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Real-estate and urban renewal

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Established: 2001
Line of Business: Real-estate and urban renewal
Address: 7 Abba Hillel Silver St., Ramat Gan 5252204
Phone: 972-3-6121313
Fax: 972-3-6122022
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tasalaw.co.il
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    Aviv Tasa

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    Aviv Tasa, Law Office

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About Aviv Tasa, Law Office

Aviv Tasa, Law Offices is one of Israel’s longstanding and renowned urban renewal law firms.

The extensive professional knowledge and the years-long experience it accumulated, provide it with its senior position in this field and serve as the basis for its excellent reputation.

The firm has an in-depth mastery of all aspects of real-estate, including Tama 38, Pinui-Binui, planning and building, support for purchasing groups, sale transactions, combination transaction, appropriations, multi-occupancy houses, construction defects and more.

The firm’s leader, Adv. Aviv Tasa has unique experience in adjacent fields, which together create the added value from which the clients benefit. Adv. Tasa led the move for the Knesset legislation to reduce the required majority for an approval of Tama 38/2 and gained extensive experience in the legislation field. His experience in the IDF’s Rescue Forces brought him to realize the safety significance of urban renewal, and as a student, when he helped disadvantaged children, he learned the value of social action and leadership, and of the emotional difficulties in distressful periods. His academic experience includes establishing the Urban Renewal School, where he currently lectures.

The far-reaching operations of the firm, the complex and intricate projects it led, the appreciation from his colleagues and, above all, the clients’ satisfaction weren’t overlooked by the Israeli rating guides who ranked the firm on the exclusive Top Urban Renewal Law Firms ranking table.

Adv. Tasa’s deep legislative understanding and his years-long participation in the various committees of the Knesset create the added value for his clients since his involvement in the bills enables him to predict which future moves would be the right moves. His academic activity created the second pillar of this added value, which is expressed in the unique specialization he developed in his practice area. He is recognized as an authority in his field both by the media and by the supervisors.

The firm is involved in a very large number of completed projects, handles many dozens of projects in various execution stages, and takes pride in its vast proven experience in the urban renewal field in numerous and diverse projects it occupied with great success.

Expertise, Innovation and Creativity

Adv. Tasa predicted the beginning of the urban renewal phenomenon with its implications and effects for the Israeli economy. Since, the firm takes care to deepen its knowledge, detect changes in the field in real time, develop original methods for overcoming challenges and insist on a creative solution where necessary.The firm operates out of the recognition of the importance of carrying out the project in a manner which protects the interests of all of the involved parties, and therefore emphasizes the protection of the residents’ interests while maintaining the urban texture and the initiators’ interests.

Practice Areas

Real-Estate – the department is noted among Israel’s most professional and active real estate professional departments, and has a unique specialization in land betterment, accompaniment during procedures vis-a-vis the Land Authorities, entrepreneurial transactions, complex combination and real estate transactions as well as representation on planning and construction committees.

Urban Renewal – the firm is one of Israel’s leading urban renewal law firms and provides comprehensive legal services in many dozens of projects of different kinds, including Tama 38, Tama 38/2, Pinui-Binui projects and more. The clients include private residents, initiators, and construction companies.

The firm’s numerous and impressive achievements over the years received extensive media coverage and Adv. Tasa is often requested to provide his professional opinion on urban renewal matters in various media channels.

Multi-Occupancy Houses – Adv. Tasa represented more than a thousand multi-occupancy houses cases, gained immense knowledge and became an expert on the topic of objector residents. The firm’s staff has a unique specialization and significant and longstanding experience in the representation of many hundreds of house committees before various courts, and also before The Supervisor of Multi-Occupancy Houses and various appeal jurisdictions. 

Real-Estate Taxation – the firm handles all of the tax aspects of these transactions and projects, including finance, and also receiving all of the required approvals from the tax authorities, and provides its clients with comprehensive tax planning consulting for real-estate transactions and representation in various assessment procedures.

Civil Litigation – the firm handles all of the tax aspects of these transactions and projects, including finance, and also receiving all of the required approvals from the tax authorities, and provides its clients with comprehensive tax planning consulting for real-estate transactions and representation in various assessment procedures

Adv. Aviv Tasa – Founding Partner

Adv. Tasa specializes in real-estate and planning and building transactions and is one of the pioneers of the urban renewal field. Adv. Tasa gained a vast knowledge and extensive experience in the support of a wide spectrum of real-estate transactions and appeared before the Supervisor of Multi-Occupancy Houses. He was vice-chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s Urban Renewal Forum and Chairman of the Bar’s urban renewal team. In this scope, he was present in the Knesset and committees that discussed and promoted the urban renewal field in Israel. In addition, he was involved in the legislation and regulation updates on urban renewal in recent years.

Adv. Tasa also acts as an arbitrator for The Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration (IICA) on matters relating to real estate.

Aviv represented the Israeli Residents Association in 12 cities in central Israel, including Tel-Aviv, was one of the founders of the Tama 38 Companies Union in the Chamber of Commerce and was also its legal counselor.


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