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Family and Inheritance Laws

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Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Laws
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., Gibor Sport House, Ramat Gan 5268102
Phone: 972-3-5274440
Fax: 972-3-5274441
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  • Talia Kopelman Pardo, Adv. Kopelman Pardo Talia, Retired Judge

    Talia Kopelman Pardo

    Owner, Partner

    Adv. Kopelman Pardo Talia, Retired Judge

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About Adv. Kopelman Pardo Talia, Retired Judge

Kopelman Pardo Law Firm is a boutique Law Office specializing in the area of inheritance and family laws. The firm is headed by the retired Judge Adv. Talia Kopelman Pardo and is renowned for its combination of professional excellence, vast knowledge, and expertise of both the retired Judge and the office staff, thus benefiting the firm’s clients.

Adv. Talia KOPELMAN PARDO acts as a lawyer since 1985. Throughout the years 1986-2000, Adv. Kopelman- Pardo owned a private law office specializing in the field of inheritance and family laws. On 2000 she was appointed as a Judge at the Family Court. She judged at the Family Court until the end of 2012, on which year she retired and established her present law firm.

Adv. KOPELMAN PARDO handles significant cases in family and inheritance laws, arbitrations, and mediations while rendering legal opinions. The office grants first-rate legal service in the area of intergenerational transfers from the founders to their children, including intergenerational planning. The law firm specializes in preparing last wills and financial relationships agreements between spouses. The law firm also practices litigation of complicated divorce and inheritance cases handled in Family Courts, District, Supreme Courts and Rabbinical Courts and has special expertise in handling complicated divorce or inheritance disputes involving complexed asset balance such as corporates’ rights, real estate etc. Among the firm’s customers are members of the top echelon of the Israel society.

The law firm collaborates with experts and professionals in the relevant practice areas. 

Adv. Talia KOPELMAN PARDO’s experience and extensive knowledge accumulated over 35 years of her legal activity are reflected in the many precedents achieved by the office and the significant judgments she made as a Family Court Judge.

Many prominent precedents are attributed to Adv. Talia KOPELMAN PARDO that made legal cornerstones in Israel family law. Among others, she is responsible for a precedent in the hearing of Victoria Nafisi v. Siman-Tov Nafisi (further hearing file 1558/94), appeal on a Supreme Court verdict, in a panel of nine Judges. Nafisi’s Ruling refers to the law applicable to couples who got married outside of Israel and have immigrated to Israel, regarding the application of the Spouses (Property Relations) Law and regarding property distribution ruling, contract laws and the principles of private international law.

Further substantial precedents by the retired Judge KOPELMAN PARDO are her own verdicts regarding the right for alimony in civil marriages and regarding changes in the burden of proof and providing evidence in disputes involving property distribution in a second marriage. Moreover, the verdict given by the retired Judge in respect of the literary estates of Max Brod and Franz Kafka was unanimously approved lately by a panel of three Judges at the Supreme Court of Israel.

Recently, a precedential ruling was issued in 56634-06-20 in which the District Court accepted our argument that the rationale in Section 8 (2) of the Property Relation between Spouses Law, 1973, can also be applied to common-law spouse to which the law does not apply.

Adv. Kopelman Pardo lectures at the Israel Bar Association’s Advanced Study Institutes, at the Courts’ Management and in conferences regarding inheritance laws and family laws.

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