Adi Chen, Family Law, Wills, Inheritances and International Estates

Family and Inheritance Law

Adi Chen, Family Law, Wills, Inheritances and International Estates
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Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law
Address: Sapir Tower, 40 Tuval St., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6709044
Fax: 1533-6709044
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  • Adi  Chen, Adi Chen, Family Law, Wills, Inheritances and International Estates

    Adv. Adi Chen

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    Adi Chen, Family Law, Wills, Inheritances and International Estates

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About Adi Chen, Family Law, Wills, Inheritances and International Estates

Adi Chen, Law Firm & Mediation was founded in 2006 by Adv. Adi Chen, and is one of the leading boutique family, inheritance, and international estates law firms. It is ranked as leading firm by Duns 100 and BDI Code.

Adv. Adi Chen

Adv. Chen has 24 years of experience in the legal profession, has been lecturing in the academy since 1999, represents before all of the courts, is a family mediator and certified to represent in cooperative divorce. She was admitted to the bar in 1998 after successfully completed her internship in the district court. She has an LL.M. (cum laude) from Bar Ilan University (2001) and her thesis was on family, inheritance and private international law. Her articles and commentaries on family law are published in the media and she is often interviewed due to her knowledge and expertise. Since 1999, alongside her work in the firm, Adv. Chen has been lecturing in various academic institutes on her practice areas. She taught the courses Family and Spouses Property Relations and Inheritance and Wills in Haifa University for 6 consecutive years and she continues to lecture in the academy, the Lawyers Training Institute, government institutes and conventions.

Her academic articles were published in esteemed journals in Israel and abroad and quoted in and influenced Israeli rulings, and entitled her to prized scholarships in Israel and abroad (for example, her article on recognizing civil divorces of non-Israeli Jews led the Jerusalem District Court to overrule a previous decision and adopt her position). In 2012, she was a visiting researcher in the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law.

Furthermore, she is renowned for her vast involvement in family legislation. She is a member of the Israel Bar Association’s (National) Family Forum’s Legislation Team, which is responsible for adjusting legislation to the current needs , new norms and changing perceptions in the Israeli society, Chairperson of the Bar’s Children Rights Committee and (co-)Chairperson of the Adoption, Surrogacy and Guardianship Committee and she promotes legislation also in the framework of these committees. Adi Chen’s academic proficiency and research, public activities, vast and extensive knowledge and experience, high work standard and achievements, provide her with prestige and a great advantage in managing proceedings and tailoring a legal strategy specifically for each client and case circumstances.

The firm’s clientele includes famous and renowned figures from Israel and abroad. Each of the clients, without exceptions, receives discreetness and sensitivity, personal attention and service, during the dispute period, which is characterized by tough dilemmas and crises, with the benefit of the clients and their children above all else.

Practice Areas

The firm offers a wide range of service, from counseling and strategy construction, negotiations and up to legal representation before all of the courts.

International Estates, Wills and Inheritance: The firm handles complex inheritance disputes, inheritance planning and intergenerational transfers. The firm handles, inter alia, drafting wills, defending and contesting wills, challenging non-probate transfers, lawsuits against heirs, estate management and receiverships, survivors pension and more. Adv. Chen’s academic proficiency and vast experience and skill provide her with an advantage in managing such cases, which require proficiency and thorough, uncompromising and analytical work. Adv. Chen’s academic background created close work relations with foreign law experts and scholars. She also provides legal opinions in this field.

Family Law: Adv. Chen has longstanding expertise in every aspect of the strategy, planning and managing of complex and diverse family disputes, from negotiations and drafting of agreements such as nuptial, joint living, parenting, and divorce agreements, representation in mediation or cooperative divorce proceedings, and up representation before all of the courts in complex divorce disputes including international disputes. • Common law spouses and joint living agreements, including lawsuits between spouses and lawsuits for recognition of common law marriages; • Family disputes between spouses who were joined by civil marriage; • Interfaith marriage and divorce; • Marriages and divorces of LGBT couples, including joint parenting agreements and representation in inheritance, property, custody and visitation disputes; • All types of domestic violence (mental, economic and physical) and threatening harassment; • Nuptial agreements; • Sperm theft lawsuits; • Paternity determination; • Parental orders following surrogacy procedures abroad; • Surrogacy agreements; • Divorces; • Marital harmony; • Ktuba claims; • Property and assets lawsuits, including assets smuggling, shares, stock options, personal and business reputation, family-owned companies and more; • Married woman alimony, including proving living standards, unreported revenues and economic violence; • Men/Women civil alimonies for common law/civil marriage spouses and estranged pre-divorced spouses; • Child support claims including increasing/reducing; • Property balancing, liquidation and division including handling asset smuggling; • Child custody and visitation and sleep arrangements, including disputing professional opinions; • Immigration claims; • Child abduction claims under the Hague Convention; • Guardianships: appointments, revoking and replacing guardians; • Declarations of minors in need; • Eviction and fair usage fees claims; • Posthumous fertilization claims; • Grandparents’ rights; • Lasting power of attorney and expression of will – Adv. Chen is certified to prepare LPAs for appointing attorneys for medical and personal matters including welfare and property matters when donors are no longer able to make decisions for themselves, and expression of will documents for appointing substitute guardians in cases where the guardian is unable to take care of him/herself and others.

Family Mediations and Cooperative Divorces: Adv. Chen is a family mediator and certified to represent in cooperative divorces.

Community Outreach

Adv. Chen takes care to remain involved in the community through volunteering. She is recognized for her intensive work and influence on legislation proceedings, such as the promotion of the Law for Preventing Economic Violence, the entitlement of same-sex couples and single men to surrogacy proceedings, an amendment in the Inheritance Law, guaranteeing the parents-children relationships, an amendment to the Child Adoption Law, posthumous fertilization rights and the right for succession for the parents of casualties, an amendment in the infancy presumption, the Guardianship Law, parental alienation and more. In 2016, Adv. Chen founded the Family Clinic in the Sha’arei Mada U’Mishpat Academic Center, which she manages and heads, where the students provide pro bono initial legal support to citizens across Israel. In complex cases, the clinic participates in legal battles and manages the proceedings on behalf of the citizen. Furthermore, Adv. Chen volunteers as a mentor for young lawyers at the beginning of their careers and participates in the Israel Bar Association’s pro bono project.

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