Leading Companies

  • P. Gordy Engineering Ltd. Managing, coordinating and supervising civil engineering projects, as well as in real estate and urban renewal development
    P. Gordy Engineering Ltd.
  • P.M.I Global branded toys and games manufacturer and distributer
  • Palraz Engineering Protection, Security Protection, Fire Protection, Protection of Opening and entrance doors
    Palraz Engineering
  • Papir Group Israel Ltd. Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Planning and Licensing, Construction, Engineering & Architecture
    Papir Group Israel Ltd.
  • Paro Real Estate Real Estate Development
    Paro Real Estate
  • Peak Revival Ltd. Real estate – urban revival
    Peak Revival Ltd.
  • Peles Development and Construction
  • Perez Metals Ltd. Metal recycling solutions
    Perez Metals Ltd.
  • Pharma Deal (P.A.B.) Marketing and Distribution Ltd. Importing, Marketing and Distributing Consumer Products, Cosmetics, Toiletry and Paramedical Products?
    Pharma Deal (P.A.B.) Marketing and Distribution Ltd.
  • Pituach Group Development, construction, urban renewal
    Pituach Group
  • Plasgad Smart packaging and transport solutions
  • Port City Real Estate Entrepreneurship
    Port City
  • Pri Vayerek Tamra Fruits and vegetables wholesalers
    Pri Vayerek Tamra
  • Profimex Cross-Border Real Estate Investment Firm
  • Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd. Real Estate Construction and Development
    Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.
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