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Family Law, Divorce and Inheritance

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Established: 1979
Line of Business: Family Law, Divorce and Inheritance
Address: 46 Rothschild Boulevard, Alrov Tower,
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa 6688312
Phone: 972-3-5662345
Fax: 972-3-5603006
Email: [email protected]
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  • Avner Zinger, A. Zinger & Co., Law Offices

    Avner Zinger


    A. Zinger & Co., Law Offices

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    Avner Zinger
  • Shiri Kovarsky, A. Zinger & Co., Law Offices

    Shiri Kovarsky


    A. Zinger & Co., Law Offices

  • Tal Tidhar, A. Zinger & Co., Law Offices

    Tal Tidhar


    A. Zinger & Co., Law Offices


    Tal Tidhar Adv.
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About A. Zinger & Co., Law Offices

A.Zinger & Co. is a leading boutique law firm specializing in legal assistance and representation in cases of divorce, inheritance disputes. The firm focuses on managing a limited number of cases that involve significant assets, to devote its full attention, and provide the best legal service to each client.
Avner Zinger is widely known as a leading family law expert, particularly for cases that combine aspects of commercial and business law. Over the years, the firm’s staff and the head of the office, have handled a variety of complex high media profile and ongoing cases and has represented key individuals in Israeli society.
Recently, Adv. Zinger handles the highly publicized estate affair of the late Shmuel Flatto Sharon.

About the Firm

The law firm is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, and our staff includes partners and lawyers.
The office staff adheres to right conduct and organization, thanks to advanced information management systems, continuous legal updates, and review of trends in ruling and sentencing.
This helps the firm’s lawyers construct a solid legal structure in each process, and offer relevant, creative and precise solutions in each stage, from the first stage of reviewing the details until the final stage of the ruling.

Field of Expertise

The law firm specializes in divorce disputes involving property, including business property. The firm also specializes in resolving inheritance disputes that involve properties, businesses, and activities abroad. For this purpose, the firm operates a network of professional connections with the best law firms around the world, which enables it to provide legal assistance in disputes originating in Israel.

Firmness in court and Sensitivity behind the Scenes

Legal procedures in the field of matrimonial law are known to involve intense feelings and emotional complexities. These cases are usually handled in the strictest confidence and behind closed doors.
The firm lends a sympathetic ear and provides support to its clients while remaining firmly determined to achieve the best solutions for them, and maintain absolute discretion while handling the case. The fact that we maintain a balanced workload and don’t take on every case which presents itself enables us to dedicate our full attention and maximum resources for the benefit of the client.

Special Expertise in Commercial Law

Divorce cases that involve a large number of assets usually involve commercial and business law issues. The firm’s lawyers’ knowledge and proficiency in these fields enable its clients to realize the full potential of complex cases that involve assets and businesses.
The firm has recently begun dealing with property disputes between spouses, regarding stock rights and options in high-tech companies and startups.

Noteworthy Achievements

The most meaningful accomplishment of Avner Zinger and his team is their ability to achieve for their clients’ full legal protection and rights.
Furthermore, Avner Zinger was active in implementing a historical amendment in the Spouses’ Property Relations Law (no. 4), a law that was legislated in 1973 and has never been updated, leading to impaired legal consequences.
This amendment, which changed the nature of the law, was initiated by joint activity of Knesset Members and the Bar Association, and the involvement, as mentioned, of Avner Zinger as a representative of the Bar Association in the Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee. The amendment permits the couple to balance assets before the validation of divorce, severing the link between divorces and assigning rights over the common property.

Activities in the Bar Association

In 2007, Avner Zinger served for 4 years as the Chariman of the National Forum for Family Law, in the Israel Bar Association. This role included representation of the association in the Knesset’s legislation procedures in this field, academic management of conferences and education programs, and lecturing in these events.
During 2017 - 2018, Adv. Zinger lectured on wills and inheritance, in the framework of 16 lectures, given in the Tel Aviv and Center District.
During 2018, Adv. Zinger served as the Academic Coordinator of the family law course held in the Bar Association’s seminary.
In the year 2019, Adv. Zinger led a panel of legal experts on an important legal issue: “Difficulties and Solutions in Balancing Sophisticated Assets and Solutions in the New Era”.
During March 2021, Adv. Zinger is scheduled to taker part in the Bar Association’s wills lecture.

Academic Activities

In the summer semesters of 2018 - 2020, Adv. Zinger lectured in Herzeliya’s IDC on the topic: “Litigation in family law”.

The Firm’s Lawyers

Lawyer Avner Zinger, Founder
Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree, Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, certified lawyer since 1978. Worked as an intern In Gornitzky Law Firm, in the field of company law and taxation.

Lawyer Shiri Kovarsky, Partner
Member of the Israel Bar since 2002. Certified mediator since 2014. Joined the firm in 2000.

Lawyer Tal Tidhar, Partner
Member of the Israel Bar since 2013. Joined the firm in 2012.
Mediator and certified in drafting lasting power of attorney.

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