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Established: 1933
Line of Business: Real estate, finance, industry, agriculture, hotels
Address: 1 Sapir St., Herzliya
Phone: 972-9-9708444
Fax: 972-9-9708433
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Shlomi Fogel, Ampa Group

    Shlomi Fogel

    Owner, Chairman and CEO, Ampa Group

    Ampa Group

  • Avi Hormaro, Ampa Group

    Avi Hormaro

    Vice Chairman, Ampa Group; CEO, Nakash Israel

    Ampa Group

  • Tuli Ceder, Ampa Group

    Tuli Ceder

    Owner, Ampa Group; Chairman, Ampa Real Estate

    Ampa Group

  • Shuki Wolf, Ampa Group

    Shuki Wolf

    Owner, Ampa Group; CLO, Ampa Group

    Ampa Group

  • Zohar Levi, Ampa Group

    Zohar Levi

    CEO, Ampa Real Estate

    Ampa Group

  • Avi Hasid, Ampa Group

    Avi Hasid


    Ampa Group

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About Ampa Group

Ampa Group has been leading the Israeli economy for nearly 90 years and operates in the fields of real estate, finance, industry, agriculture, and hospitality. The group is owned by Shlomi Fogel, Shuki Wolf, Naftali Ceder, and the Nakash family.

Nine Decades of an Israeli Success Story

Ampa (America Palestine Automobile Co.) was established in 1933 as a truck, car, and crane dealership. After the declaration of the State of Israel, during the period of financial hardship, in light of the severe shortage of quality refrigerators in the country, the founders of the company envisioned a ‘blue and white’ factory producing durable refrigerators for all purposes.
The company grew and developed, and its refrigerators were sold all over the country. Over the years, Ampa established additional factories and produced a wide variety of products. In order to create the solid economic backbone it is known for, the group acquired many real estate areas and invested in a variety of companies.
In 1998, the group was acquired by Shlomi Fogel, Shuki Wolf, and Naftali Ceder, during a process that was a fundamental turning point in the development of the group, and in 2005 the Nakash family also joined in.
Following challenging years for the Israeli economy, the partners formulated a new strategy, according to which most of the industrial activity will be shut down (except the Amraz factory for plastic bottles, which still operates today), and the vacated areas will be used to establish real estate projects. The group’s new business strategy has proven itself: Electra Tower, one of the most impressive and advanced towers in Israel, was constructed on the site of the original Amcor plant in Tel Aviv, and other lands of the group were converted into residential and commercial projects.

Over the Past Two Decades, Ampa Group has Developed and Grown, and Today it Leads Diverse Fields of Activity in the Israeli Economy:

• Real Estate - Ampa Real Estate, one of Israel’s leading real estate companies, is comprised of four main fields: Ampa Menivim (develops and manages yielding real estate), WeWork Israel (co working offices), Ampa Israel (residential real estate), and Ampa Yuvalim (rental housing).
• Financing - In the field of financing, Ampa Capital is one of the leading non-bank financing institutions in Israel, owned by the Ampa Group and Menorah Mivtachim.
• Industry - In the field of industry, the group owns the Amraz factory.
• Energy - The group has a belief in the field of energy in light of its view of sustainability as a leading value and is a partner in a national pumped storage project - producing electricity from a stream of water on the Manara cliff.
• Hospitality - The group owns several hotels in Israel, including Ramot Resort and Dor Village.
• Logistics - In the field of logistics, the group owns the Eilat port.
• Agriculture - The group’s activities in the agriculture sector include ownership of Agrexco Carmel, the longest standing and leading agricultural brand, development of advanced varieties of strawberry, and growing and marketing of blueberries and raspberries in the Golan Heights.
• Midreshet Rupin - Ampa Group’s partnership in Midreshet Rupin involves management of student dormitories, schools, an academic center, a school for mechanics, the Noble Energy Institute for training workers in the natural gas field, and more.

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