The Duns 100 rankings present the leading companies in a range of sectors in the economy and reflect Israel's business reality in a reliable, accurate and professional way.

The rankings are based on set, defined and measured criteria and are undertaken by Dun & Bradstreet Israel Group economists.

Being included in the Duns 100 rankings testifies to belonging to a group of leading and successful companies in the Israeli economy and is a mark of quality for both the company and its managers. This mark is also proof of strength, leadership and excellence and is a strategic tool for helping to expose and expand business opportunities for the companies that are ranked – with customers, suppliers and investors in Israel and abroad. In addition, the Duns 100 mark allows companies to leverage their achievement and status in the domestic and global business arena and benefit from the international reputation earned over many decades by Dun & Bradstreet International Group. The leading companies that are ranked as part of Duns 100 are granted a unique opportunity to write about their success story and distribute it to obtain broad exposure.

Dun & Bradstreet Group has a history of 180 years of specialization in solutions for managing the risks and opportunities that allow organizations and businesses throughout the world to know more about their customers, suppliers, rivals, the sector, country and business climate and provide organizations with the tools to operate correctly and move forward. Dun & Bradstreet is the natural choice of managers throughout the world as well as in Israel.

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