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Supply of electronic components, engineering services, production and assembly of electronic products

A.Y. Electronics Ltd.
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Established: 1980
Line of Business: Supply of electronic components, engineering services, production and assembly of electronic products
Address: 58 Amal St., Petach Tikva
Phone: 972-3-9235051
Fax: 972-3-9235052
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://ayelec.com/
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Company Executives

  • Yaniv Rod, A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

    Yaniv Rod


    A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

  • Itay Rod, A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

    Itay Rod

    Vice President

    A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

  • Gershon Katzir, A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

    Gershon Katzir


    A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

  • David Vaktor, A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

    David Vaktor

    CEO Shiratech Solutions

    A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

  • Israel Ramot, A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

    Israel Ramot


    A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

  • Arik Rod, A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

    The Late Arik Rod


    A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

Leading Executives

    The Late Arik Rod
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About A.Y. Electronics Ltd.

A.Y. Electronics Ltd. was founded in 1980 by the late Arik Rod and is currently managed by his two sons: Yaniv Rod – President, and Itay Rod – Vice President. The company specializes in supply chain management from product development through mass production, with a strong emphasis on the client’s needs and operative excellence. The A.Y. Electronics Group has managed over 100 electro-mechanical systems projects in all fields – medical systems, IOT and HLS systems. The Group and its subsidiaries acquired 100% of Shiratech Solutions, upgrading the Group’s capacity for providing comprehensive solutions for each client’s unique requirements. Positioned at the technological forefront of the 21st century, the company is committed to excellence and to providing the best value to its clients through cost effectiveness and rapid time to market. The company’s supply chain management operation, refined during a period of 40 years, covers the whole world and makes the most of the vast experience and reputation that the company has accrued managing the production and supply chains of hundreds of products and projects and supplying electronic components.

The company’s clients benefit from its management infrastructure, professionalism, global spread, knowledge, extensive experience, reputation and commitment to excellence. Clients enjoy a range of services related to the supply and production chain, from the level of a single component, through all the engineering design stages, and until managing the supply chain of an entire product (turnkey solution) - in every market segment and at every phase of the product’s life.

Product Accelerator Plan (PAP)

The Product Accelerator Plan (PAP) developed by the Group is an innovative model whereby the company participates in the production costs and takes full ownership of all the development stages – engineering, production and assembly, until the final product.
This model enables the client to focus exclusively on the product’s marketing and sales without having to manage production, warehousing and logistics, inventory, human resources, etc.
The company is comprised of three divisions:
• Electronic Components and Acquisitions Division
• Supply Chain and Production Management Division.
• Engineering and Product Development Division.

Electronic Components Division

This was the company’s first division, and it has accrued extensive experience and a first-rate reputation during 40 years of activity. The company has representative offices in Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. The company’s buyers enjoy its excellent reputation and widespread network of licensed suppliers and distributors of global manufacturers and other companies that supply active and passive components such as processors, memory components, sensors and others at the highest level of availability and quality.

Supply Chain and Production Management Division

This operational division provides clients with comprehensive solutions, including BOM component testing, component pricing, and calculation of production costs. Sub-contractors recommended by the Group and the company’s own professional team of technicians and engineers are entirely devoted to meeting the client’s specific requirements, to the client’s complete satisfaction. The Division’s operations are transparent and professional, providing clients with a basket of production solutions starting from the electronic card and including the production of an entire product and testing its functionality prior to delivering the product to the end customers. The Division abides by the strictest regulatory standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Shiratech R&D Division

In 2018, the Group acquired the start-up company Shiratech, which specializes in providing solutions to factories aspiring to become “smart factories” under the “Industrial Revolution 4.0”. Shiratech is A.Y. Electronics’ R&D division and it is a business partner of the large international companies ADI ST and Arrow.
In 2021, with the implementation of German Knowtion’s software and algorithm, Shiratech acquired Knowtion. Upon the acquisition, Shiratech focused on two main product lines:
1. AI-based product development services and software
2. Predicto - a software-based product and iCOMOX to automatically predict malfunction on the production floor, with no need for prior knowledge
The company’s leading solution is iCOMOXTM, based on sensors for monitoring remote systems by collecting data to a cloud and analyzing it. The Arrow and Analog Devices companies are partners in distributing the product to global markets.
The iCOMOXTM platform was selected by Siemens’ industrial cloud, MindSphere, as a predictive maintenance solution for factories and industry.
Shiratech serves a wide variety of customers in Israel and Europe. Shiratech benefits from A.Y. Electronics’ capabilities and the company now supplies its solutions to numerous and diverse industries, such as industrial factories, gas industries, construction management, infrastructure and medicine.

The Client is at the Center

During every stage of the supply and production chain, the Group places the client at the center as a strategic principle that is implemented on a daily basis. This includes the preliminary planning, product engineering, cost pricing, assembly and delivery stages. A.Y. Electronics constantly monitors the product from the client’s perspective, and its comprehensive capabilities allow the client to supply the highest quality product to the market at the most competitive price and at the desired point in time.

Rooted in Israel, Hundreds of Clients in Israel and Around the World

A.Y. Electronics is an Israeli company that serves a wide portfolio of clients in Israel and around the world. These include large multinational companies and medium-sized companies. Furthermore, the company nurtures and promotes Israelis start-ups out of Zionist, patriotic values.
The company’s clients include Elbit, Netafim and start-ups in the field of medicine, real estate, medical equipment, military and security, IOT, infrastructure and others.

Operational Excellence

During the years, the Group invested vast resources in order to achieve operational excellence and serve its clients in the best possible manner. The company is involved in each link of the value chain – a huge relative advantage for its clients.

Contributing to the Community

A.Y. Electronics Group believes that one must support those who are less fortunate in their communities. For the past 12 years, the Group has been supporting tech courses for at-risk youth, that develop their personal potential, professional career and education, and donating food baskets to needy families whose children were placed in boarding schools and youth villages. During the Covid-19 crisis, it donated extra food baskets to elderly people living in public housing.

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