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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Medical Malpractice
Address: 58 HaRakevet, Tel Aviv, Electra City Tower, 4th floor
Phone: 972-3-9799566
Fax: 972-3-9799568
Email: [email protected]
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    Adi Weiss


    Adi Weiss – Law Firm

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About Adi Weiss – Law Firm

Adv. Adi Weiss’ firm is a pure-play medical malpractice boutique firm which emphasizes the representation of plaintiffs. The firm is one of Israel’s top law firms in this niche and Adv. Weiss’ medical malpractice expertise includes areas such as obstetrics, fertility, gynecology, oncology, family medicine, pediatrics, ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopedics, surgical errors and more. Adv. Weiss has 25 years of experience (23 years as a lawyer and two more years as an intern) in the profession, of which 9 were spent working in one of Israel’s largest medical malpractice law firms, where she accumulated experience is representing defendants – doctors, hospitals, HMOs, clinics and various other healthcare institutes, which were sued on the grounds of malpractice. In 2007, she opened her independent firm where she represents the other side of the coin in the malpractice field – the plaintiffs.

Longstanding Experience and Close Monitoring of Recent Rulings

Adv. Weiss has an LL.B. from Bar Ilan University and is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2001. In addition, Weiss graduated from the in-depth training “Medicine for Legal Professionals – Obstetrics” in the framework of the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine, was certified as a mediator by the Israeli Bar Association, lectures in conventions and before physicians, is interviewed in the media on these topics and begins every day in reading the latest rulings concerning medical malpractice.

One-Woman Show

As aforementioned, the firm is a boutique firm and all of the legal work is done solely by Adv. Weiss, who meets with the clients personally, prepares the cases and appears in the various sessions. It should be noted that Adv. Weiss carefully selects her clients and chooses cases with significance and a considerable scope, with her favorite topic being obstetrics. “When a child hurt, the damage is tremendous and affects all of the family circles. I feel a tremendous satisfaction when I win such a case and know that the children and their families would have a reserve amounting to NIS millions for all of the various treatments and rehabilitation tools from now on.”

The Firm’s Work Process

Every case in the firm begins with a personal meeting of Adv. Weiss with a potential client, where she listens attentively to the client’s medical malpractice story and can conclude already in this stage whether the case would pass the legal test. The second stage includes the collection of the medical documentation from the beginning of the case and is followed by sending the documents to a specific medical expert who investigates the claim and provides a professional opinion. At the firm’s disposal is a list a first-class medical expert from a variety of fields. The next stage is the filing of lawsuit in the court. After an answer was submitted by the defendants, there would often be negotiations through a mediation proceeding, a court settlement proposal, or direct negotiations between the attorneys. In a situation where the case doesn’t conclude through a settlement, Weiss Hevroni conducts the entire legal proceeding, including the preparation of evidence, the examination of witnessing the closing arguments and where necessary, also the appeals.

Focusing on the Representation of Plaintiffs

Since childhood, Adv. Weiss felt that her calling was to be a lawyer who would voice the claims of the mistreated. Her greatest satisfaction in her independent work is seeing children who suffer from illnesses and functional problems smiling from ear to ear when they hear about the large basket of compensation that Weiss helped them get, a basket that would assist them in the variety of treatments and medical aids that they would require further down the road.

A Unique Ability to Contain and be Sensitive

Weiss’ work contains a lot of sensitivity, compassion and an attentive ear for clients who need them in their time of need. She does this at all hours, not just as an expert lawyer, but also as a human being. “The cases follow me and accompany me at all hours. I live and breathe them. If a client seeks me during working hours, I will always know how to respond within a few hours in order to listen and help with the problem. I see this as my absolute value of service.”

A Boutique Firm by Choice

Adv. Weiss chose to operate as a one lawyer firm rather than a department within a large firm out of her belief that this would enable her to provide 100% of attention, listening, broad know-how and professional tools, for its clients, all the way to winning the case.

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