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Established: 2021
Line of Business: Labor and Employment Law
Address: 5 Hahoshlim St., B building, 2nd floor, Herzliya
Phone: 972-3-6397111
Fax: 972-3-6397112
Email: [email protected]
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    Anat Bash, Law Office

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About Anat Bash, Law Office

Anat Bash Law Office is a well-known and leading boutique firm in the field of labor law. For many years, the firm has handled many different and complex cases in the area of labor law. The firm has an in-depth knowledge of all legal services in the field of labor law, including providing ongoing personal advice, accompanying employers and employees in labor relations, conducting negotiations, drafting employment agreements, and providing legal expert opinions and representation in the labor courts. Additionally, the firm provides legal advice and services in collective labor law and complex labor disputes.

Innovation, customer service, and professional excellence

Staff members take great care to provide clients with high levels of personal contact and availability along with a quick response and close accompaniment throughout the entire process. The handling strategy for each case is built based on outside-of-the-box thinking, professional excellence, and innovation. These significant advantages place the firm at the forefront of its field of expertise.
The firm’s excellent reputation, coupled with its deep knowledge of the relevant legal entities, has made a significant impact on the field of labor law in Israel, a movement that the firm intends to continue to lead in the coming years.

Adv. Anat Bash - Founder and Owner

Adv. Bash has extensive professional experience in the field of labor law, in which she has been engaged for 16 years. Adv. Bash specializes in managing large and complex litigation cases and representing employers and employees, handling collective labor disputes, conducting negotiations as well as providing ongoing advice to corporations and senior executives, including accompanying hearing proceedings. In addition, Adv. Bash is a certified mediator.

Adv. Bash established the firm out of a belief in the field of labor law and recognition of its importance. While working daily with people and assisting them, whether they are employees or employers, Adv. Bash sees labor law as a human field. She has aspired to establish a firm in this area, realizing its significance and importance. The firm’s staff cares for its clients with full commitment and dedication, emphasizing on providing first-class service and personalized treatment to each client.
Adv. Bash is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the IDC Herzliya, and a graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration of the IDC Herzliya. In addition, Adv. Bash holds an LL.M. with a business specialization from the IDC Herzliya.

Areas of expertise

Representation and accompaniment of employers

The firm has extensive experience and expertise in the ongoing and legal accompaniment of employers in various areas of employment, including recruitment, drafting employment agreements, employment by the Women’s Labor Law, equal opportunities at work, sexual harassment prevention, accompaniment in hearing and termination proceedings.
In addition, the firm is entrusted with providing legal and professional advice to employers regarding confidentiality and non-compete agreements, agreements with service providers, and the implementation of a law to increase enforcement, regulations, and procedures in the workplace. Beyond that, the firm accompanies employers in reorganization processes and represent them in the courts on various issues in the field of labor relations, lawsuits, and collective disputes.

Representation and accompaniment of employees

The firm provides legal advice and assistance to senior employees in negotiations before the commencement of employment, and legal representation to employees in all matters relating to the drafting of employment agreements. The firm specializes in representing and accompanying employees in complex hearing procedures and termination of employment, negotiating with employers regarding the terms of termination of employment, including drafting a retirement agreement to exercise all employee rights.
In addition, the firm’s staff specializes in accompanying employees in clarification and disciplinary proceedings and represents employees before the employer in various proceedings due to unlawful dismissal, abuse and harassment at work, sexual harassment, and the issue of discrimination at work. The firm also represents employees in the various labor courts and tribunals.

Women’s rights at work

The firm has special expertise and extensive professional experience with women’s rights at work, dismissals during pregnancy, dismissals during fertility treatments and during and after maternity leave, discrimination based on age, discrimination based on sexual orientation, dismissals for reserve service, and more. The firm’s staff represents its clients in labor courts, in mediation procedures, in accompanying requests to the Women’s Labor Law Commissioner, and innegotiating a compromise.

Sexual harassment at work

In addition to assisting employers and employees in sexual harassment incidents, the firm specializes in the prevention and management of sexual harassment at work. The firm also provides preventive counseling and guidance to those in charge of the law for the prevention of sexual harassment at work, both in conducting investigation procedures and in implementing sexual harassment prevention processes within the organization. The firm also represents its clients in the various courts and conducts legal proceedings in the field of sexual harassment at work.

Harassment and abuse at work

The firm represents clients in cases involving labor relations and interpersonal relationships in the workplace, with a focus on harassment and abuse at work. It ensures empathetic, professional, and sensitive representation to employees who have experienced harassment and abuse at work. The firm also provides legal representation to employers in this area.

Support and representation of workers’ organizations

The firm provides legal support and representation to its clients in everything related to organized labor relations throughout all stages of unionization, from the initial stage of forming a union to a collective agreement.
In addition, the firm specializes in conducting negotiations with employers and provides them with representation in negotiation procedures before signing collective agreements and drafting the appropriate documents. The firm’s staff represents its clients in various and complex collective disputes in the courts.

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