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Amirey Zichron Ya’akov
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Established: 2004
Line of Business: Dense construction and commercial centers
Address: 10 Shechtman St., Hadera 3834001
Phone: 972-4-6293481
Email: [email protected]
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    Oded Turgeman Owner and CEO
    Eli Cohen CFO
    Yehoshua Rappaport Chief Engineer
    Idan Turgeman VP Business Development
    Ben Turgeman Director, Zichron Yaakov Area Division
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About Amirey Zichron Ya’akov

Amirey Zichron Ya’akov is a leading company specializing in saturated residential construction and yielding properties. The company is both the entrepreneur and the executive company and serves as a main contracting company, with a contractor classification of C5 Unlimited, only for projects that it owns. Its vast professional experience includes building hundreds of thousands of sq.m. in a wide variety of projects in various cities countrywide and has a strong financial back, professional expertise, and longstanding experience. The company stresses maximal flexibility in planning and contemporary design while adhering to schedules, resulting in full customer satisfaction. Company clients often recommend its services to their friends. Amirey Zichron Ya’akov takes particular care to create quality residential environments which combine advanced community services, educational establishments, and accessible transit, all for the sake of the residents.

Selected Projects

Mall HaChof Village & Unitowers
“Mall HaChof” is an entertainment and business complex on the coastal road (Kvish HaChof) at the entrance to Hadera, which covers an area of 66 dunams with building rights to an area covering over 180,000 sq.m. for commerce and employment. The complex, which is designed as a lifestyle complex combined with Power Center, includes a European styled shopping avenue with leading international brands’ stores.

Mall HaChof Village is located near major transport arteries and accessible directly from route no. 2 (Kvish HaChof). Hadera West Railway Station is a 220-meter walking distance from it. In the future, the railway station will be upgraded to a national railway station with a central bus and taxi station. For the benefit of the complex’ visitors, shoppers and office workers, it has about 2,000 parking spaces, above ground and underground, as well as a gas and car wash station.

Over 120 leading stores and brands inhabit the compound, including: the largest Zara store in the Middle East, Bershaka, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius, the Fox Group, the Urbanica-Castro Group, the Renuar Group, Adidas and one of the largest Yohananof stores in the country. As well as more international chains: MAC, Pandora, Sunglass Hut, Il Makiage, Lee Cooper and more. Another floor will be added to the commercial complex, which will include about 9,000 sq. m of additional international brands, flagship stores and a gym. As for food and catering, there are Landwer Cafe, Biga Kosher Cafe, Kosher McDonald’s, Noto, Reuben Meats, Roladin Cafe and Pastries, Italian-style Pat Winnie, Chef Fresh the Market, Shawarma Shauli Meatball and Kosher Meat Pub Specializing in pizza and beer overlooking the surf pool. Other unique attractions include the first and only surfing pool of its kind in the country, a karting area and a playground for children. A bilingual school was established in the complex, where one can learn Hebrew and English, based on an international program straight from Cambridge University. In the center of the complex is a prestigious and spectacular musical fountain. In addition, there is a synagogue in the complex where an introductory and evening prayer is held.

Unitowers Towers
Above Mall HaChof Village, leisure and entertainment complex, the UNITOWERS project is currently being built. It includes four office towers, some are already in advanced stages of construction, ranging from 24 to 48 floors, in a level of construction of an unprecedented standard in the area, featuring green building practices according to LEED standards, a rooftop restaurant on the 24th floor for employees, breathtaking sea views, UV-filtering curtain walls, a gym, and a designer lobby on each floor. The complex includes 2,000 parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles, 40,000 sq. m of active commercial space, floor sizes of 1,280 sq. m and large spaces of office solutions. The project offers office spaces for rent, clinics, short-term rental residences, and hospitality services. The complex enjoys great accessibility as it is located on the coastal highway between Haifa and Tel Aviv, at the entrance to Hadera, above active commercial areas and close to the train station, and is therefore expected to become one of the most sought-after destinations for high-tech companies, large organizations, and businesses of all kinds. As an example, Rafael, a developer of advanced combat systems, and Regus, a shared workspace rental company, have already leased extensive areas in the complex.

Zichron Ya’akov Dreams
Zichron Ya’akov Dreams is a neighborhood that includes about 800 residential units in a terraced and rural residential building, located on a hillside in Zichron Ya’akov, designed and built-in collaboration with the Housing and Construction Company. The neighborhood will have two-family buildings, three-family buildings, lofts, duplexes, garden apartments as well as spacious 4-5 rooms apartments. In the heart of the neighborhood, a spacious park was opened for the benefit of the public on an area covering about 30 dunams. The neighborhood offers tenants extensive community services, including a sports center, an advanced skate-park complex, a commercial center and a synagogue, for the well-being of the tenants and for their high quality of life. The project is fully populated.

Mizpe HaShmura Hotel
A hotel in planning on the slope of Mt. Carmel, on the grounds of Hashmura neighborhood in Zichron Ya’akov, with panoramic sea vistas, including 140 rooms with spa facilities, an outdoor and indoor pool and an emphasis on health, nature and sports facilities with an international standard. Construction is underway.

Employment Park Zichron Ya’akov
A 14,000 sq.m. employment and supporting commerce project near Road 4 and the Zichron’s new railway station. The project is in advanced planning stages.

Additional Company Projects

Ramada Resort Hotel Hadera - The project was built by Amirey Zichron Ya’akov, with the construction standard of an international chain. It offers 180 suites all facing the shoreline, in 22 luxurious stories and includes a unique beach, a marine-time club and a variety of options for businesses including 2 giant event venues with panoramic sea vistas, conference rooms and activities.
Employment Park, Hadera South - A 50-dunam land reserved, with approved zoning plan for high-density employment, in cooperation with Shikun & Binui.
Amirey Ma’ayan Tzvi - A project including 40 prestigious residential units and cottages in kibbutz Maayan Tzvi, located on the Carmel slope, offering a magnificent sea vista. The project is fully populated.
Amirey Gan Rechasim - Two projects in Rechasim local council, located on the mountainside, suitable to Hardi public needs. Comprised of 180 residential units, all fully populated.
Tsur Yitzhak - A commercial center spanning 1200 sq.m. located at the heart of the neighborhood of the community of Tsur Yitzhak.
Amirey Gan Yavne - Including 300 residential units in cottages, with personalized and unique specifications, fully populated.

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