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Established: 2002
Address: 13 Sderot HaReches, Bldg. A, Modiin 7178628
Phone: 972-8-9714884
Fax: 972-8-9714885
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    Amos Mokady
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    Adv. Einat Tvik


    Amos Mokady & Co.

  • Tal Sheinfeld, Amos Mokady & Co.

    Tal Sheinfeld


    Amos Mokady & Co.

  • Roy Zaifer, Amos Mokady & Co.

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    Amos Mokady & Co.

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  • Nadav Mayo, Amos Mokady & Co.

    Adv. Nadav Mayo

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  • Shira Gov, Amos Mokady & Co.

    Adv. Shira Gov

    Amos Mokady & Co.

  • Nimrod Rabiner, Amos Mokady & Co.

    Adv. Nimrod Rabiner

    Amos Mokady & Co.

  • Ido Mizrahi, Amos Mokady & Co.

    Adv. Ido Mizrahi

    Amos Mokady & Co.

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About Amos Mokady & Co.

Amos Mokady & Co., Law Office was founded in 2003 by Adv. Amos Mokady, who has more than 30 years of experience in representing insured and victims of property loss or bodily harm, in insurance and tort claims. The firm comprises experienced lawyers, some of whom have 15 and even 17 years of experience, who specialize in insurance and tort claims. The firm’s dynamic and high-quality team is at the clients’ disposal at all time, with personal attention, listening, emotional containment and close support.

One-Stop-Shop for Insurance and Tort Matters
The professionalism and experience that the firm’s team accumulated throughout the years, provide it with the ability to achieve the best results for its clients. Furthermore, the firm’s fees are success-based, in the “Don’t Win – Don’t Pay” method. The firm meticulously provides professional and reliable service with an emphasis on holisticall handling all of the insurance and tort issues that arise from each and every case.

In-Depth Familiarity with Both Sides of the Trenches
The firm’s lawyers represent both insured and insurance companies (Migdal and Menorah), so that the team has in-depth familiarity with every aspect of both sides of the trenches. The firm represents the insured and the victims vis-à-vis insurance companies as well as hospitals, pension funds, the National Insurance Institute and the Compensation Officer. The representation and legal support are provided before courts of all levels and the labor courts, as well as various medical committees in the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Defense. As required, the firm employs a battery of external experts such as medical and insurance experts, appraisers, investigators and more, of the highest levels.

Practice Areas
The firm’s main area of practice is insurance claims, including life insurance, work incapacitation, illnesses, disabilities, health and property, car accidents claims and tort claims including workplace accidents, National Insurance, Compensation Officer (Ministry of Defense), and medical malpractice. The firm has been handling insurance and tort claims for many years, and its lawyers have vast experience in representing victims and insured vis-à-vis the insurance companies and various institutes. Beyond the vast experience that the team has in handling such claims, it utilizes relevant experts who assist it in formulating the materials which are filed in the court, and in the medical or tort aspects of managing all stages of the case. In matters of National Insurance claims the firm regularly represents insured before the various committees, filling in the required forms, presenting the case in a manner which would be proper and relevant according to the requirement of the committee – and maximizing the benefits to which the victims are entitled from the National Insurance. Where required, the firm manages appeals within the National Insurance Institute itself, and as required even in the labor court – when the firm believes that the client’s rights were harmed and that higher social assistance payments may be received. 

Advanced Technological Environment
The firm’s set a mission to itself to be a contemporary firm which moves with the times and this is expressed, inter alia, in a paperless workplace environment. The firm utilizes cutting-edge software and technologies which provide it with absolute control on each and every case with maximal privacy and information protection.

The Firm’s Team
The firm applies a unique employment model where most of its lawyers grow in-house starting from pre-internship and internship positions and up to senior associates and even partners. Currently, the team includes 9 lawyers, of whom five are partners:

Adv. Amos Mokady, Founding Partner
Adv. Amos Mokady has vast knowledge and experience in managing insurance and tort cases in courts of all levels, and took part in numerous rulings, including Supreme Court rulings, some of which turned into principle and milestones rulings in the insurance field. He has been serving as an external legal counselor for Migdal Insurance Company for many years, and the experience and reputation that he accumulated in this work enable him to represent various insured and victims vis-à-vis other insurance companies in the most professional manner. In addition, the vast knowledge that his acquired and his passion and understanding of the medical profession – provide him with numerous tools that he uses in managing medical malpractice lawsuits, insurance claims and diverse tort lawsuits. He serves in the reserves at the rank of major and by education has an LL.B. from the Hebrew University and has been admitted to the Israel Bar Association since 1989. Prior to establishing the firm, he worked as an associate and from 1992 as a senior partner in the law firm of Adv. Klir.

Adv. Einat Tvik, Partner
Has been admitted to the Bar in 2004 and specializes in lawsuits concerning bodily harm, property damage and insurance claims. She has an LL.B. (cum laude) from the College of Management (2003) and an LL.M. from Tel Aviv University (2009). In addition, she has a “Medicine and Law” diploma from Tel Aviv University.

Adv. Tal Sheinfeld, Partner
Admitted to the Bar since 2006 and specializes in work incapacitation and long-term care lawsuits, compensation for road accident victims and medical malpractice lawsuits. She has an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University (2005) and a “Medicine and Law” diploma from Tel Aviv University.

Adv. Roy Zaifer, Partner
Was admitted to the Bar in 2010 and specializes in insurance claims, exercising rights vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute and medical malpractice lawsuits. He has an LL.B. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2009) with integrated business administration studies.

Adv. Liran Haran, Partner
Was admitted to the Bar in 2011 and practices insurance and tort. She has an LL.B. from She’arei Mishpat College.

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