A. Halpern Group

Executing sealing, insulation and coating works, crystalline concrete casting

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Established: 1955
Line of Business: Executing sealing, insulation and coating works, crystalline concrete casting
Address: 14 HaMasger St., Hod HaSharon
Phone: 972-3-5782626
Fax: 972-3-5782414
Website: http://www.ahalpern.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Asher Halpern (of blessed memory), A. Halpern Group

    Asher Halpern (of blessed memory)

    Founder, A. Halpern Group

    A. Halpern Group

  • Dubi Halpern, A. Halpern Group

    Dubi Halpern

    Owner, A. Halpern Group; CEO, A. Halpern

    A. Halpern Group

  • Irit Fuhrman, A. Halpern Group

    Irit Fuhrman

    Owner, A. Halpern Group

    A. Halpern Group

  • Omer Shoshani, A. Halpern Group

    Omer Shoshani

    CEO, Melgol

    A. Halpern Group

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About A. Halpern Group

A.Halpern Group, which specializes in insulation, concrete and sealing, comprises three companies under a single umbrella: A. Halpern, A. Halpern Technologies and Melgol Ltd. A. Halpern was founded in 1955 by Asher Halpern (of blessed memory), one of the founders of the Israeli construction industry. He has been active in the industry since 1955, and he received the title “Contractor General” for his activity in it. Over the years, his children Irit and Dov and grandchildren joined him, and the company evolved into a wide group which is managed with a longstanding, professional and skilled team of employees in a familial style.

The Execution Company A. Halpern

A. Halpern is active in the execution of concrete, insulation and sealing works in every construction segment, including residential, commercial, public, defense, infrastructures, industry, tunnels and railway stations, bridges and private construction. CEO - Dubi Halpern. The company executes over 2 million sq.m. of roof insulation annually, through a skilled team and executives that include work managers who are construction engineers and practical engineers by education, who are responsible for the execution quality control, adjusting the planning to the evolving and changing reality on the sites, continuous contact with the planners and the supervision teams on the work sites and creating the required solutions. All with attention to the service and execution quality which enable the company to provide a warranty for its projects, while meeting timetables at a high standard.

A. Halpern Technologies

A. Halpern Technologies is active in the execution, supervision and accompaniment of concrete with added crystalline casting, and it provides the group’s customers with a solution and a warranty for the systems that integrate crystalline concrete with conventional insulation which is executed by the execution company A. Halpern. Halpern Technologies provides, through Melgol Ltd., the crystalline materials for the project’s concrete suppliers. The company supervises and managed all of the process of the crystalline casting, from the stage of planning the concrete mixtures, and reviews the compliance of the iron frame with the planned fracturing. During the casting stage, the company’s representatives are present during the loading of the materials in the concrete factories, and are also present in the work sites with the casting teams in order to verify the compliance with the casting procedures, which are important for creating the conditions for success of the crystalline when used as the first insulation layer during and after the casting. The company meticulously maintains the quality of the finishing and even the timing of uninstalling the molds, in order to provide the active ingredient with the best conditions for success.

Melgol Ltd.

Melgol Ltd. is active in importing, marketing and distributing insulation and water proofing materials. CEO – Omer Shoshany. The company represents several leading domestic and leading international exclusivity brands in these fields, and leads innovation and development in this field, with an emphasis on finding professional solutions for the evolving needs that arise from the execution companies and in general.
The company has a wide variety of materials and solutions that are used by its customer base, which includes leading construction companies, stores and houses of commerce, water proofing contractors and private customers. Melgol markets insulation products via a private lable brands to the leading companies in the construction industry in Israel. Melgol has an innovative logistics center with large inventories and cross-country distribution capabilities, which enable the customers to receive the requested products within 24 hours all over the country.

Winning Combination Under One Roof

As aforementioned, the execution company A. Halpern was founded in 1955 and since then it has been executing a very broad variety of projects in every segment of the construction industry. During its 68 years of operations, the company accumulated invaluable experience, and its professional knowledge was often transferred from parent to children. The company has a B1 contractor classification, which is suitable for her area of operations, and it also has ISO 9001 certification from the IIS. Over the years, Melgol Ltd. grew alongside A. Halpern, as a company which imports, markets and distributes the materials which are also used by the execution company.
Melgol provides A. Halpern with the assurance which is required for procuring, storing and delivering the materials to the construction sites where A. Halpern works, and benefits from the knowledge, experience and exposure to the needs and the cutting-edge technologies in the industry. All of the new materials that Melgol brings to the industry undergo examinations and experiments in the execution company, and only afterwards are marketed in the free market, all in order to guarantee that the products quality and characteristics are suitable for their intended usage. These two companies are joined by their third complementary counterpart, A. Halpern Sealing Technologies (which has a contractor classification of C1) which is active in the emerging field of crystalline castings. The company enables to integrate and provide a full and comprehensive warranty the sealing system which includes the traditional works which are executed by A. Halpern and the crystalline works which are executed by A. Halpern Technologies. This comprehensive integration between the three companies provides the group’s customers with a full single warranty without falling between the cracks.

Executive Team

The owners of controlling interests of the Group are Irit Furman and Dubi Halpern.
Dubi Halpern serves as the CEO of A. Halpern, and Omer Shoshani serves as the CEO of Melgol, Adi and Ran Furman, the companies’ third generation, serve in executive positions. The “Halpern Family” treats employees of the companies as part of the family and some of the employees have been employed in it for decades, with some even bringing their children to work in the company.
A. Halpern Group greatly believes in its prime human capital, workers and managers who lead the group to foremost achievements and march it safely towards the next decades.

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