Shuky Abramovich from ATRADE
Shuky Abramovich מחברת ATRADE

Shuky Abramovich


Independent Trading on the Capital Market
Position: President
Additional Positions: President, ATRADE; President, AVATRADE.
Past positions: CEO, Clal Finance (03-09).
Education: MBA Financing and Marketing, Tel Aviv University (87-89); BA Economics and Management, Tel Aviv University (83-86).

What are the company's most significant strengths in your eyes?
The company is part of an international group that meets the strict rules and regulations in Europe, Japan, Australia, and other countries. The company is characterized by major financial strength and multidisciplinary reputation and experience. The company offers customers a reliable commercial platform, which is one of the leaders in the world. The company's customers enjoy especially attractive trade quotes.

What are the company's main challenges in the coming years?
The start of regulation in Israel in the alternative trading arena is a main challenge for the company's activities in Israel. The company is in close contact with the Israel Securities Authority to implement in Israel similar regulations to elsewhere in the world and on which the company operates. The company espouses the importance of financial education for its customers and has designated the coming years to applying these values in Israel.