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Established: 1988
Line of Business: Banking Law
Address: 26 Haga’aton St., Nahariya
Phone: 972-4-9926856
Email: [email protected]
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  • Adina Weil, Adina Weil, Law Firm

    Adv. Adina Weil

    Founder and Owner

    Adina Weil, Law Firm

  • Sima Avikzer-Cohen, Adina Weil, Law Firm

    Adv. Sima Avikzer-Cohen


    Adina Weil, Law Firm

  • Karin Birenbaum, Adina Weil, Law Firm

    Adv. Karin Birenbaum


    Adina Weil, Law Firm

  • Jennifer Cohen-Goshen, Adina Weil, Law Firm

    Adv. Jennifer Cohen-Goshen


    Adina Weil, Law Firm

  • Asaf Eran, Adina Weil, Law Firm

    Adv. Asaf Eran


    Adina Weil, Law Firm

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About Adina Weil, Law Firm

Adina Weil, Law Firm is a unique boutique firm specializing in banking law, including insolvency, receivership and debt enforcement.
The firm possesses many years of experience in representing banking institutions while providing a comprehensive package of services ranging from legal litigation to collection services.

Among other things, the firm represents various banks in complex litigation cases on diverse banking issues, both in lawsuits filed by the banks for the collection of problematic debts, realization of mortgages and bonds of various kinds during asset confiscation, and in the representation of the banks in lawsuits filed against them, through extensive insolvency proceedings.

The firm’s clients include most of the banks in Israel (including the subsidiaries), and in addition the firm represents some of the leading financing companies in the country, such as Mimun Yashir Ltd.

35 Years of Experience Representing Banking Institutions

The firm was established in 1988 by attorney Adina Weil, co-founder and owner, and over the years has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in many aspects of banking law. Over the years, the firm gained a great reputation due to its efficiency, prompt service, and legal successes. Adina Weil, Law Firm is located in Nahariya and provides its services in the north and center of the country.

The firm is considered a top law office in and currently has 11 lawyers, including 5 partners, interns, 16 clerks and support staff. Many of the lawyers in the firm are longtime employees, which speaks volumes about the stability of the firm and the comfort it provides to its clients. Beside the firm’s founder, attorney Adina Weil, the managing partners include attorney Sima Avikzer-Cohen, attorney Karin Birnbaum, attorney Jennifer Cohen-Goshen and attorney Asaf Eran.
As a legal authority in the field of banking law in Israel, Attorney Weil is invited to give lectures to the various departments of the banks and the lawyers representing the banks, as well as to deliver presentations at conferences held by the Bar Association in the fields of banking and insolvency. Investing heavily in its human capital, the firm provides training to its lawyers in a variety of fields.

Areas of Expertise

Management of Charge Enforcement Procedures - The management of the procedures for the various banks is carried out in the courts of all jurisdictions as well as in the enforcement and collection authority, as needed.

Management of Company Insolvency Cases in the District Courts - This service includes reviewing the companies’ proposals for creditor arrangements, reviewing recovery plans and conducting discussions while safeguarding the banking institutions and their rights, including a demand for adequate protection if necessary, as well as representing banking corporations in lawsuits brought against them in a wide variety of fields.

Management of Financial Claims in Respect of Debts to the Various Banks Until Settlement is Reached - The firm has aunique specialization and extensive experience in managing asset confiscation procedures, such as formation of specific lien bonds including the sale of vehicles, sale of industrial equipment and heavy mechanical equipment, as well as management of asset forfeiture procedures for real estate including handling the completion of a construction project and its sale.

Conducting Legal Proceedings in Lawsuits Against the Bank - While dealing with a wide variety of legal claims and arguments in banking law and the legal fields in general, including securities law, defamation, torts, etc. The firm also engages in the formation of floating lien bonds, including the execution of operative actions and the realization of fixed liens within the framework of the Enforcement Bureau.

Longstanding Reputation Among Banking Institutions and Courts - Adina Weil, Law Firm has a great reputation among the courts, banking institutions and the legal community in Israel. This reputation is partly due to the unique management and monitoring procedures used in the office, which keeps up with all the requests and regulations of the banking institutions, as well as their collection targets. The office operates strictly under the Bank of Israel’s instructions, and it also undergoes frequent audits by the banking system - with particularly high marks.

Prominent Cases

Group of companies Moriah Nursing Services Ltd. (about 20 companies; District Court, Haifa);
Saba Haviv Olive Oil Ltd. (District Court, Nazareth);
Achim Amjad Transport Ltd. (District Court, Centeral Region);
Techinat Hanassi Ltd. (District Court, Nazareth);
Rahmani Earthworks Ltd. (District Court, Nazareth);
Achim Bashara Ltd. (District Court, Nazareth);
Osama Construction Engineering Ltd. (District Court, Haifa);
Jaffa Tel Aviv Ltd. (District Court, Nazareth);
Kal Ram Ya’akovovitz Ltd. (District Court, Nazareth);

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