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Bodily Harm, Accidents, Medical Malpractice and Disabled Veternas

Anat Ginzburg, Law Office, Notary & Mediators
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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Bodily Harm, Accidents, Medical Malpractice and Disabled Veternas
Address: Eshdar 2000 House, 53 Yigal Alon St. Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6958860
Fax: 972-3-6958870
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  • Anat  Ginzburg, Anat Ginzburg, Law Office, Notary & Mediators

    Anat Ginzburg

    Lawyer, Owner and Founder

    Anat Ginzburg, Law Office, Notary & Mediators

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About Anat Ginzburg, Law Office, Notary & Mediators

Anat Ginzburg, Law Office, Notary & Mediators is a leading boutique firm that practices torts and insurance and represents only plaintiffs in tort, medical malpractice, various accidents includ-ing road and workplace accidents, IDF disabilities and national insurance claims. The firm was founded by Advocate, Notary and Mediator Anat Ginzburg, who has about thirty years of ex-perience. Adv. Ginzburg serves as Chairwoman of the National Handicapped and Rehabilita-tion Committee and the Ministry of Defense Disabled Committee of the Israeli Bar Association, board and executive management member of the Israeli Association for Law and Medicine, member of the Israeli Bar Association’s Torts Forum, arbitrator, mediator, lecturer and torts-related seminars and training administrator for attorneys and in various forums. She was selected as one of Israel’s leading Israeli Women Attorneys by the “You” (“At”) magazine for 2016. She served for ten years as V. District Attorney of Tel Aviv (civil). In the framework of her service, she represented various government ministries in complex tort cases, including medi-cal malpractice, various accidents, IDF Disabled etc. This led to her in-depth familiarity with all levels of the public administration, and her expertise in plaintiffs-only tort claims. Following her service, she founded her firm, which has been representing only plaintiffs in tort cases for about 20 years, and gained numerous precedents in various legal tribunals.

Professional Excellence Combined with Dedication and Empathy

The firm is renowned as a perfectionist, professional and reputable firm, that represents vic-tims from all sectors and population segments, and provides them with personal attention and a warm and supportive blanket until the ultimate goal is achieved.  The firm works with first-class medical experts, appears before all of the courts and tribunals, magistrate and dis-trict courts and the Supreme Court, labor courts, medical committees etc. the firm’s team of lawyers, seasoned lawyers with extensive experience in managing tort claims, participate in complementary training such as medicine for legal practitioners, torts law etc. The firm’s law-yers are proficient in foreign languages, and are able to communicate with a wide variety of clients.

Historical Precedents

The firm has a very long record of tort precedents. Inter alia, the firm represents the heirs of a Bezek technician who was murdered during the second Intifada. Recently, in December 2017, a precedential ruling was given by the Supreme Court in this case, which determined the lia-bility of the Palestinian Authority for the murder and imposed, for the first time, punitive dam-age in the amount of NIS 3 million on the Authority (Civil Appeals 3189/13, 2144/13 Mentin vs. Palestinian Authority. The Tel Aviv District court made a precedential ruling for the liability of the Palestinian Authority for the murder and imposed compensatory damages on it, but no punitive damages were imposed. The firm appealed to the Supreme Court for the lack of puni-tive damages, while the Authority appealed the liability for the murder. The Supreme Court re-jected the Authority’s appeal, and accepted the appeal of the family of the deceased. This was the first case where the Supreme Court imposed a liability on the Palestinian Authority as a terror encouraging, supporting and operating entity during the Second Intifada.
In addition, the firm gained many precedents in medical malpractices, road accidents, recogni-tion of soldiers who contracted illnesses such as epilepsy, fibromyalgia, Type 1 diabetes, pso-riasis, mental illnesses etc. due to their military service.

Adv. Anat Ginzburg

Adv. Ginzburg has an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University and was admitted to the Bar in 1988, a graduated from Medicine for Legal Practitioners studies in Tel Aviv University. She served as an inspector in the Ministry of Labor and Welfare in the Tel-Aviv and Central Is-rael District. Following an internship in the Tel Aviv District Court and the Tel Aviv District Attor-ney’s civil department, she worked for 10 years in the District Attorney Office as Senior Deputy DA.

Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice - The firm represents plaintiffs-only in medical malpractice claims, against medical staff mem-bers, doctors, hospitals, HMOs, the Ministry of Health etc., including obstetrics medical mal-practice that led to stillbirth of birth of babies with complex disabilities such as cerebral palsy etc., late diagnosis of conditions such as cancer, myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke etc., medical malpractice in tests, surgeries, invasive procedures etc.
Severe Accidents - The firm represents plaintiffs-only who were injured in various severe accidents and accompa-nies the victims and their families until full compensations are received. The firm has a record of numerous precedents in accident cases in all of the courts and it provides devoted profes-sional support.
IDF Disabled Veterans - The firm represents conscripts, career soldiers, reserve soldiers, police officers etc. in claims for recognition as disabled veterans vis-a-vis the Rehabilitation Wing and Ministry of Defense, including claims concerning deterioration of condition, derivative disability, representation in courts, appeals, representation in medical committees, appeals to higher medical committees etc.
Road Accidents - The represents and supports road accident victims from the injury stage, through the repre-sentation in compensation claims against insurance companies, up to the achieving of maxi-mal compensations, and gained many precedents also in this area.
Workplace Accidents - The firm handles workplace accidents such as injuries, falls, work dismemberment, falls from scaffoldings, injuries due to inappropriate fencing, malfunctioned equipment,  heavy lifting, workplace road accidents, etc. the firm handles both claims against the employer/injury-liable party and the National Insurance Institute.
Torts - The firm represents plaintiffs in tort claims – bodily and mental harm that results from negli-gence of various authorities, including municipalities, public institutes etc., injuries resulting from improper sidewalks, sports accidents, drowning in the sea and in swimming pools, claims against the Ministry of Education due to inappropriate school facilities, and gained many precedents in these fields.
National Insurance - The firm represents plaintiffs in front of the National Insurance Institute, from the stage of recognition as a workplace accidents, representation in medical committees for determining the handicap level, representation in appeal medical committees, the labor court, on matters such as workplace accidents, road accidents at work, professional illnesses, micro-trauma etc.
Terror Victims - The firm represents hostilities victims, including mental and bodily harm, before the National Insurance Institute, its medical committees and appeal committees, etc.
Fibromyalgia - The firm also handles this issue extensively, both with accidents victims, including road acci-dents victims who contracted fibromyalgia, and in claims of soldiers who contracted the dis-ease. The firm was awarded precedential rulings in this matter, inter alia, in cases where sol-diers were represented and where it was determined that the fibromyalgia arose due to their service conditions.

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