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Personal Status Law, Family Law, Drawing Up Wills, Inheritance Matters and Custodianship, Family Disputes, Contesting and Managing Estates

A. Tirer Law Office and Notary
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Established: 1968
Line of Business: Personal Status Law, Family Law, Drawing Up Wills, Inheritance Matters and Custodianship, Family Disputes, Contesting and Managing Estates
Address: Head Office: Bet Halapid, 34 Ben Gurion St., Ramat Gan 5257352
Additional Branch:
120 Ahuza St., 2nd floor, Ra’anana
Tel: 972-9-7743336 Fax: 972-9-7713094
Phone: 972-3-5755545
Fax: 972-3-5757535
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tirer-law.co.il
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  • Zelig Tirer Aharon, A. Tirer Law Office and Notary

    Zelig Tirer Aharon

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    A. Tirer Law Office and Notary

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    Zelig Tirer Aharon


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    Tirer Einat Adv.
    Erdinast Shlomo Adv.
    Mor-Siniver Orit Adv.
    Bayer Ben-Zion Adv. & Notary
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About A. Tirer Law Office and Notary

Tirer Law Firm & Notary has become one of the leading firms in family law and personal status including divorce disputes, disputes between heirs, siblings in bequeaths, estates, family businesses, etc, prenuptial agreements, family mediation and complex family arrangements while finding solutions to these disputes and preventing them. The firm handles some of Israel’s most famous family status disputes and complex and difficult divorce cases including well-known precedents in rabbinical and civil courts (today the Family Matters Court), cases relating to “common law” couples, illegal bugging, abducting children and the Hague Convention etc.

Ten lawyers work in the personal status sector. The firm is Israel’s oldest in the field of family law, divorce cases and family disputes, working over 40 years in both civil and rabbinical courts. The firm handles all types of family disputes, from drawing up and contesting wills, handling all types of inheritance disputes, struggles between heirs for estates, conducting court proceedings or reaching agreements between heirs and dividing estates, including expertise in conducting proceedings in higher courts up to the Supreme Rabbinical Court, and the Magistrates and District Courts up to the High Court of Justice, including appeals starting from the Family Affairs Court.

The firm has extensive experience in High Court of Justice appearances, as well as petitions to the Supreme Court. For example, the firm won a recent Supreme Court ruling (a rare instance in which authorization reached Supreme Court involvement), which was published on 23.6.09, combining the question of legal authorization from its powers and integrity of the principle of powers subject to the rabbinical courts and the civil courts; Supreme Court No. 5918/07 with a panel of seven judges ruled in favor of the firm’s claim that the Supreme Court is the supreme authority in this area. These departments are integrated with each other, with the Civil Department handling the liquidation of partnerships between couples, including property assets, companies, various rights and handling assets in estates and custodianships, which include money, rights and non-mobile assets.

The firm’s lawyers combine legal work, including consultancy, drawing up expert opinions, and ongoing support for notable companies and businesses with routine appearances in courts including the High Court of Justice. The civil department provides routine support to commercial companies, building developers involved in a range of real estate deals, receivership liquidating companies and providing services to these bodies in the labor court and bailiff’s office; and deals representing private individuals and a range of financial claims. The Litigation Department has first class veteran attorneys that appear in courts. Adv. Einat Tirer coordinates court appearances conducting investigations and evidence for over 20 years, including questioning witnesses with the highest skill. She represents cases that require a high level of complexity and litigation, including the largest and most distinguished divorce cases. The department also includes Adv. Orit Mor-Siniber, a brilliant litigator for over a decade with the greatest expertise in complex cases, especially business-related. In receivership and sell-offs, the firm has extensive experience, both as receiver during liquidation of partnerships in the largest-scale divorce cases managed by the firm, and the many property deals, which the firm handles daily. In the Civil and Bequeaths and Estates Departments Adv. Shlomo Erdinest, has been with the firm for over 30 years. His experience gives added value and he has unique know-how in managing complex estates including overseas assets. The firm has offices in Russia, the US, Europe including Romania, China, Canada and more for cooperation and managing estates, including coordinating between overseas courts, providing major added value for valuable overseas estates and generally when overseas procedures (child abduction/Hague convention, habeus corpus) are combined.

Debt Collection Department – debt collection, child support, and handling routine divorce cases. To provide effective debt collecting for clients and responding to needs, while special lawyers in the area have joined the firm. The department has specific experience in handling debt collection and extensive know-how in debt collection procedures with the latest software, allowing a direct link with the bailiffs, real-time decision and digital requisitioning.

Criminal Department – in crime related to divorce the firm has an outstanding consultant in Adv. Mital Danino to provide clients with responses including prior to police investigations and support for preventing indictments, prevention orders etc. – Mital Danino is one of Israel’s leading criminal lawyers.

In commercial financial claims and capital market including including extensive know-how in real estate, reports analysis and companies are backed by Adv. Mital Shabtai’s 15 years experience with added value and advice on complex family cases from the legal perspective touching on the commercial-company sector in handling family matters.

Tax – Response and coverage of the tax niche in family law. The tax department is supported by Adv. Jacky Matza CPA, until recent Tax Authority head with outstanding know-how and expertise on tax planning and bequeaths for complex deals as part of selling family capital, real estate etc. including a solution for clients interested in handling tax.


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