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Real Estate Entrepreneurship, Urban Renewal

Amim Group
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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Real Estate Entrepreneurship, Urban Renewal
Address: 5 Kiryat HaMada St., Jerusalem
Phone: *6965
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Netanel (Nani) Stern, Amim Group

    Netanel (Nani) Stern

    Entrepreneur & Owner

    Amim Group

  • Tarek Disi, Amim Group

    Tarek Disi

    Entrepreneur & Owner

    Amim Group

  • Ahron Merzbach, Amim Group

    Ahron Merzbach

    Founder and Owner

    Amim Group

  • Nir Yechia, Amim Group

    Nir Yechia

    Partner and Owner

    Amim Group

  • Itai Hershkowitz, Amim Group

    Itai Hershkowitz


    Amim Group

  • David Gilboa, Amim Group

    Adv. David Gilboa

    Entrepreneur and CEO of Urban Renewal

    Amim Group

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About Amim Group

The Amim Group is a leading group in the field of real estate, whose members have built over the years thousands of housing units all over the country and are now jointly engaged in the initiation of real estate projects, including in the field of urban renewal. The group joined experience, financial stability, its well-earned reputation in the real estate world and among the banks and financing funds, who deal with the financial support of real estate projects, constitute a significant force that allows the Amim group to carry out complex projects professionally and efficiently - while paying attention to every detail, both in planning and in execution. All this in close, attentive, and professional cooperation with the residents of the various urban renewal complexes, and those who accompany them - lawyers, appraisers and inspectors.

Entrepreneurship and Contracting Under One Roof

The knowledge and experience of the group’s members give the tenants great peace of mind as they can be sure that their precious project is in the right hands and that it will come to a successful conclusion according to schedule and their satisfaction. Furthermore, Amim Group, a group that combines entrepreneurship and contracting (unlimited contractor classification C5) under one roof, sees the complete project and gives its customers a continuous and complete solution all along the way, starting from the vision and planning phase to the construction and down to the delivery of the apartments and BEDEK period- so that the customers receive a complete and optimal response all along the way. Since 2005, the companies in the group have been working on the construction of over 3000 housing units, emphasizing careful planning, advanced internal specifications, and a supreme construction standard. Over the years and even before the establishment of the group, the heads of the group, together and separately, built projects of thousands of housing units and buildings for the public sector throughout the country, some of which are integrated into complex conservation works and all of them are successfully inhabited.

Financial Stability

Amim Group is managed by first-class professionals and is fully trusted by the major banks and the leading financial institutions in the field. Furthermore, the group benefits from financial strength that allows leading large-scale projects. In addition, the company has significant equity, which gives anchor and security to buyers and tenants.

Selected Projects

AMIM TOWERS, Jerusalem - A ‘Pinui Binui’ (evacuation and construction) project located in the sought-after Arnona neighborhood. The project will include 320 housing units and commercial spaces in four high-rise residential towers. The selection of apartments includes units with 3-6 rooms, rich technical specifications, quality construction, and advanced modern design. The project is under construction.
This complex is expected to become in the future the central icon that marks the renewal of the entire neighborhood.
Neve Shamir, Beit Shemesh - An exclusive project that includes 342 housing units in 19 modern buildings. The mix of apartments will include luxury 3,4,5 room apartments, large garden apartments, and luxury penthouse apartments including the possibility of a pool on the balcony. The apartments are equipped with luxurious technical specifications. In execution stages.
Yitzhak Sade Towers, Petah Tikva - A ‘Pinui Binui’ project built as part of the renewal of the old Ramat Verber neighborhood. As part of the project, the company will demolish 180 old units and, in their place, will build 630 housing units with 3-5 rooms in five residential towers.
The project is characterized by advanced architectural design and combines commerce alongside a typical neighborhood texture, meticulous design, and high-quality technical specifications - along with an underground parking lot. In the deposit stages of the Zoning Plan (TABA).
Ramot Amim, Givat HaBanana, Givat Zeev - A new American community in a luxury neighborhood at the entrance of Jerusalem. The company is building a residential, entertainment and commercial complex that includes 552 housing units and 50,000 square meters of commercial space, including country, an open shopping center and an office tower. Work has begun.

Additional Projects

Sha’arei Beit Shemesh - 600 housing units built in two residential complexes alongside a large commercial area and public buildings.
Beitar Illit - 75 housing units in four buildings.
Dagan Neighborhood, Efrat - 24 housing units in eight buildings.
Eucalyptus Grove, Pardes Hanna - 84 housing units in boutique buildings.
Pisgat Zeev, Jerusalem - 22 housing units in a boutique building.
Ramat Beit Shemesh - 77 housing units in five buildings.
Waldorf Astoria - Construction of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem on the foundations of the historic Palace Hotel from the beginning of the last century. The construction and design of the hotel continued throughout the years 2008-2014 and included the preservation and restoration of parts of the original building. Waldorf Astoria is ranked among the best hotels in the world.

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