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Established: 1972
Line of Business: Real Estate contracts and Litigation
Address: 33 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan
1 Migdal HaTeumim, 5th floor
Phone: 972-7527707
Fax: 972-5756629
Email: [email protected]
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  • The Late Tova  Adoram, Adoram & Co. Law Office

    The Late Tova Adoram

    Adv., Founding Partner

    Adoram & Co. Law Office

  • HAGAI  ADORAM, Adoram & Co. Law Office


    Managing Director

    Adoram & Co. Law Office

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  • Ben Adoram, Adoram & Co. Law Office

    Ben Adoram

    Adv., Partner

    Adoram & Co. Law Office

  • Yagel  Adoram, Adoram & Co. Law Office

    Yagel Adoram

    Adv., Partner

    Adoram & Co. Law Office


    Chen Safdael
    Einat Harel
    Moran Qatorza
    Hila Levy
    Mirit Nahum
    Margaux Asseraf
    Erez Vitari
    Hani Rubinsten Office Manager
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About Adoram & Co. Law Office

The Adoram & Co. Law Firm and Notary Public was founded in 1972, and since then has been considered a leading boutique firm in the field of real estate law, known for its professional excellence and integrity, as well as for it outstanding service.

The firm represents entrepreneurs and some of the largest and most active construction companies in Isra-el, including the Minrav construction group and other public real estate companies, and handles extensive real estate projects – both residential construction projects that it initiates (new construction as well as various types of large-scale Pinui-Binui urban renewal projects, including, recently, a Pinui-Binui project involving 400 apartments in Herzliya, where 100% of the apartment owners signed Pinui-Binui agreements, as well as additional Pinui-Binui projects in Ramat Gan and Yahud in the scope of hundreds of apartments, and yielding properties projects (including commercial centers and malls such as the Dead Sea Mall, Kings City and Imax in Eilat, owned by the Berklays Company).

The firm provides comprehensive professional services for all these projects, including all aspects related to their development: purchasing the land, receiving bank accompaniment, construction and marketing, handling all the purchasing agreements, reporting to the tax authorities and to the sales registry, dealing with temporary purchase registrations and, finally, registering the projects in the land registry office.

The Adoram & Co. law firm provides legal counsel and guidance for a wide range of residential projects, encompassing many hundreds of apartments and commerce spaces across Israel, also in the framework of the Mechir LaMishtaken (government price capped) program, facilitates combination deals, and various types of selling and purchasing transactions, nationwide – from projects in Eilat and Beer Sheba in the South with hundreds of housing units in “Mechir LaMishtaken” projects, regular entrepreneurship, to the luxury residential project consisting of six residential towers, “Minrav on the Sea,” in Acre in the North, along with many other projects spread out all over the country from North to South. Furthermore, the firm handles complex real estate transactions and secures mediation solutions for complicated issues so that the deal is completed.
Furthermore, Adoram & Co. is one of the law firms which received the approval of the State of Israel – The Ministry of Housing, to purchase apartments for those who are eligible for public housing in Israel.

In addition to the large real estate division, the firm has an international trade division that specializes in international contracts in English, tenders, and providing counsel on investments and other issues for start-ups. The litigation division handles complex financial and real estate cases and intellectual property cases. The firm has achieved many important precedents in this field, including a case where the court ordered Google, for the first time in Israel, to hand over the IP of an anonymous user who slandered a public official on the Internet.

Personal service from a leading boutique firm

The guiding principle of Adv. Hagai Adoram, director of the firm’s real estate division, is to provide outstanding professional legal services at all times. He believes that it is important to respect the client, as well as the other side in every case. The Adoram & Co. law firm is scrupulous about providing rapid and professional responses and is constantly aspiring to improve and excel and to close deals calmly. Adv. Adoram and the firm’s team constantly try to avoid leaving loose ends and proceed in a professional, decisive and determined manner to achieve their goals. They don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and don’t recoil from the infinite bureaucratic thicket that is par for the course for every construction project. These values and actions ensure that Adoram & Co. provides outstanding service and obtains optimal results for its clients.

Adv. Hagai Adoram

Adv. Hagai Adoram was recently involved in a central court ruling when he initiated a petition to the Supreme Court against the Minister of Construction and Housing in the matter of the amendment to the Purchase Law (Apartments) (Supreme Court 15/8869 Adv. Hagai Adoram v. the Knesset et al Section 16c(c) of the Purchase Law (Apartments), 1973), following which the Israel Bar Association amended the regulations and clarified the authority of attorneys representing building contractors, as the matter is of public interest (the decision was issued by the National Ethics Committee and was even published in a professional journal).
The professional expertise that Adv. Hagai Adoram, head of the real estate division, has accrued is not only put to good use within the confines of the firm; it is also harnessed for the good of the public at large. He regularly lectures at Bar Association training seminars on the subject of real estate and serves as joint ac-ademic director for professional seminars on real estate which are held by the Israel Bar Association.
Adv. Hagai Adoram is Co-Chairperson of the Bar Association’s Real Estate Committee, serves as Chair of the appeals committee for municipal taxes, is a legal commentator on economic programs on various televi-sion channels, and is a regular host of a radio program in cooperation with “Globes” – “The Voice of Real Estate,” which airs every week on 106FM. The radio program features guests who are senior members of the government, such as ministers and Knesset members, mayors and top people from the real estate in-dustry, and presents all the news and innovations in the field of real estate – including aspects related to construction, planning, finance, and law.

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