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A. Rotman & Co. Ltd.
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Established: 1956
Line of Business: Development and Construction
Address: Rotman House “Top HaMada”, 5th Floor, 8 HaMada St., Rehovot
Phone: 972-8-9468551, 972-8-9468558
Fax: 972-8-9473023
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.rotmanltd.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Yaacov Rotman, A. Rotman & Co. Ltd.

    Yaacov Rotman

    Owner and CEO

    A. Rotman & Co. Ltd.

  • Yaniv Rotman, A. Rotman & Co. Ltd.

    Yaniv Rotman


    A. Rotman & Co. Ltd.

  • Roy Rotman, A. Rotman & Co. Ltd.

    Roy Rotman

    VP, Engineering

    A. Rotman & Co. Ltd.

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About A. Rotman & Co. Ltd.

A.Rotman & Co. Ltd. is a family-owned construction development and execution company which has been active in the Israeli construction market since 1956. The company was founded by the contractor (one of the builders of the city of Rehovot) Avraham Rotman (dec.) who immigrated to Israel from Romania. Yaacov Rotman, his son, has been continuing his father’s work and serves as the company’s CEO to this very day. Working alongside him in the company’s headquarters are members of the family’s third generation, Roy and Yaniv.
The company started as a contracting company and until today it defines itself first and foremost as an execution company and also after this as a construction development company. Initially, the company served as a construction contractor for the public and governmental sectors and had built numerous projects, inter alia, for the Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Education (schools, daycare centers), municipalities and local councils. Over the years, the company has expanded its areas of operations and since the 1970s it has been focusing mainly in high-density residential construction. To date, the company has built thousands of apartments, mainly in city of Rehovot and its surroundings, but also other projects in central Israel. With a strong financial foundation, A. Rotman is a trusted and reliable company.

An Uncompromising Level of Execution and Finishing at a Particularly High Standard

All of the company’s projects are characterized by an uncompromising level of execution and finishing at a particularly high standard. A. Rotman is a boutique company which brings a pleasant familial spirit to every project. As part of the company’s boutique character it focuses on a small number of projects every year in order to give as much as possible to every customer, with a tight supervision of the company’s executives in every worksite.

Service, Execution, Reliability and a Warm Attitude

The company’s executives know that its longstanding stability results from the service, the execution, the reliability, and the warm attention to the residents, the company’s core values. A. Rotman is certain that the professionalism, the reliability and the warm attention would support the company’s continued growth and prosperity. The company offers a wide variety of apartments with a lavish technical spec, uncompromising execution, compliance with the schedules, a high level of service and complete customer satisfaction.

Development and Execution as a One-Stop-Shop

As a company that integrates both the construction’s development and execution, A Rotman benefits from complete independence from various entities for completing the construction and meeting its obligations. This is also expressed in proven experience in executing complex projects with determined attention to the fine details, and attention to fulfilling all of the needs of the customers. The company’s capability to analyze each project both from the perspective of a contractor and from the perspective of the developer who sells and markets the apartments, enables it to provide a construction product of the highest quality. Furthermore, the company’s customer benefit from peace of mind knowing that the hand that signed their contract is the same hand that executes the project and the same hand that would eventually deliver the apartment keys to them and support them during the post-construction checkup period.

Urban Renewal

Alongside traditional projects such as buying and redeveloping lands or asset-swap (“combination”) transactions, the company entered, over the past few years, also to the urban renewal segment. The company is currently building and planning three separate projects in the Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui channels, two in Tel Aviv and one in Rehovot.

Notable Projects

Rotman Tower, Rehovot: An upscale residential building that towers to a height of 18 stories (with 5 parking stories and 2 commerce floors). The tower includes 64 4-5-room apartments and a historic conservation building. The project is located at the city’s entrance, on the main street (Herzl) near the Weitzmann Institute. Under construction.
A. Rotman House, 8 HaMada S., Rehovot: A Hi-tech, offices and commerce project that includes a commerce floor and 7 office floors. The special oval building is owned by the company and its offices are also located in it. Populated.
14 Biltmore, Tel Aviv: An urban renewal project where the company is developing and building an upscale residential building near Kikar HaMedina. The building is 7-stories high and has two parking garages and 30 apartments (4-room and garden apartments).
73 Shlomtzion HaMalka, Tel Aviv: An urban renewal project where the company is developing and building an upscale residential building with 7 residential stories, 2 parking garages, and 27 apartments.
11 Pines, Rehovot: An urban renewal project where the company is building an upscale 8-stories building with 21 apartments.

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