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Execution, Debt Collection, Banking, Municipal Law and Real Estate

Arieh Hagai - Attorneys at Law
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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Execution, Debt Collection, Banking, Municipal Law and Real Estate
Address: Givatayim Office: 4 Ariel Sharon St., HaShachar Tower
Jerusalem Office: 1 Ben Yehuda St.
Tel: 972-73-2718080 Fax: 972-2-6244005
Phone: 972-3-6244406
Fax: 972-3-6244407
Email: [email protected]
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  • Arieh Hagai, Arieh Hagai - Attorneys at Law

    Arieh Hagai

    Founder & Owner

    Arieh Hagai - Attorneys at Law

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    Arieh Hagai
  • Ronit Chifrot, Arieh Hagai - Attorneys at Law

    Ronit Chifrot


    Arieh Hagai - Attorneys at Law

  • Dana  Hagai-Arazi, Arieh Hagai - Attorneys at Law

    Dana Hagai-Arazi


    Arieh Hagai - Attorneys at Law

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About Arieh Hagai - Attorneys at Law

Arieh Hagai, Attorneys at Law is a leading civil-commercial, insolvency and receiverships, municipal law and real estate law firm. Its main office is located in HaShachar Tower in Givatayim, with an additional branch in Jerusalem. The firm provides its clients with first-class legal services, including legal support and opinions from the very start of the case management, in all of its practice areas, including monetary lawsuits; litigation; claims concerning development charges; betterment charges and city tax, eviction and expulsion lawsuits; claims to cease extraordinary use and illegal construction; legal debt collection services in the Execution Office; receiverships and management of insolvency proceedings as special managers and trustees. The firm’s clientele includes some of the largest public and governmental institutions and corporations in Israel, including local authorities, banking institutions, communications companies and government agencies. Most of the clients are veteran loyal clients who have received high-quality legal services for many years. The long client relationships serve as a mark of appreciation for the firm for the professional services received by the clients. The firm provides professional and quality legal counsel to local authorities, inter alia, concerning city tax, development and betterment charges; tenders including opinions; preparing responses to objections and appeals; administrative appeals; representation in class actions, and as defense attorneys in lawsuits against the local authorities.

The Firm’s Staff

Adv. Arieh Hagai, Head of the Firm, has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of banking, receiverships, insolvency, local government, municipal and administrative law, real estate and planning and zoning. He represents clients in all levels of the administrative and civil courts and in the Supreme Court.
Adv. Ronit Chiprut, Partner, has an LL.M., Bar-Ilan University, and has been employed in the firm since her pre-internship. She has extensive experience in the firm’s practice areas and heads the Municipal Department which handles, inter alia, the affairs of one of Israel’s largest local authorities, and the Communications Companies Department. She is a certified mediator and has extensive experience in litigation in all level of the courts.
Adv. Dana Hagai-Arazi, has an LL.B. (cum laude), Bar-Ilan University; an LL.M., Tel Aviv University; and B.A., computer science. She is part of the firm’s management team, is active in litigation, and is responsible for developing control systems for comparing performance, optimizing work procedures, and improving the interface with the firm’s clients.
The firm employs about 35 employees, of which 9 are lawyers, 3 have an LL.M. one has a B.A. in computer science, one has more than 30 years of experience as a lawyer, and one has 20 years of experience, who serve as the firm’s leading personnel.
The firm also employs 4 interns, pre-interns and an administrative staff of about 25 employees.

Expertise in Monetary Lawsuits

Throughout the years, the firm has filed tens of thousands of actions on behalf of its clients, amounting to NIS hundreds of millions, whether in execution proceedings or in the courts. Since its founding, the firm has been top-ranked in debt collection amongst its clients. The firm operates a unique collection system for acting vis-a-vis the debtors in accordance with the regulatory instructions in each and every field and works to maximize the collected sums effectively and efficiently, with sensitivity and understanding to the client’s needs. The firm also handles assets seizures and liquidations, receiverships, and has been appointed as a special manager and/or trustee in bankruptcy proceedings under creditor’s application for receivership orders.

Creativity, Experience, and Knowledge

The firm’s excellent reputation results from the synergy that forms from the in-depth knowledge, longstanding experience and extensive creativity for which it is characterized. The firm works in accordance with the motto “As Experience Grows, The Impossible Disappears” (Arthur Helps), and has a record of successes achieved during its years of operations, and the idea that “Scientia potentia est” (Knowledge is Power, attributed to Sir Francis Bacon), and therefore remains constantly abreast of rulings, while applying the vast experience it accumulated and which is available for its clients. The out-of-the-box thinking with the brainstorming of the staff leads to creative solutions that comprise the added value for the clients.

Excellence, Expertise and First-Class Service

The staff’s expertise, skill and proficiency in the material and the legal proceedings enable it to exhaust the proceedings with high success rates, while combining diverse litigation capabilities on the one hand, and negotiation capabilities on the other. The firm’s clients benefit from personal service and ongoing legal service for many years, an indication of the quality of the provided legal services and of their satisfaction. The firm strictly maintains availability and a high-quality legal response for the clients. The firm’s employees have extensive experience in their fields, cooperate with ongoing teamwork, which combines the vast accumulated experience with a fresh and creative approach, in order to maximize results. The firm has advanced technological and IT systems, which interfaces with the clients’ computers that enable real-time responses, inter-alia, about current status throughout all of the case management stages, and data segmentation through various reports that support the ongoing control and efficient interfaces between the firm and its clients.

Principle Setting Rulings

Vast and trailblazing rulings that were given during the firm’s work for its clients, gained dozens of citations in rulings by courts of all levels.
Administrative Appeal (AA) 11641/04 Baruch Sela Vs. The Gderot Regional Council: Where a principle was set concerning the first-time imposition of city tax; AA 4612/06 Lod Municipality Vs. Israel Railways; Civil Appeal Case 9305/09 Arieh Hagai Vs. Yosef Albrek Economic Society Chapter Pardes Hanna-Karkur: The Supreme Court set principles for the late filing of a debt claim; Case 4700/18 Israel Railroad Vs. Modiin-Macabim-Reut and Ramla municipalities: The supreme court ruling, which stood for all train stations represented by the firm, where platform areas placed 15 M from the track are considered as “streets” and should not be accounted for municipal tax and levies purposes.
Civil Rulings: Civil Appeal (Tel Aviv District) Vs. Bank HaPoalim: rejection of a request to delay the realization of the plot; Hotzlap 514429-03-19: rejection of a debtor’s Appeal to cancel a delay in leaving the country on the grounds that the debtor is a “foreign resident”; Civil Appeal (Shalom, Tel Aviv) 16376-06-22 Bank Hapoalim Vs. Levy: the Bank’s appeal was accepted against the decision of the Hotzlap Registry, which rejected a request for foreclosure before the warning was issued; Execution Appeal (Shalom, Rishon LeZion) 48557-05-18 Tzaidi Vs. Bank Leumi: it was determined that a sale procedure of a property should not be delayed after the signing of the sale order; Tel Aviv (Shalom, Petah Tikva) 8842-08-16 Israel Land Authority Vs. Matrani: claim for demolition orders and cessation of excessive use. The claim was accepted both with regard to the calculation of the “entrepreneurial profit” in respect of unauthorized use of the land and with regard to the cessation of use.

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