionEnergy
47Chen Avitan, Law Office 15--25Local AuthoritiesAdministrative LawMunicipal TaxLabor Law
50Dr. Shlomo Cohen & Co. Law Office 143166Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property & PatentsHigh-Tech-
53Yaron Rabinowicz 142-20LitigationReal EstateInsolvencyFamily Law
54Gideon Koren & Co. Law Offices & Notary 141423LitigationIntellectual PropertyCommunicationFamily Law
55Ariel Shemer And Co 141223Labor LawDefamation LawLitigationCivil Law
56Gilead Sher & Co. 141518Real EstateLitigationCommercial LawAdministrative Law
57Ken-Dror & Harel 14-222InsuranceTortsMedical MalpracticeLabor Law
62Rosen Bassis Ben Gal Law Offices & Notary 132422Municipal TaxAdministrative LawReal EstateLabor Law
63Orlansky Eisenberg Mozeson & Co. 132319Infrastructure & Project FinanceReal EstateTortsDefamation Law
64Opher Shafir & Co - Law Office 132319Local AuthoritiesMunicipal TaxPlanning & ConstructionAdministrative Law
65Horovitz Even Uzan And Co 132517LitigationReal EstateUrban RenewalCommercial Law
72H.Noam & Co. - Law Offices 122320Real EstateCooperative SocietiesUrban Renewal-
74Boyer Or Shpernat Mishor & Co. 122416Planning & ConstructionLitigationCommercial LawWrit of Execution
77M. Passy & Associates 12-615Labor LawReal EstatePlanning & ConstructionCivil Law
79W. Itzhaki & Co. Advocates and Notary 112620Real EstateMergers & AcquisitionsInfrastructure & Project FinanceInternational Commercial Law
82SF - Sabari-Farkash & Co Law Firm 112218Litigation---
83Golan, Goldschmidt & Co. 112517Commercial LawHealth LawHigh-TechCooperative Societies
84Dardik Gross & Co. 112217International Commercial LawCommercial LawCommunicationLitigation
90Caspi Sror & Co 103718Medical Malpractice---
93Sharir, Shiv & Co, Law Offices 101614High-TechMergers & AcquisitionsIntellectual PropertyBanking & Finance
94Ganot - Amikam 101313TortsInsuranceLitigationCivil Law
95Eliahu Melech & Co. - Law Firm 10-180Writ of ExecutionMunicipal TaxLitigationReal Estate
96Dr. S. Slepoy & Co. 10-420Writ of ExecutionInsuranceBanking & FinanceCivil Law
97Buda Shraga - Law Office 10--20InsolvencyBanking & FinanceTortsLitigation
98Rosenberg Abramovich Schneller, Advocates (ROSAK) 10-618Trusts and Family Wealth ManagementInternational Commercial LawReal EstateHigh-Tech
99Peleg, Cohen, Deutch 10-317Municipal TaxAdministrative Law--
106Naomi Assia & Co. Law Office - Patent Attorneys And Notary 92114Intellectual Property & PatentsCyberHigh-TechIntellectual Property
109Nov, Kesner, Snir & Co. 91312InsolvencyMergers & AcquisitionsCommercial LawLitigation
110Yair David, Law Office & Notary 91212Labor LawAdministrative LawPension & Social Security-
111Mazor Beit - Halachmi 9-215InsolvencyCorporate & Securities LitigationReal EstateCommercial Law
112E. Shiloh & Co. Attorneys At Law 90714Planning & ConstructionReal EstateCommercial LawLitigation
113Efrat Deutsch & Co. Law Firm 9-314Labor Law---
114Dr. M. Druker & Co.- Advocates And Notaries 84312TaxationReal EstateCommercial LawUrban Renewal
116Dr. A. Rubinstein - S. Yakirevitch, Law Offices 82215Medical MalpracticeTortsInsuranceClass Actions
118Eshel, Ashlagi, Rozent Law Offices 81413Real EstateLitigationAntitrustUrban Renewal
119L. Amidor & Co. Advocates & Notary 81213Urban RenewalReal EstatePlanning & ConstructionLocal Authorities
121Drori-Werzansky Orland & Co. 80210Intellectual Property & PatentsIntellectual PropertyCyberHigh-Tech
122M. Engelsman & Co. - Law-Office 72212Municipal TaxAdministrative LawLocal AuthoritiesLitigation
124Gorodeisky & Co. - Advocates 7-215Labor LawClass ActionsReal EstateLitigation
129Yingke Israel - Eyal Khayat, Zolty, Neiger & Co. 6-57High-TechEast AsiaCapital MarketAdministrative Law
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