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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Criminal Law
Address: 39 King Saul Av., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-72-2435333  Mobile: 972-50-7441415
Fax: 972-72-2436333
Email: [email protected]
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About Adv. Ran Tagar

Adv. Ran Tagar is an experienced and skilled lawyer who offers the full range of criminal law services, including a specialty in drug offences (possession, cultivation, trafficking, importing, exporting, dealing and confiscation), violence offences (including domestic violence), sex offences, property offences (breaking and entering, theft and robbery), juvenile delinquency, police interrogations, expungement and case outcome modification, offence victim rights and more.
The firm is a boutique firm and the clients benefit from 24/7 representation, assistance and availability from a seasoned and highly knowledgeable lawyer, with proven success and numerous achievements.

17 Years of Experience in Criminal Law

Adv. Tagar was born and raised in the city of Haifa, and graduated from the Hebrew Reali School. He served as an infantry combatant in the anti-tank platoon (“orev”) of Givati Brigade.
He completed his academic studies in the law faculty of Haifa University. He interned in the criminal department of the Tel Aviv District Attorney, where he was exposed to the other side of the trench and gained extensive knowledge on the conduct of the legal prosecution system.
He was admitted into the Israel Bar Association in 2007 and worked as an associate until 2011, when he chose an independent path and founded his own private firm, which is active as aforementioned in the full range of criminal offences, with a unique specialty in drug offences.
Adv. Tagar represents mainly normative persons who became involved in criminal affairs, and through great determination, creative thinking and vast knowledge – he manages to achieve optimal results for them, which are often expressed in the dismissal of charges, or cases which are settled with minor sentences or without any conviction.

Adv. Tagar has extensive professional experience that includes handling a variety of criminal proceedings, from counsel to suspects in interrogations, through to representing in arrests and pre-trial detention and preparing and managing cases, and up to negotiation with the prosecution authorities, representing in appeals, representation in parole committees and prisoner petitions, and more.
In addition to his ongoing practice as a defense attorney, Adv. Tagar serves as V. Chairperson of the Police Committee of the Israel Bar Association and is a member of the National Criminal Law Forum of the Israel Bar Association.

A People’s Person

Adv. Tagar is renowned as a people’s person, who provides, beyond the professional-legal umbrella, also close and personal attention to its clients, with an attentive ear for normative people whose world collapsed overnight as they found themselves suspected or accused of crimes. This includes the representation of minors who are suspected of a variety of offences, such as violence, drugs, property and unlawful dissemination of private images, while accompanying both the minors and their concerned family members across the entire legal proceeding.

Pro Bono Representation of the Detainees of the Legal Protest

Since January 2023, Adv. Tagar has been serving, completely pro bono, as a member of the detainees’ support organization which represents all of those who were detained in the protest against the self-coup. To date, he has represented many dozens of detainees from the protest and in this framework provided them with devoted support, starting from the arrest or subpoena stage and up to the conclusion of the legal proceeding. As part of this activity, Adv. Tagar accompanies the detainees also in filing complaints in the Police Internal Affairs unit against violent policepersons.

Notable Achievements

Drug and paraphernalia possession not for personal use: non-conviction – defending two spouses against a charge of drug and cultivation paraphernalia possession not for personal use. The outcome: non-conviction and 140 community service hours.

Drug Cultivation: non-conviction – the firm represented a normative student who grew a cannabis plant in a pot in his own home. A charge was filed for cultivating a drug not for personal use. Adv. Tagar negotiated with the prosecution and led to the amendment of the charge to personal use possession. The outcome: non-conviction, 140 community service hours.

A minor who was investigated for suspected drug dealing: case closed with just a warning – the firm represented a minor who was interrogated in the police in the framework of a drug affair in his school. After reviewing the investigation materials in depth, Adv. Tagar applied to the prosecution with the claim that the youth never dealt drugs, nor did he mediate or supply them in any way. The prosecution was convinced by his thorough reasoning and the case was closed with just a warning.

A minor who was accused of theft in school: non-conviction – defending a minor, a new immigrant and the son of divorced parents, against a charge of theft and another charge of breaking and entering and malicious vandalism. Adv. Tagar remained continuously in touch with the youth and his family as well as the probation service, and at the end of the proceeding the probation service recommended not to convict the youth in order to avoid a criminal record that would harm his future. The court accepted that recommendation and sentenced him to only 90 hours of community service, without a conviction.

A man who was accused of indecent assault: case closed by the prosecution – representing a man who had an affair with a woman and after telling her that he is married and wishing to end their relationship she complained that he forced himself on her. Adv. Tagar found numerous contradictions in the accuser’s version, and in a meeting with the prosecution he managed to convince the latter that the accuser is not reliable and that charges should not be filed. As a result, the case was closed.


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