Abed Wattad from A.B. Nateev Hashmal Vtashtiot LTD.
Abed Wattad מחברת A.B. Nateev Hashmal Vtashtiot LTD.

Abed Wattad


A.B. Nateev Hashmal Vtashtiot LTD.
Execution Contractor for Street Lighting and Electricity in the Industry and Commerce Sectors, Communications works, Fire Detection Systems and Control System
Year of Birth: 1983
Email: [email protected]
Fields: IT, Communication, Control and ELV Systems
Position: CEO
Additional Positions: CEO of Express Technologies Ltd.
Seniority in position: 5 years
Education: B.A., Social Work
Languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic

What recent key move did you lead?
Building a new organizational structure with 4 main divisions, building cross-organizational work and control processes in the company - with meticulous attention to the efficiency and streamlining of the operational and logistics organizations, implementation of technological array that connects all of the company’s employees to the various process efficiently and on time.

What are the company’s strongest attributes?
Diligence, ambition, decision making capability, interpersonal relations.

Which of the company’s recent key moves will lead to it becoming stronger over the next few years?
1. A good and thorough engineering department.
2. Command and control through the utilization of technologies.
3. Advanced IT systems.

What are the main challenges facing the company in the next few years?
To handle the volatility in the prices of raw materials, to choose the right projects, to innovate, to choose new fields and to implement them into the company.

What would you recommend an up-and-coming executive?
To listen. Be connected to the people in the system on the one hand and in the field on the other hand while remaining assertive, ambitious and goal-oriented.

What should one remember during hardships?High quality service, professionalism and innovation.