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Established: 2004
Line of Business: Residential real estate entrepreneurship
Address: 1 Sapir St., Herzliya
Phone: 972-3-7556655
Fax: 972-3-7556656
Email: [email protected]
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    Eli Agam
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  • Sharon Koski, Ampa Israel

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About Ampa Israel

Ampa Israel is a longstanding and leading company which has been specializing in construction entrepreneurship for almost two decades, and is active across Israel. The company is entrusted with the construction of thousands of apartments in dozens of residential projects of various types, at a first-class standard. Ampa Israel specializes in project initiation, Tama 38/2, asset-swap (combination) transactions, urban renewal, and is also active in the field of Kibbutzim expansion, where it started its operation about two decades ago. The company’s customers include apartment buyers and in asset-swap and urban renewal transaction also landowners.
In its operations, Ampa Israel maintains uncompromising quality in each and every project, a quality which results from the combination between the leading planning and execution and the professional and devoted service, from the company’s belief that it must prioritize its customers at all times, and in light of its mission to build communities in Israel. Ampa Israel is held by the Ampa Group, which is controlled by the Nakash Brothers and Fogel Group, and is one of the senior business groups in the Israel economy. Ampa Israel was founded by the group in 2004.
Originally, it was called Ampa Galilee, and it planned and built community expansions in Kibbutzim in northern Israel and later also in the southern regions . It pioneered the field of building residential neighborhoods for Kibbutz members. It built many countryside projects, and simultaneously started initiating projects of its own through acquisition of land from the ILA or landowners, including through asset-swap (combination) transactions. Currently, Ampa Israel is promoting and executing self-initiated projects that include commerce and/or public uses as part of mix-use residential buildings. Some of the company’s mix-use projects include Ampa Towers Rehovot, a complex of four 17-story residential buildings that include a commerce venue at the ground floor and a project in Bat Yam, near the metro station, that would integrate commerce and public buildings. In the framework of the planning and execution of the various projects, Ampa greatly emphasizes the construction at a high standard and level of quality, and the values of environmental protection and sustainability, while implementing green building standards. As part of its activity in the countryside, AMPA is also responsible for the public development of residential neighborhoods, and as part of this activity it builds contemporary public spaces that serve as green wide open spaces for the residential project.
Ampa’s prominent advantage is its status as a 0ne-stop-shop, its human capital and its high-quality and long-serving management that has been operating together for more than a decade, accumulated vast knowledge, experience and professionalism that enable it to manage all of the aspects which are required for self-development of leading projects. Various aspects including a residents department that answers the needs of the residents of the various projects, an engineering department that manages the planning and the various contractors through project managers, a sales and marketing department, a finance departments and a business development department that is entrusted with the company’s strategic development. The combination between the company’s professional and managerial capabilities and its proven financial strength and capabilities is the key to its success.

Notable Projects

Ampa Tower Rehovot (324 residential units) - A mix-use project that includes four residential buildings with a ground-level commerce and leisure floor. In advanced execution, towards completing marketing.

45 HaNadiv, Herzliya (19 residential units) - A boutique building at the center of Green Herzliya neighborhood, within the framework of urban renewal Tama 38/2. In execution stages.

Glil Yam, Herzliya (35 residential units) - An exclusive project, that would be distinct in the four-way air-flow and the lavish spec of every apartment, as appropriate for an “airborne villa”.

Kiryat Gat (464 residential units) - A mega project that includes 10 residential buildings is due to be constructed as a part of a new complex, located north of Carmei Gat. Half of the apartments will be marketed within the “target price” program.

New Rehovot (168 residential units) - A project that includes four residential buildings in west Rehovot, near Rd. 411 and Rehovot’s southwestern exits.

Nofim (120 residential units) - Building a new neighborhood in the settlement of Nofim, in high-density construction and detached houses.

Alumut Stage 2 (71 residential units) - A detached houses project in Kibbutz Alumot, with a spectacular view of Yavneel Valley.

Metro Bat Yam (100 residential units) - A mix-use project that includes three high-density construction buildings, ground level stores and a public building to used as a kindergarten for the benefit of the residents and their children.

Boutique Bat Yam (40 residential units) - A unique residential low-rise project that includes unique duplexes and apartments

Community Service

Ampa Israel believes in giving back to the community, and conducts several charitable activities, including donating food baskets for Passover, volunteering for Bait Ham in Rehovot, and involvement in the Rehovot Angels Association.

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