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Real estate appraisal, financial consulting and asset management

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Established: 1998
Line of Business: Real estate appraisal, financial consulting and asset management
Address: 25 HaHaroshet St., Raanana
Phone: 972-9-7482411
Fax: 972-9-7401913
Email: office@aviran.info
Website: http://www.aviran-real-estate.com
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  • Erez Aviran, Aviran Real Estate Appraisal Ltd.

    Erez Aviran

    CEO and Owner

    Aviran Real Estate Appraisal Ltd.

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    Erez Aviran
  • Tali Cohen, Aviran Real Estate Appraisal Ltd.

    Tali Cohen

    Partner and Head of Bank Credit and IFRS Division

    Aviran Real Estate Appraisal Ltd.

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About Aviran Real Estate Appraisal Ltd.

Aviran Real Estate Appraisal Ltd. is a boutique firm with over 20 years of experience in a wide range of subjects in the field of real estate appraisal, such as: fair value of properties owned by public companies according to binding accounting standards, advising on the subject of city building plans regarding the rezoning process, pre-purchase economic feasibility studies, urban renewal, betterment levies and taxes, expert opinions in courts of law, etc.
The firm employs a team of expert real estate appraisers and economists under the leadership of Mr. Erez Aviran, a real estate appraiser and graduate of Tel Aviv University’s Appraisal and Real Estate Management program.
The firm is certified to carry out appraisal opinions according to Appraisal Standard 19 by the leading commercial banks in Israel, as well as insurance companies that offer loans in exchange for securing a collateral of their real estate rights. In addition, the firm is also entering the field of supervising and accompanying projects during the construction process.

The Firm’s Advantages

The firm offers its clients a wide array of services in the field of real estate. It does so in a professional manner and with high availability, and the end result is that the clients maximize their property rights.
The fact that it is a boutique firm enables it to provide personal care to all its clients, especially in complex cases that require a high level of expertise and analytical skills. The firm’s clients benefit from the extensive experience of its CEO, Mr. Erez Avitan, who is personally involved in these cases and follows the projects closely.
The firm’s staff was meticulously selected and includes experienced appraisers and economists who are creative thinkers and are service-oriented as well as being at the top of their fields.
Over the years, the firm has accumulated expertise in almost every type of project thanks to the large variety of properties that it has assessed. These include commercial centers and malls, cinema complexes, hotels, central bus stations, office and residential towers, urban renewal projects, large land tracts, logistic and industrial facilities, gas stations and special energy facilities, etc.
The firm’s main advantage is that it operates country-wide, resulting in constantly updated planning databases, which enable the firm to shorten its response time and provide accurate appraisal analyses.
Another clear advantage which differentiates Aviran from other firms is the multitude of fields of expertise:

  • Appraisal consulting to local councils and mayors regarding economic feasibility, land betterment, compensation claims, etc.
  • Appraisal assessments for most of the commercial banks, both for the banks’ managements and special loan departments, and for their various clients.
  • Advising on city building plans regarding rezoning, including the preparation of balance sheets and allocation tables, maximizing landowners’ rights, explaining and defending the plan when it is published for objections, and up to its enforcement.
  • Cooperation with leading law firms in the field of real estate: appearing as expert witnesses in courts of law (through the years, Aviran was appointed an expert appraiser by various courts of law, including appeals committees for betterment levies and compensation).

Thanks to the firm’s cumulative experience in these and other fields, it can offer clients a comprehensive package of services concentrated under one roof, with centralized the control and reduces costs.

The Firm’s Clients

Over the years, the firm served companies from a range of sectors, including institutional entities that rely on the firm for counsel. The firm’s clients include public companies, leading law firms, senior management of commercial banks, local authorities, energy companies, contracting companies, institutional bodies, private companies and others.

Main Fields of Activity

The firm encompasses three main fields of activity, each of which is managed by an expert appraiser with specific expertise and tools in that field. Thanks to the firm’s characteristics, there is a great deal of structural flexibility and quality control that enable optimal, holistic service for each client.
Collateral for bank loans and fair value according to binding accounting standards - The firm is included on the lists of certified appraisers of Israel’s leading commercial banks, and performs appraisal valuations for the banks’ clients according to Standard 19. The assessments are nation-wide both for existing projects and for tracts of land for which projects are being planned.
In addition, the firm carries out annual assessments of properties’ “fair value,” consisting mainly of “real estate for investment purposes” for public companies that own extensive property. These assessments form the base of these companies’ prospectuses and financial reports and are produced according to binding accounting standards, such as International Standard 40 (IFRS), Standard 13, Standard 36 and others, including Appraisal Standard 17.1, in conjunction with leading accounting firms.
As part of the assessment process, the firm’s staff appears in front of balance sheet committees and/or boards of directors of public companies, providing explanations to the management, shareholder representatives and the accountant. If necessary, they also supply answers and clarifications to the Securities Authority.
Betterment levies - The firm represents companies and/or clients of law firms contesting betterment levies, regarding the implementation of all the types of rights defined by law: full implementation at the time of sale, preliminary contestation, or partial implementation with the building permit. Treatment includes betterment assessment for betterment elements such as the approval of city building plans, the approval of exceptions and the approval of extra-ordinary uses. After preparing the assessment, the firm represents the client as needed in the process of determining a decisive appraisal and/or in front of judicial instances such as appeals committees, courts of law and others, until the final and definitive betterment levy is finalized.
Counseling city building plans - The firm takes part in teams of experts and consultants that are occasionally convened by developers and landowners in order to promote city building plans for rezoning land from historical zoning (such as agricultural land) to intensive uses such as housing, commerce, etc. Participating in this team of consultants entails the preparation of balance sheet and allocation tables according to Appraisal Standard 15, which are approved as an integral part of the plan’s documentation. Furthermore, the firm advises the planner regarding the maximization of the landowners’ rights within the project’s limitations.
Once the plan is submitted, and in the event that there are objections, an appraiser from the firm takes part in the discussion in front of the regional committee or the examiner appointed to represent it, in order to provide professional answers that will enable the tables’ approval along with the plan.

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  • Bank Leumi le-Israel B.M.

  • Bank Hapoalim B.M.

  • Israel Discount Bank Ltd.

  • Dor Alon Energy in Israel (1988) Ltd.

  • Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co.

  • Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

  • Harari Toister & Co. Law Office

  • Meshulam Levinstein Contracting and Engineering Group Ltd.

  • Hartavi Bornstein Basson & Co. Law Offices

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