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Rank 2020FirmLawyer no.Articled Clerks No.Total PartnersEmployees No.Main Areas of PracticeMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of Practice2019 Rank
Rank 2020FirmLawyer no.Articled Clerks No.Total PartnersEmployees No.Main Areas of PracticeMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of PracticeMain Areas of Practice2019 Rank
1N. Feinberg & Co. Law Office 3531553Labor Law----
3Weiss, Porat & Co. 283339East AsiaInternational Commercial LawHousing for the ElderlyLitigation3
4Moshe Nissim, Rinkov, Senderovitch, Law Office 28-755Infrastructure & Project FinanceLitigationAdministrative LawWrit of Execution-
5Ben Yakov - Shvimer - Dolev 27-783LitigationCivil LawCommercial LawWrit of Execution5
6Rubin - Shmuelevich, Adv. 2621032Labor Law---2
7HBW & Co. 246941Real EstatePlanning & ConstructionMergers & AcquisitionsLitigation6
8Y. Shapira & Co. Law Office 2414105Writ of ExecutionLocal AuthoritiesLitigationCommercial Law8
9Chen Fisher Law Office 2332152Writ of ExecutionBanking & FinanceCommercial LawReal Estate14
13Kramer - Shapira - Schnider & Co. 221633LitigationReal EstateEnergyUrban Renewal10
15Orna Lin & Co. Law Offices 216835Labor LawLitigationAdministrative LawPension & Social Security11
16Amar Azzura Hanani Law Office & Notary 212390Civil LawWrit of ExecutionInsolvencyReal Estate4
18Moshe Kaplansky, Law Firm And Notary 201223InsuranceTortsLitigation--
20Avi (Avraham) Schindler 193150TortsMedical MalpracticeInsuranceLitigation43
22Zelichov, Ben-Dan & Co. 191427InsuranceMedical MalpracticeTortsLitigation19
23Hagay Shabtay, Shapiro - Law Offices 19-824Israel LandCooperative SocietiesPlanning & ConstructionReal Estate20
24Amoday Kain Tzemach & Co. 184527InsuranceTortsDefamation LawClass Actions31
28Asher Heled & Co. Law Office 181630Labor LawPension & Social SecurityClass ActionsLitigation27
32Shenhav Konforti Rotem & Co. 174725Mergers & AcquisitionsCommercial LawInternational Commercial LawHigh-Tech21
33Knoller & Co. Law Offices 173828LitigationCooperative SocietiesInsolvencyPlanning & Construction24
34RCP Raz-Cohen, Prashker And Co. Advocates 17-221Urban RenewalTaxationReal EstatePlanning & Construction39
36Dr. Shlomo Cohen & Co. Law Office 163165Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property & PatentsHigh-TechLitigation50
39Haim Zadok & Co. Law Offices 161224InsolvencyLitigationCommercial LawAdministrative Law-
41Sahar, Stobiecki & Co., Advocates 155829Medical MalpracticeTortsLitigationCommercial Law22
43Haim Kalir & Co. Law Office 153430InsuranceTortsMedical MalpracticeLitigation40
45Soroker Agmon Nordman, IP & Beyond 151429Intellectual Property & PatentsLitigationCommercial LawFamily Law26
46Goldblatt Gindes Yariv - Law Firm 151520InsolvencyReal EstateLitigationCommercial Law45
47Cohen, Arev & Co. 15-335LitigationReal EstateCivil LawWrit of Execution36
48Katz, Geva, Itzkovitz (KGI) Law Offices 15-327Municipal TaxAdministrative LawReal EstateClass Actions37
50Ariel Shemer And Co. 15-322Labor LawDefamation LawLitigationCivil Law55
51Woolfson Weinstein & Co. 15-721LitigationInsolvencyCommercial LawInternational Commercial Law38
52Gideon Koren & Co. Law Offices & Notary 15-420LitigationIntellectual PropertyCommunicationFamily Law54
53.Horovitz Even Uzan And Co 144517LitigationReal EstateMergers & AcquisitionsCommercial Law65
57Orlansky, Eisenberg Mozeson & Co. Law Office 141319Infrastructure & Project FinanceLitigationReal EstateCommercial Law63
59Buda Shraga - Law Office 14--24InsolvencyBanking & FinanceTortsLitigation97
60Gilead Sher & Co., Law Offices 14-520Real EstateLitigationAdministrative LawCommercial Law56
63BR - Rosen Basis Bengal Advocates 132322Municipal TaxAdministrative LawReal EstateLabor Law62
64Yaron Rabinowicz 132-17Real EstateLitigationInsolvencyFamily Law53
65Lieblich-Moser-Gluck 131720Defamation LawIntellectual PropertyClass ActionsLitigation44
74H.Noam & Co. - Law Offices 122321Real EstateCooperative SocietiesIsrael LandLitigation72
76Dardik Gross & Co. 121218International Commercial LawCommercial LawCommunicationLitigation84
78Ken-Dror & Harel 12-222InsuranceTortsMedical MalpracticeLabor Law57
80M. Passy & Associates 12-615Labor LawReal EstateFamily LawWrit of Execution77
85Boyer Or Shpernat Mishor & Co. 112416LitigationReal EstateWrit of ExecutionCommercial Law74
87Dr. S. Slepoy & Co. 11-421Writ of ExecutionInsuranceBanking & FinanceInsolvency96
92Caspi Sror & Co. 103719Medical Malpractice---90
94Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm 101115Real EstateUrban RenewalProject FinanceInternational Commercial Law58
95Yair David, Law Office & Notary 101213Labor LawCivil LawAdministrative LawPension & Social Security110
96Nov, Kesner, Snir & Co. Law Offices 101312InsolvencyMergers & AcquisitionsCommercial LawLitigation109
97Haimson Souday & Co. 10-319Cooperative SocietiesLocal AuthoritiesCommercial LawEnergy46
98Peleg, Cohen, Deutch 10-317Municipal TaxAdministrative Law--99
99Rosenberg Abramovich Schneller, Advocates (ROSAK) 10-515Trusts and Family Wealth ManagementTaxationReal EstateLitigation98
108Eliahu Melech & Co. - Law Firm 9-180LitigationWrit of ExecutionMunicipal TaxUrban Renewal95
109Joseph Jeshurun & Co. - ADV 9-321Writ of ExecutionPlanning & ConstructionUrban RenewalLitigation-
110Mazor Beit - Halachmi 9-215InsolvencyCorporate & Securities LitigationReal EstateCommercial Law111
111Efrat Deutsch & Co. Law Firm 9-314Labor Law---113
113Eshel, Ashlagi, Rozent Law Offices 9-412Real EstateLitigationAntitrustUrban Renewal118
115Dr. M. Druker & Co.- Advocates And Notaries 83312TaxationReal EstateUrban Renewal-114
117Dr. A. Rubinstein - S. Yakirevitch, Law Offices 82214Medical MalpracticeTortsInsuranceClass Actions116
119Eran Becker - Law Firm 81116TortsInsuranceMedical Malpractice--
120Erez Rozenbuch Advocates 81212Capital MarketCommercial LawMergers & Acquisitions--
121E. Shiloh & Co. Attorneys At Law 81211Planning & ConstructionReal EstateLitigationCommercial Law112
124Drori-Werzansky-Orland & Co., Advocates And Patent Attorneys 8-311Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property & PatentsHigh-TechCyber-
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